OneStar Theme – Premium Opencart Theme

OneStar Theme - Premium Opencart Theme

Add Free Shipping Label to Your Products

Thanks to this component, you can add free shipping tags to any product you want. Besides, you can do it on your product page, not through a seperate module.
I will keep developing the component and announce here when a new version is available.

Displaying Category Image in Submenus

Applicable for categories with subcategories. It helps you to display main category image in drop-down menus.
You can switch it on and off via theme’s admin module.

Wide page design

CStage – Onestar Theme has wide page design. Home page is 1080 px, other pages are 1020 px in size. This will enable to stand out the photos of products by enlarging them.

Prominent slideshow

Tweet List and Facebook Like Box

You can publish your tweets and facebook fans on your website.  
Tweetlist is mobilized via jQuery ui-slider.
Tweetlist and facebook Like Box works together. You can update your user info without any specialised knowledge and you do not have any difficulty in changing user info of new pages opened up for your campaings.


Cloudzoom is the very favorite addition used for bigger photographs on products’ page. In CStage – Onestar Theme

Display your discount rate on your products

Put yourself into your clients’ shoes. What would you feel if you saw the product you asked gave a 40 % discount?    

Show your location via Google Map

Let your  clients’ see your location on contact page by means of Google Map. You can start using it through admin panel.

Contact info and social networking options on page footer

You can easily change your user info for social networking buttons and your contact info via admin panel.

CStage – OneStar Theme is compatible with all major browsers.

IE 8 +

Compatible OpenCart +

CStage – OneStar Theme runs in OpenCart + and its upper versions. – 1..5.2.1 – – –

9 PSD Files

9 PSD files created for template are included in the package. PSD files of slide, banner and elements are also in the package in case you need them.

100% Responsive

Customizable on average % 99 percent

CS-OneStar is averagely 99 % percent customizable owingt to the admin module. You can see the customizable parts below.

CStage-OneStar Theme Admin Demo

Username : demo
Password : demo


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  • Version 1.5.6 was released. The error has been corrected in twitter. 06/12/2013
  • Some bugs have been fixed 04/05/2013
  • v.1.1.3 – Mobile browser error has been fixed 14/03/2013
     Modified Files - mobile.css - tablet.css 
  • Facebook Like Box bug has been fixed 29/03/2013
  • Important (Error Correction) 21/03/2013
     Modified Files - product.tpl - custom.js - style.css - header.tpl 
  • Responsive version 05/03/2013
  • Important 22/02/2013
Date: July 16, 2015