Powerful Errors – PHP/Ajax error template

Powerful Errors - PHP/Ajax error template

This is a very useful and adaptable error template which features jQuery animation and effects as well as an Ajax Error Report form in PHP.

You can either use a static HTML template or use the PHP version to easily add errors – including your own custom ones for apps and sites!

Included errors by default include: 404 – Page not found 403 – Forbidden 500 – Internal Server Error 881 – Custom user defined error 000 – Default error

The core highlights of this package are:

  • jQuery sliding animation and custom tabbed interface
  • PHP report error form sent using Ajax
  • Easily add, edit, remove and display errors from a single PHP file.
  • Clean, fixed width design which has been tested on most modern browsers
  • Ability to link directly to “hidden” content using #anchors
  • A number of template examples using gradients and images from the Envato asset library
  • Ready to use .htaccess file for quick installation
  • Full PDF documentation
Date: June 21, 2015