Presskit/Résumé for Artists + Mobile Version

Presskit/Résumé for Artists + Mobile Version

“Schtrafspiel” is an extended presskit / résumé template created specifically for artists / musicians who want to present themselves in professional and respectable way to record label owners, musical producers, gig organizers and venue managers. Presskit consists of a set of 7 fully designed page templates with its duplicated, modified and simplified version for mobile devices. It includes various text and media blocks (timeline, HTML5 player, embedded video, image gallery), event calendar and News and Contact pages as well.

View intro page to get more information about what is included.

Features for desktop version:

  • Timeline
  • Image Gallery with CSS transitions
  • Photo Gallery with Fancybox
  • HTML5 audioplayer
  • Event Calendar
  • Help File in html format
  • and more

Things to note: tested on latest versions of all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) on iMac + IE9 +IE8 _iPnone 4S. All screenshots were taken on Opera 12.02 (Mac) + iPnone 4S. Do not expect from IE same look like in Chrome. Fonts, mp3s and photos are not included into downloadable folder. Contact form is styled but does not send mails. Mobile version is not identical to desktop one–test on your iPhone. Minimum screen resolution for desktops is 1280px. Mobile version is calculated in percents.

Presskit/Résumé for Artists + Mobile Version

Thank you.

Date: July 17, 2015