Rating Form

Rating Form

Rating Form


Rating Form


Create rating systems with choice of self made forms like Stars and Thumbs Up Down or create your own by uploading images that will turn into an rating form where users/guests can rate. With lot of features available and still extending.


  • User friendly
  • Multilingual (.pot template included)
  • Choice of min 1 to 10 max (star) shapes
  • Every rating form has his own individual options
  • Various forms:
    • Change shape size
    • Change colors
    • Much more options(see screenshot 5)
  • Limit ratings based on time duration or all time, e.g. 10 votes per 1 hour, 1 day etc. or of course set custom time duration.
  • Show rating result in search engines like Google (Rich Snippet).
  • Live rating statics (click on total ratings button).
  • Tooltips!
  • Instant AJAX rating.
  • Works on cache plugins!
  • Allow to edit previous rating!
  • Add titles (text) for each shape position
  • Choose which post types are allowed
  • Choose which user roles are allowed
  • Define which posts are allowed through Post ID(s)
  • Enable spinner update animation (loading)
  • Switch to empty shapes
  • Switch between Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down only buttons.
  • Change direction to RTL
  • Change decimal of average rounding
  • Each created rating form has their own stylesheet.
  • Upload your own custom shapes.
  • Enable if only registered users should rate.
  • Add shortcode inside posts/pages or in template files.
  • Add inside comments with shortcode attribute comment_id
  • Create multiple criteria ratings
  • Widget: Display Top Rating Results or use with shortcode: rating_form_top_rating_results
  • Include multiple post / pages instead of adding to all posts
  • Exclude multiple post / pages instead of adding to all posts
  • Compatible with SSL / HTTPS connection
  • Compatible with myCred
  • Block IP’s
  • Useful shortcode options you can add:
    • Hide/Show total ratings
    • Hide/Show tooltip
    • Hide/Show stats
    • Turn on/off rating result


If you have problems, contact me and I’ll help you.


Version 1.3 (22-6-2015)

  • Duplicate form post type and user roles were not being duplicated
  • Delete form post type and user roles were not being deleted
  • Shortcode [rating_form_total]
  • Hook (rating_form_new_rating): action being called after a vote has been added
    • Display average total ratings of multiple rating forms
    • Useful for multiple criteria forms
  • Information page of available shortcodes with examples to website
  • Default value Rating Form ID to 1
    • Use shortcode [rating_form] without id attribute if by default using id=”1”

Version 1.2.9 (10-6-2015)

  • bugs
  • Option for singular term separate the singular term with a plural term or use one term
    • Example: [rating_form id=”1” rates=”vote,votes”]
  • New data field and shortcode attribute term_id
    • Rate category, tag or taxonomy (through custom_id with term_id)
  • Class rating_stats_active If Rating Form Stats is shown
    • Easily change style between when stats are active / inactive
  • Time Option to widget Show results of last 30 hours / weeks / days / months
  • Compatibility to myCred (15-6-2015)

Version 1.2.6 (26-5-2015)

    • Average rating was not displaying correct in Top Ratings widget
    • Smiley form was not displaying correct
  • Block IP page
    • Add IP to block list or block IP directly from results page
    • Add a reason to a blocked IP (text field)
    • Edit blocked IP
  • Extra option Live Top Ratings
    • After rating, update rating result in widget

Version 1.2.5 (12-5-2015)

  • Admin url of Titles page for Multi sites
  • Two options Exclude a Rating Form from Home page or RSS (Feed)

Version 1.2.4 (27-4-2015)

  • Multiple criteria inside comments.
  • If jQuery is in footer, Rating Forms were not displaying. (17-4 Thank you, galeleo)

Version 1.2.3 (4-4-2015)

  • Admin url for multi-site (Thank you, emmdub)
  • Short code attributes: tooltip, title (Thank you, emmdub)
  • Tools option Display Rating Form after a paragraph

Version 1.2.2 (24-3-2015)

  • Exclude multiple pages / posts by ID
  • Shortcode attribute before_content and after_content
    • Add content (html) before or after a rating form
  • New/Missing translation .pot updated

Version 1.2.1 (17-3-2015)

  • Export rating results
  • Admin Tabs
  • New/Missing translation .pot updated
  • Quick Add Input to textarea on page Tools

Version 1.2 (13-3-2015)

  • Translation to default Titles
  • Setting option Post Ids
    • Define which posts are allowed per rating form
  • Shortcode attribute: comment_id
    • Manually add comment ID

Version 1.1.9 (11-3-2015)

  • Settings option Type Change quickly similar form type e.g. from ‘star’ to ‘heart’
  • Missing translation .pot updated
  • Some bugs.

Version 1.1.8 (9-3-2015)

  • Translation template .pot file included
  • Shortcode attribute: custom_id
    • Assign unique id’s that’s combined with post_id per rating form for something like in tablepress or other

Version 1.1.7 (1-3-2015)

  • Option to remove text “Loading…” on Ajax Load
  • From “import css” to css in HEAD tag
    • Plugin version to stylesheet
  • Edit rating option to two different options with and without button
    • Show/Hide edit rating message

Version 1.1.6 (27-2-2015)

  • Shortcode attribute: round, empty
    • Added as option in settings page (quick enable)
  • Page Tools
    • Add quickly a Rating Form in before, after or both content
  • New form: Circle
  • ADDED options
    • Limit = Set rating limit for each User or IP
    • Time = Set time duration for limit in seconds
    • Extras = choose between Up or Down for standalone buttons
    • Edit last rated rating
  • Excerpt (content) (Turn on/off) in widget: Display Top Rating Results
  • New Shortcode “rating_form_top_rating_results”
    • Same functionality as widget through attributes)

Version 1.1 (20-2-2015)

  • Opacity: 1; to class .tooltip Fix Boostrap 3 style override
  • Option Ajax Load Useful for caching
    • Tested and works on cache plugins.
  • Shortcode attribute: logged, rich_snippet, spinner, rtl
    • Added as option in settings page (quick enable)
    • Spinner set as default
  • WP Compatible version 3.1, 3.2 – jQuery >= 1.7 required

Version 1.0.5 (18-2-2015)

  • Shortcode attribute: RTL
  • Structure to avoid same style elements
    • .rating_stats .header to .rf_stats_header
    • .rating_stats .close to rf_stats_close

Version 1.0.3 (17-2-2015)

  • Widget: Display Top Rating Results
  • Shortcode attribute: spinner
  • General plugin stylesheet

Version 1.0 (16-2-2015)

  • Release
Date: July 2, 2015