Readable: Responsive Theme Focusing on Readability

Readable: Responsive Theme Focusing on Readability

Recent Feature Update:

  • v0.5 support with multiple authors and author pages.
  • Search added.
  • Switch between full screen fluid layout and boxed layout.
  • Background pattern options for boxed layout.
  • Change your logos’s position. (more features and 0.5 support coming soon)


By focusing on typography and content formatting, Readable will help your users read your articles with ease. Line heights, character sizes and row lengths are all optimized for the best readability.

Responsive + Fluid

Unlike some themes with a few breakpoints, this theme is designed for every possible mobile device width. Try to resize your window to any size or open it on your tablet to see the benefits of fluid design.

Full Width & Max Width

Leaving grids behind, this theme’s fluid layout resizes with your viewport and takes advantage of your screen size leaving no space wasted around your blog. Post pages however do have a maximum width. Why? The answer is readability. The theme limits the article’s width for the optimal number of characters per row.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Readable has a handcrafted code allowing support for most of the browsers. Compatible with: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11 and up.

Super-fast & High Performance

Readable is not you’re average theme with endless amount of js codes, plugins and CSS files or clumsy frameworks. It only carries a tiny code, so your load times will be a lot shorter.

Date: July 26, 2015