Musico – For Musicians By Musicians

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians


Musico In Detail

Musico is a fully customizable theme specifically tailored to the needs of musicians. It allows you to manage all your albums and display them in an awesome full screen and sidebar audio player. Musico supports buy links so users can go to buy your music with one click. Upcoming events/performances management is built right in so your fans will know where and when you are on stage.


Using events you can create a list of your upcoming performances and show them in a way which will make people want to go! Event details like date, venue, address, performer details and more can be set in the backend easily.

The event page allows users to buy tickets via the URL you specify. Users can also share the even on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In addition the option to add the event (complete with details) to Google Calendar is available.

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians


Adding all your music to the theme is a breeze. Just drag and drop, everything else is set up for you. You can add track detail and a buy link to each individual track if you want so users can go and buy your music with just one click.

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians


We’ve come up with a beautiful way to show your images from your performances, tours, sessions or just personal fun! Musico turns regular WordPress galleries into beautifully (and automatically) arranged tiles. Clicking on any image will bring up a full screen slideshow.

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Soundcloud Support

Adding content from Soundcloud to Musico is extremely easy. All you need to do is paste the URL to any song or playlist on Soundcloud into Musico and the player will be embedded for you.

This allows you to add single songs or playlists anywhere on the site be it inside a blog post, event, album page, or in the sidebar.

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Embed Any Content

Apart from Soundcloud integration you can include content from many sources by just pasting a ling to it. Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Smugmug, Photobucket and more!

Just copy paste the link to the item you want to share and the embed link will be generated for you. No more messing about with embeds, iframes and other ugly things like that.


Musico supports the Live Theme Preview customizer built into WordPress 3.5+ It enables you to make changes to your theme and view the result as you’re modifying the colors. With 42 options (and counting…) to modify you’ll be able to tailor the website to your style.

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Widgets & Shortcodes

Musico comes chock-full of custom widgets and shortcodes, here’s a quick list:

  • Widgets
    • Upcoming Events Widget
    • Custom Contact Widget
    • Twitter Widget
    • Featured Item Widget
    • Latest posts Widget
  • Shortcodes
    • Google Maps
    • Content Columns
    • Tabbed Content
    • Content Accordion
    • Slideshow
    • Post List
    • Buttons
    • Messages
    • Lines

List Pages

Musico has a custom page type to help you create multiple blog-type pages. If you want to separate your tour announcements from your personal blog, or just show a simple album list, you can use our list pages.

List pages let you choose a post type to display and give you control over the order and the amount shown. You can also narrow the list by category to give you even more control.

Post & Page Options

To make sure you can add your albums, events and other content easily we’ve created and intuitive and lightning fast options section on each page.

Apart from giving you granular control over your website it also has full documentation for the section shown, inline documentation for every option, full shortcode documentation and links to the support center, knowledgebase and announcements blog.

Musico - For Musicians By Musicians

Full Feature List

  • Unlimited Colors for many elements with
  • WordPress Theme Customizer with Live Preview
  • 3 Layout modes which can be set per post as well
  • Choose from over 500+ fonts via Google Web Fonts
  • Create custom sidebars and assign them to each post individually
  • Beautiful custom WordPress gallery slideshows
  • Custom Shortcodes
    • Google Maps
    • Content Columns
    • Tabbed Content
    • Content Accordion
    • Slideshow
    • Post List
    • Buttons
    • Messages
    • Lines
    • Sidebar
  • Custom Widgets
    • Upcoming Events Widget
    • Custom Contact Widget
    • Twitter Widget
    • Featured Item Widget
    • Latest posts Widget
  • Post list page type to set up multiple blogs
  • Contact form 7
  • Threaded comments
  • Add analytics code easily
  • Tableless responsive design
  • Coded with SEO in mind
  • Customizable header callout
  • Customizable background which supports large fixed images
  • Fully customizable header
  • Create unlimited sidebars
  • Customize and page with columns
  • Custom footer and header menu locations
  • Add a sidebar anywhere with our sidebar shortcode
  • Add a list of posts anywhere with our sidebar shortcode


Version 2.0

  • Fized some FF music player issues
  • Removed album count limitation in the album player
  • Fixed minor albumplayer issues
  • Fixed header image size
  • Added Event List which allows ordering by event date
  • Fixed album player javascript close bug
  • Fixed embed width issues
  • Fixed header dropwdown selected item bug
  • Fixed Latest posts widget loop bug
  • Removed header callout if empty
  • Added the category parameter to the postlist shortcode
  • Fixed track order in audioplayer widget
  • Fixed a visual form builder compatibility issue
  • Removed Past dates from event widget
  • Added orderby and order parameters to postlist shortcode
  • Added favicon capability
  • Added simple layout to event list
  • Added offset to event list
  • Added woocommerce integration
  • WP 3.8 menu icon compatibility

Version 1.3

  • Better logo handlings for images, including responsiveness
  • Header images can be chosen for each page
  • Better paddings and margins on some elements

Version 1.2

  • Enabled the separate customization of the sidebar (new section in the customizer)
  • Rearranged album player options
  • Added the ability to customize the open/close text of the album player
  • The album player button can now be linked to anywhere
  • Added the ability to choose between us ing the excerpt or the full content in lists.
  • Fixed a bug which caused message shortcode boxes to overflow into images
  • Fixed a glitch which caused the footer menu to show the header menu
  • Fixed a footer responsiveness bug
  • Changed the admin color scheme to match the default frontend colors
  • Fixed audio player problems in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Version 1.1

  • Added Soundcloud integration
  • Added a very flexible audioplayer widget
  • Added persistent album player playback
  • Added the ability to add a sidebar as a shortcode
  • Changed the default primary color to #BA143B
  • Empty gray box removed from events when there is no venue or location set
  • Separator and image border color now change with the background color
  • Logo font size can now be set
  • A logo image can now be added and positioned
  • Better responsiveness for album player button
  • Improvements on gallery responsiveness
  • Better readability and text alignment on list elements on mobile devices
  • Cleared up an error message in the Twitter widget
  • “On Stage” text can now be customized via options
Date: July 19, 2015