Nightly | A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

Nightly | A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

Nightly | A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

Be different, be extraordinary!

Nightly is a HTML5 template that runs on latest jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 framework.

The latest version offers different color schemes, 2 sidebars, uses Font Awesome icons and with more than 20 HTML pages ready to help you with your development!

Your customers will never get lost with GPS tracking and if you like jQuery like I do, there are many external frameworks like Owl Carousel, iScroll plugin or device detection plugin used and working perfectly with Nightly.

Among others, Nightly includes precoded and preset HTML elements (e.g. forms, buttons, tables, boxes, alerts, dialogs, popups and more).

“Nightly connects mobile website and app development into one, crating a platform that is super-fun to use and super-easy to develop on.”

– lukepostulka (author)

Nightly | A Bold jQuery Mobile TemplateNightly | A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

List of features

  • jQuery Mobile template
  • Two themes
  • ThemeRoleer ready
  • Two sidebars
  • Enormous list of examples
  • Device detection script
  • iScroll included
  • OwlSlider included
  • Pricing tables
  • PHP contact form
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • PhoneGap ready
  • Mobile and Tablet ready
  • Responsive design
  • 20 HTML pages
  • Well-aranged code
  • Documentation
  • Support forum

List of HTML pages

  • _.html (plain)
  • about.html
  • ajax-tab-content.html
  • back.html
  • blog.html
  • boxes.html
  • contact.php
  • devices.html
  • dialogs.html
  • email-script.php
  • footer.htm
  • forms-b.html
  • forms-c.html
  • forms-d.html
  • forms.html
  • getting-started.htm
  • index-alt-right.html
  • index-alternative.html
  • index.html
  • scroll.html
  • listview.html
  • location.html
  • panels.html
  • slider.html
  • tables.html
  • text.html
  • version.html

Thanks to:

Special thanks to:

  • Unsplash
  • ThemeForest author R_Miz for permission to use his gorgeous landing page.


If you have any questions or problem with the template I will do my best to help you. For my customers there is a new Support Forum. PS: you will need your purchase code in order to read or start a new topic. If you have a more general question or just want to say Hi! there is a contact form on my profile page.


Version 2.0.1 – June 4th, 2015

 - All libraries are up to date - Added minified (by 45%) CSS library for better performance and faster loading - Minor CSS fixes - Font Awesome updated to current version (4.3.0) 

Version 2.0 – January 3rd, 2015

 - Improved JS codes - JS functions are now in external library - Added GPS browser location script - Updated all HTML pages with new styles - Ajax GIF loader missing file bug fixed - New alternative index with brand new slick navigation - New class .nightly-navigation - Menu-mark appearance minor adjustment - Search icon appearance minor adjustment - Added search form handler for fixed header position - jQuery Mobile updated to current version (1.4.5) - Font Awesome updated to current version (4.2.0) 

Version 1.4 – October 21th, 2014

 - <strong>Big theme facelift</strong> - 2 new styles (Space Blue and White) - Current styles were enchanted - Fixed ThemeRoller theme import issue - 3 new HTML pages for style examples 

Version 1.3 – September 26th, 2014

 - jQuery Mobile updated to the current version (1.4.4) - Fixed appendix link on page Getting Started - New fullwidth CSS class usage - Fixed header on page Footer - Minor bug fixes 

Version 1.2 – August 26th, 2014

 - Added searchform - Added submenus - Added menu marks 

Version 1.1 – August 11th, 2014

 - Added 2 PSD files - Fixed header possition is now working properly 

Version 1.0 – August 5th, 2014

 - Initial release 

“It takes time to develop masterpiece. I had an idea to built something special, something extraordinary, something that will help people even more. Instead of improving my old template in order to built a new one I started project Nightly from scratch. After few months I had fully working template ready. I’m very proud about this one.” – Lukas (author)

Date: July 25, 2015