Pajuh – Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates

Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates

Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates

Pajuh is a stunning, clean and fresh Virtuemart Joomla templates. This templates easily fits for any kind of shop demographics. Aside from just looking beautifully polished and clean, it comes packed with features and options, powerful T3 Joomlart Framework, 5 colour options, a slideshow module, easily configured various modules positions, a newsletter plugin, and a lot other best and selected extensions . Pajuh is a responsive templates and optimized for tablet and any others mobile screen. So, If you’re looking for a fresh new Virtuemart Joomla templates, than look no further.


  • ThemeMagic : T3 Framework is powerful by its easy customization with ThemeMagic. You can allow many parameters to be configured in the ThemeMagic.
  • Bootstrap & LESS: with LESS CSS that making CSS development more powerfull and intuitive.
  • MegaMenu : This is the best feature in T3 which has a powerful Menu system – Mega menu
  • Responsive designs to smaller screen
  • Fully Support the Latest Virtuemart
  • Fully Compatible with joomla 3.x.x
  • Fully Support a powerful K2 Component.
  • Boxed and wide layout option
  • 5 color options
  • Amazing Homepage Slider Option
  • Various modules Positions
  • Demo backup/quickstart installer included
  • Easy configured Layout and skin option
  • Well Documented
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Option to enable CSS and JS compression
  • Layered PSD Included
  • All Installed Extensions (Components, Modules, Plugin) Included

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Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates

Pajuh - Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates

Lifetime Updates / Changelog

Version 1.14.8 (17 April 2015)

  Quickstart and existing extensions Updated to the latest Joomla 3.4.x  Rebuilt Template to be compatible with The latest T3 and the latest Virtuemart  Bootstrap 3.x integrated  FontAwesome 4.0.x integrated  Replace Xpert Tabs with Tabs GK5 Modules  Replace jgmap with bt google maps  Replace NSP GK4 with NSP GK5 Modules 

Version 1.14.7 (25 August 2014)

 - Update the extensions, quickstart and Virtuemart to the latest version - Fix additional image on product detail -> templates/pajuh/html/com_virtuemart/productdetails/default.php - Fix color on virtuemart page navigation -> setting.css and all setting.css file under themes folder - Minor update on virtuemart.css 

Version 1.14.6 (10 June 2014)

   Update the extensions and Virtuemart to the latest version   Delete pajuh/html/com_virtuemart/cart/default.php   Add pajuh/html/com_virtuemart/cart/default_pricelist.php   Minor update extensions.css   Minor update on virtuemart.css 

Version 1.14.5 (31 December 2013)

   Update Joomla Version to the latest version 2.5.16   Update Virtuemart core to the latest version 2.0.24c     Update K2 to latest version 2.6.7   Update JaT3 System Plugin   Update Tweet Display Back   Add new feature,  review and product description are in tab style   Minor update on login-script.js   Minor update on virtuemart.css to restyle product detail   Minor Update on extensions.css to fix Acymailing modules    Minor update on templates.css to fix seach form issue 

Version 1.14.4 (29 June 2013)

   Update K2 to latest version 2.6.6   Update Acymailing Starter to the latest version   Update JaT3 System Plugin to the latest version   Update Tweet Display Back   Update quickstart to the latest Joomla version 2.5.11    Fix call for price on zero price issue (change file on html > com_virtuemart > category > default.php and html >com_virtuemart > productdetails > default_showprices.php, delete file default_addtocart.php under productdetails folder)   Fix cropped category Thumbnail   Fix error 404 on registration   Minor update on virtuemart.css    Add css rules on responsive.css 

Version 1.14.3 (23 March 2013)

   Add pop up Shopping cart modules   Add popOverlay.php file on blocks folder   Add new layout style -> full width layout   Update homepage1.xml and default.xml file   Update header.php files   Update login-script.js file   Update virtuemart.css   Update responsive.css file   Update extensions.css file   Update templates.css files   Update layout.css file   Update setting.css and all setting.css on themes folder   Update tpl_pajuh en-GB language file     Update some files on templates > html > com_virtuemart   Update virtuemart core to the latest version   Update Jat3v2 to the latest version 2.6.1 

Version 1.14.2 (12 March 2013)

   modify html > com_virtuemart > categories > default.php -> display h1 category title   modify html > com_virtuemart > category > default.php -> fix h2 title category   minor change on virtuemart.css   minor change on setting.css   minor change on extensions.css   minor change on css on themes folder   major change on responsives.css   minor change on templates.css   minor change on layout.css   minor change on homepage1.xml   minor change on default.xml 

Version 1.14.1 (11 March 2013)

    Initial release 

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