“OPAtheme” is a dark, clean and easy to use wordpress theme. It takes a couple of minutes to set it up. Theme has many flexible options which give you the full control over the content and layout. One of the main features is the transparent background. The content area consists of several layers of transparent image. Utilizing WordPress 3 new feature of adding custom backgrounds you may achieve great looking results in minutes. I am sure you will spend plenty of time playing around)

Main features:

  • five main styles: yellow, green, blue, purple, pink
  • featured posts slideshow with fancy effects
  • 4 types of automatically resized images for every post/page
  • configurable top/footer/sidebar menu
  • widgetized sidebar and footer
  • dropdown top menu
  • theme options page with dozens of options
  • PSD files included
  • XHTML valid

Theme settings available through the options page:

  • Global settings
  • Select main color for your theme.
  • Show full post instead of summary on homepage.
  • Hide posts from certain categories on homepage.
  • Move sidebar to the right or to the left.
  • Set post/slideshow image resize quality.
  • Slideshow Settings
  • Enable/disable slideshow on the homepage.
  • Set number of slides to display.
  • Show/hide caption on the slide.
  • Show/hide slideshow navigation.
  • Link/do not link images to the post.
  • Set delay between slides.
  • Select slideshow effect. 4 fancy effects.
  • Select number of vertical strips.
  • Info Block Settings
  • Show/hide Info Block on the homepage.
  • Link/do not link title to the post.
  • You can limit the excerpt length.
  • Show or hide image in the box.
  • Choose icon for the title.
  • Motto Settings
  • Show/hide motto block on the homepage.
  • Enable/disable showing on homepage only.
  • Set motto text.
  • Footer Settings
  • Set copyright text in the footer.
  • Choose between 4 or 3 columns in the footer.
  • Social Settings
  • Show/hide social block.
  • Show/hide RSS icon.
  • Set Facebook, Twitter,… username.
  • Advertising Settings
  • Show/hide Ads.
  • Choose between top and bottom positioning in the sidebar
  • Set ad image URL .
  • Set ad target URL .
  • Make ad links to open in new window.

Thank you. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this theme. Best wishes.

Date: June 11, 2015