New Year Sale Landing Page

New Year Sale Landing Page

New Year Sale Landing PageNew Year Sale Landing PageNew Year Sale Landing PageNew Year Sale Landing Page

Welcome to the New Year Sale Landing Page.

Everyone knows the best time to shop is after Christmas so we have produced this beautifully clean landing page ready for you and your visitors.

Included in this template package are 1 HTML page – the main landing page is perfectly formatted using good practices for landing page design including strong, obvious CTA areas (Call To Action) to help convert visitors into clients / customers. The design is based on the popular “Z” pattern to guide the eye around from title to content to image and purchase. We have many special areas including the image area above the fold – which can quite easily be changed for a video area, along with a strong defined benefit area underneath – with an image section under the fold that has prettyPhoto lightbox primed and ready for you to roll. There is also a styled subscription form on the top of the page (as well as a important message area) that is ready for your own personal script to be plugged into – the form and message will display on load, but can be as easily closed as turning off a light.

Included in your download:

  • Great CTA Areas
  • Images with lightbox
  • Interactive rollover buttons
  • Integrated Social Icons
  • Fully styled subscription area ready for your script
  • Top CTA with message and subscription area that opens and closes like a blind
  • Valid Code
  • Fully layered photoshop version included
  • Individually layered photoshop files for images and buttons


  • 06/29/15 – Updated prettyPhoto to 3.1.6 – files updated /css/prettyPhoto.css, /images/prettyPhoto (replace the entire directory) and /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js
  • Update on 1/22/13 – updated the JS folder with updated scripts. Simply replace your existing folder with the new one please!
Date: July 5, 2015