Mydentity – Personal Portfolio Mini Site

Mydentity - Personal Portfolio Mini Site

Introducing Mydentity, a cross browser, attractive personal portfolio mini site. With Mydentity, you can display all your details quickly & stylishly, with great attention to detail this design has an inset style and serves as a beautiful launching pad to your social media profiles, portfolio images and as a means of getting in contact.

Features an eye-catching ‘available now’ button which you can change to ‘not available’ when busy, pixel perfect icons from famfamfam and a minimal touch that will let your work be at the forefront.

In addition, portfolio images are displayed using the fancybox jquery script.

This theme works in all major browsers, and comes in 2 contemporary colour styles. It is built using unordered lists, making it easy to add or remove items, and uses CSS sprites to reduce bandwidth. As always it’s xHTML 1.0 Strict.

Take a look at the theme demo for additional details

Credits: Social Media Icons – Komodo Media

Famfamfam Silk Icons


Date: July 16, 2015