Novux HTML

Novux HTML

Update, Nov 16

  • Fix: JS loading sequence modified to load jquery and jquery tools locally, not via web.

Update, Nov 03

  • Fix: Lists background on blog grid (small dot issue)
  • Fix: Inline class on form lists (inline class not showing in safari)

Small Update, Oct 07

  • There are 2 small issue fixes posted in the FAQ section of the Item, one is concerning the dropdown menu and one a php server issue (this one is just for the PHP version), both fixes also added to the main pack.

Novux is a light, easy to configure and modify theme. It features different layouts for all pages included.

Features 6 pages (home, gallery, faq, services with pricing, blog and contact) You choose wich page’s layout you want to build on. For example you have 5 different homepage layouts from the now classic nivo slider to complex featured roundabout carousels aided thruout by the powerfull jquery lib.

Novux HTML

Also features 6 color options, in a nutshell many configuration posibilities.

PSD’s are included : homepage, buttons, header colors and other elements.

Package also Contains Simple Modular PHP version, Easyer to manage, and Edit.

Date: May 18, 2015