Payment Addon for UserPro

Payment Addon for UserPro

Note: This is an addon. You must have at least UserPro v2.15 or later to use it.

Here’s the much-awaited paid membership addon for UserPro. This version of UserPro PaymentAddon is fully integrated with PayPal.

How does this work ?

With this addon, you can now force people to pay for registering on your site. After a user fills up the registration form, he/she will be directed to PayPal for making the payment. Logging into an account is only possible after the payment is successfully received.

If a user registers but does not pay, his account will show up under the “Admin Approval” screen. You can choose to manually approve / enable these users if you want to make an exception.

Payment Addon for UserPro Payment Addon for UserPro  Specify a one-time registration fee
Payment Addon for UserPro  Supports Paypal integration
Payment Addon for UserPro  You can select the currency

Plans for subsequent releases – Adding more payment gateways – Supporting payments when a user registers via Social Login (FB,Twitter,etc.) as well.

Suggestions Welcome

Would be great if you could also join in this discussion here and share your wishlist for features that you would like to see in this payment addon –

If you have any questions about this, please contact us using the contact form on the profile page


 Version 1.7 (24 APR 2015) ============================     - Compatible with multisite wordpress  Version 1.6 (03 APR 2015) ============================     - Enhanced security     - Bug Fixed : Fixed issue related to old members subscription.   Version 1.5 (12 Mar 2015) ============================     - New feature :Added ability to accept monthly recurring payments   Version 1.4 (3 Mar 2015) ============================     - New feature : EOT ( End of Term) gets updated and can be viewed via the Users dashboard  Version 1.3 (14 Feb 2015) ============================     - New Feature : Added ability to accept recurring payments.  Version 1.2 (21 Jan 2015) ============================     - New Feature : Added ability to accept payments via Stripe     Attention: Please update settings for UserPro -> Payment Settings -> Select Checkout Page. Payments (even for Paypal) will not work until you do that.  Version 1.1 (19 Dec 2014) ============================     - New Feature : By default, all roles will be free. Admins now have the ability to set a one-time registration fee for each role     - New Feature : Ability to specify currency  Version 1.0 (28 Nov 2014) ============================     - Initial Version of the Payment Addon for UserPro. 
Date: June 22, 2015