Orches PSD Theme

Orches PSD Theme

Orches is a theme aimed at advertising agencies or groups of people who make art collective. The file contains a page in the style of One Page, and complete design of the subpages. The whole template is created on the grid in 1170 px making it easier to edits. All layers have been properly signed and grouped in the appropriate hierarchy. The file also contains documentation which described the use of images in the template and a link to the visible mockup.

PSD Files:

  • 01_Orches_OnePage_version1.psd
  • 02_Orches_OnePage_version2.psd
  • 03_Orches_Home_version1.psd
  • 04_Orches_Home_version2.psd
  • 05_Orches_About_1_light.psd
  • 06_Orches_About_2_dark.psd
  • 07_Orches_Projects_1_light.psd
  • 08_Orches_Projects_2_dark.psd
  • 09_Orches_Projects_1_light_version2.psd
  • 10_Orches_Projects_2_dark_version2.psd
  • 11_Orches_Projects_description_1_light.psd
  • 12_Orches_Projects_description_1_dark.psd
  • 13_Orches_Projects_description_2_light.psd
  • 14_Orches_Projects_description_2_dark.psd
  • 15_Orches_Blog_1_light.psd
  • 16_Orches_Blog_1_dark.psd
  • 17_Orches_Blog_2_light.psd
  • 18_Orches_Blog_2_dark.psd
  • 19_Orches_Blog_Article_light.psd
  • 20_Orches_Blog_Article_dark.psd
  • 21_Orches_Services_light.psd
  • 22_Orches_Services_dark.psd
  • 23_Orches_Contact_light.psd
  • 24_Orches_Contact_dark.psd

Free fonts:

Photos are not included in the file.

Date: July 18, 2015