PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Pendulum – it is a modern template which was created for the people who love music: DJs, producers, musicians, music clubs and for everyone who is fascinated with music as well. It is also possible to use the template for construction of the modern portfolio.

Theme version: 1.4.7


Admin Panel

R-panel is a very powerful template management system. It allows you to easily and quickly customize our theme for your needs, and – best of all – you don’t need advanced skills to use it! It is also not branded – you don’t have to worry that someone will notice that you are using our system.

You can easily change your CSS style or add Javascript code using our R-panel, additionally system will highlight code syntax. Don’t worry – the code will stay untouched after upgrading the theme.

Not quite familiar with CSS? You can use Color Picker or Background Manager and system will generate proper code itself – it’s easy and fun!

In our R-Panel you have also easy access to Cufon and Google Web fonts libraries, that makes over 400 fonts which you can use in your theme. Create as many sidebars as you need! You don’t have to stay with just one or two sidebars for all your pages and posts anymore. You are now able to create multiple sidebars with just few clicks.

With R-panel built in option you will never miss any theme upgrade – if your theme is out of date you’ll be automatically informed and prompted to download the latest version.

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Shortcodes Manager

Now you have an easy way to put shortcodes in your content. Click on the blue button in your WordPress editor – you will see a pop-up window with a list of available shortcodes. Select shortcode that you want to put in the text and press “insert” button. That’s all! Now selected shortcode will appear in your text. It’s THAT easy!

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Powerful Intro

With this feature you can make every page of your site even more original and eye catching! Add Sliders, 3D sliders, Youtube movies, Vimeo movies and many more to every single page of your template – every page can have different options embedded.
It’s that easy: choose intro type, set parameters and enjoy!

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Full localization

All of Rascals Labs themes are Internationalized (I18n). You can easily translate them to your own language.

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Detailed documentation with step by step Video Tutorials

To learn how to use our template is very simple with our complete video guide. Additionally, the template contains instructions in HTML format full of useful information.

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Cross-browser compatibility

Our main goal was to create a template layout which is highly compatible with almost all the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Cross browser compatibility and W3C validation of our themes are crucial in the successful running of the website.

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Complete list of features

  • Cufon Font Replacement and Cufon fonts Manager.
  • 350+ Fonts Available (Cufon and Google Fonts).
  • Unlimited Colors.
  • Background Generator – Simple way to create a different background for each page, post…etc.
  • MP3 player compatible with Mobile Devices (iPod, iPhone…)
  • Background Generator – Simple way to create a different background for each page, post…etc.
  • Unique jQuery Slider:
    • Supports: Images, Videos, Music (Vimeo, YouTube).
    • Custom links.
    • Drag drop ajax sorter.
  • 3 Custom posts types:
    • Portfolio (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Slider (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Events manager.
  • 5 Color styles.
  • 5 Custom widgets:
    • R-Cat – Displays the blog categories.
    • R-Posts – Displays latest blog posts with thumbnails.
    • Twitter – Displays latest tweets.
    • R-Flickr – Displays photos from flickr.
    • R-Comments – Displays recents comments.
  • Drag Drop Slider Manager.
  • Managing layout has never been so easy: just choose and use!
  • XML demo content for fast setup.
  • Custom style shortcodes with Shortcodes Manager.
  • Unlimited sidebars.
  • Complete set of Instructional Training Videos.
  • Various Portoflio Content types (video, swf, quicktime, images, vimeo, youtube, custom lightbox content).
  • Full localization – template and administrative interface.
  • Supports image, video or swf for portfolio items.
  • Gorgeous jQuery Enhancements.
  • Unlimited blog pages.
  • Powerful Administration Panel.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Multi level dropdown menu (R-Menu).
  • Wide pages and posts.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Many back-end options to customize the theme.
  • Tableless coding.
  • Clean, well-commented, and organized code and files.
  • Bulit in full working AJAX contact form (without page refreshing and setup in admin panel).
  • Layered and sliced PSD Files Included.

Server requirements

  • WordPress 4.0
  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • PHP 5 or higher
  • cURL library support (compiled into to PHP)
  • GD 2 library support

Images in live preview are not included to the template.


 ==> v.1.4.7 - Jun 17, 2015 * Fixed: Twitter HASH search. * Updated: PrettyPhoto 3.1.6 (XSS Fix). * Removed: Timthumb script.  ==> v.1.4.6 - Apr 29, 2014 * Fixed: Portfolio Music demo content tracks. * Fixed: Shortcodes Manager insert content function in WordPress 3.9+.  ==> v.1.4.5 - May 27, 2013 * Updated: Framework for WordPress 3.6+ * Updated: Scripts for jQuery 1.9+. * Updated: Movies in documentation. * Updated: Languages files.  ==> v.1.4.4 * Fixed: Event type bug in events manger. Please re-activate your theme and re-save created events. * Fixed: Youtube shortcode. * Fixed: Youtube slider code. * Fixed: Metabox video preview. * Fixed: Youtube player.  ==> v.1.4.3 * Added: New Twitter OAuth API. Please read Documentation > Twitter Integration and add access to your twitter widgets and shortcodes. * Added: New support notices.  * Added: Maintenance mode in theme settings. * Fixed: Dynamic images script. * Fixed: Custom scripts. * Fixed: Slider API. * Fixed: IE issues. * Updated: jQuery. * Updated: Background generator. Now you can add images from media libary an easy way. * Updated: Ajax sortable. * Updated: Framework.  ==> v.1.4.2 * Added: Recent slider title in theme settings (pages > homepage). * Added: New parameter in [events_list display_limit="3" type="future"]. Now you can display past events, change "future" on "past". * Added: Child theme options in "Theme Settings". Now fields "Custom CSS" and "Custom Javascript" are in Theme Settings > Child Theme. * Fixed: Intro section. Removed bug with Podcast player. * Fixed: Custom Protected Form. * Fixed: Twitter feed function. * Fixed: Misc small bugs. * Fixed: Support for Codestyling Localization. * Updated: R-Slider. * Ready for WP 3.4. Replaced the deprecated functions of WordPress 3.3.  ==> v.1.4.1 * Fixed: Theme logo in admin panel. * Updated: Language files.  ==> v.1.4.0 * Added: Ivents categories. * Added: Theme update notification. * Added: Google fonts support. * Added: Html5 support for Soundcloud shortcode. * Fixed: Twitter feed. * Fixed: Sliders. * Updated: Widgets. * Improved: R-Panel layout. * Improved: Flickr widget. * Improved: Menu. * Improved: Intro sections. * Improved: Metaboxes. * Updated: Scripts: TimThumb, PrettyPhoto. * Added: New social icons. * Added: Social icons shortcode. * Added: Custom header content.  ==> v1.3.1 * Ready for WP 3.3+ * Added: Tag template (tag.php). * Added: Custom portfolio order - Pendulum Settings -> Customize -> Portfolio order. * Updated: Scripts: TimThumb, jQuery. * Added: New R-Panel 3.2 and R-Frame 1.4. * Fixed: Misc small bugs. * Added: Facebook image. * Added: two new option in Admin Panel.  ==> v1.3.0 * Added: Cufon Fonts Manager - Pendulum Settings -> Customize -> Cufon Fonts.  * Added: Custom portfolio order - Pendulum Settings -> Customize -> Portfolio order. * Updated: Scripts: TimThumb, jQuery. * Added: 28 Cufon fonts. * Added: New R-Panel 3.1 and R-Frame 1.4. Important: R-Panel 3.1 requires WordPress version 3.2+  ==> v1.2.3 * Fixed: Slider color heading. Whatever the chosen style, slider heading was always a blue. * Updated: TimThumb script.  ==> v1.2.2 * Added: HTML mode in custom editors * Fixed: Last tweet shortcode * Improved: Shortcodes manager  ==> v1.2.1 * Fixed: Ajax Thumbnail Generator. * Fixed: R-Slider "Fold" effect. * Fixed: HTML5 Vaildation. * Added: Option "cURL" in administration panel. (General Settings -> Advanced-> cURL). * Added: Easy Link. * Added: Metabox image crop.  ==> v1.2.0 * Added: New framework and admin panel. * Added: New R-Slider 2. * Added: HTML5 - MP3 Player. * Added: Shortcodes Manager. * Added: New Shortcodes. * Added: New video tutorials and documentation. * Added: New Custom posts: Events Manager, Portfolio and Slider. * Added: Bookmarks icons. * Added: Nested comments. * Added: new contact form function.  ==> v1.1.3 * Removed: Property: 'clear:both'. Selectors: 'h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6', 'input, textarea'. * Fixed: Display events posts in admin panel. This error appeared only in WordPress 3.1. * Fixed: Filter events posts in admin panel. This error appeared only in WordPress 3.1. * Improved: Trim function. * Added: 'link' attribute to 'Easy image' shortcode.  ==> v1.1.2 * Added: new Events Manager design. * Fixed: Events Manager comparing dates. * Added: duration to 'fade' effect in Homepage slider. * Updated: PrettyPhoto plugin (3.0.1).  ==> v1.1.1 * Added: Event Manager. * Added: Auto-lightboxing option. * Added: 'Homepage Blog' template. * Updated: Image shorcode. * Updated: Breadcrumb navigation. * Updated: Menu. * Updated: shortcodes: vimeo, youtube, r-player. * Fixed: Blog category filter. * Fixed: R-Panel - General Settings export function.  ==> v1.0.3 - Fixed: adding images in WordPress WYSIWYG Editor  - Fixed: showing autoresize images - Added: 'Check images dimensions' in General settings.  ==> v1.0.0 * Initial released 

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Date: July 25, 2015