MoWo The Next Generation One / Multi Page WP Theme

MoWo The Next Generation One / Multi Page WP Theme

MoWo The Next Generation One / Multi Page WP Theme MoWo The Next Generation One / Multi Page WP Theme MoWo The Next Generation One / Multi Page WP Theme
MoWo The Next Generation One / Multi Page WP Theme


MOWO, a minimalist, scrollable and ultra customizable responsive WP theme

Discover MOWO and the art of minimalist design in a fully featured, high-end and responsive WordPress theme. MOWO is a smashing full screen WordPress theme, and suitable for all kinds of business purposes.


Main Feature::

  • Clean, Minimalist Design can be used for any business, shopping etc website
  • Parallax Scrolling and Flexible Sections: images, color.
  • NEW: Full Heigth Split column, adjustable 50% / 50%
  • Responsive Design which adapts to mobile devices (iPhone, iPad)
  • Retina ready, Awesome icons included( check shortcodemanager).
  • Woocommerce Ready – Custom Styling
  • Slide Down menu for cart details, login and search section.
  • WPML Ready for easy translation by MO/PO file or the WPML Plugin
  • Parallax Layer Slider WP: built-in value $15,-
  • Blank Templates perfect for intro, landing or cuming soon page layout.
  • Custimazeble 404 page.
  • Colored Full witdh page sections.
  • Animated Columns, Images an icons.
  • Unlimited color options menus, headings, breadcrumb, content, buttons, social icons.
  • TD – Shortcodes Manager plugin (185+) included.
  • Special Short codes – (Colored) Sections, (Animated) Columns, Images & icons, Thumbnail slider, Columns, Background image, Awesome icons, icon boxes, progress bars, pricing tables, Vertical time line, Icon Grid etc.
  • Column shortcodes ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columns and Animated custom transitions.
  • TD – Thumbnail slider; post slider in an Accordion-Carousel manner.
  • TD – Latest Post Widget.
  • TD – Popular Post Widget.
  • TD – Random Post Widget.
  • TD – Categories + Thumbnail Widget.
  • Unlimited Font options (All Google fonts 500+) + Preview.
  • Font Size Selector – Headings, Menus, Content, Sidebars, Footer + line-Heigth.
  • Lots of Color-pickers – Total Freedom in color design.
  • Footer colors: content, link, link hover, background, image.
  • Footer colors: menu background, content, link, link hover, copyright.
  • Page / Post layouts – Sidebars standard / double sidebars / small sidebars.
  • Page Attributes; Default, Blank or Full width template.
  • Page and Post options; header section: image, slider, none, subtitle, Seo basics.
  • Unlimited Sidebars.
  • Sociables – 11 predifined, 4 custom sociables, image uploader, hover icon.
  • jQuery enhancements – Tabs, Sliders, Toggles, Buttons, Blog Image effects etc.
  • Advanced Blog options and layouts.
  • Display Blog Meta – on/off.
  • Blog + option slider/sidebars/colors
  • Post formats: Video, audio, standard and gallery.
  • Display Breadcrumbs – on/off.
  • Display Page Titles – on/off.
  • Display Sub titles.
  • Awesome Icons 360 +
  • Company Logos – Favicon, Logo, Login Logo for a personal Look and Feel.
  • Easy and user-friendly admin panel.
  • Dummy content included XML for a 100% indentical website.
  • Easy third party plugin installer by the TGM plugin.
  • MoWo is made for newbes and pro’s.
  • Multi Site ready.
  • WordPress Menu + Icon support.
  • Widget Titles with Icon support.
  • Page Loader on / off.
  • SEO Friendly Basic seo settings included (on/of) and tested with SEO by Yoast.
  • Ready for Gravity Forms and the Free Contact 7 plugin.
  • Child theme included for easy customisation which is not affected by theme future updates.
  • Built to the latest marketplace ‘quality standards’.
  • Extensive Theme Documentation

New Features request ::

In need of a addon or plugin that’s not included in MoWo yet? Give us a buzz if there are more intresed buyers we will consider it all!

Free Support and updates ::

Our Support staff, webdesigners and developers are standing by to answer all your questions you may have. Where open for all your customisation’s, just ask for a quote.

Visit our support forums at

Office hours ::

Monday / Friday 08.00 / 17.00 hours | Amsterdam Time



Version: 1.1.1  
17-06-2015 Update prettyPhoto 3.1.6 Update WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.3 Update TD Shortcodes 1.7.1  <pre>Version: 1.1.0  </pre> <pre>15-06-2015 Update WP 4.2.2 Update - Woocommerce 2.3.11 Update TD Shortcodes 1.6.9 Update LayerSliderWP 5.4.0 Update WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.2  <pre>Version: 1.0.9  </pre> <pre>8-05-2015 Update LayerSliderWP v5.4.0  <pre>Version: 1.0.8  </pre> <pre>30-04-2015   Update WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.1   Update TD Shortcodes 1.6.5   Update LayerSLiderWP 5.3.2   Core Sociables shortcode converted to TD Sociables plugin   Fix: One Page template - direct link to section not showing content (blank page)   Fix: One Page template - arrows/navigation and hamburger toggle not responding in time  <pre>Version: 1.0.7   </pre> <pre>20-11-2014 Update - WordPress 4.0.1 Update - TD Shortcodes Update - Woocommerce 2.2.8 Update - LayerSLiderWP 5.3.2 Update - Visual Composer 4.3.4</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.6   </pre> <pre>07-02-2014  Update - TD Shortcodes 1.4  Update - Visual Composer  Update - Manual ( removed import sql, no longer needed)</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.5   </pre> <pre>09-05-2014 Update - WP 3.9.1 Update - TD Shortcodes update 1.3.6</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.4   </pre> <pre>30-04-2014 Remove - Google font webfont.load() script Added - Google fonts thru enqueue script Fix - Woocommerce product images and thumbnails Update - TD Shortcodes minor update</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.3   </pre> <pre>28 -04- 2014 Removed awww ribbon</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.2   </pre> <pre>24 -04- 2014 Update TD Shortcodes plugin</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.1   </pre> <pre>22 -04- 2014 Update TD Shortcodes plugin</pre>  <pre>Version: 1.0.1   </pre> <pre>22 -04- 2014 Initial release</pre>  </pre></pre></pre>
Date: July 3, 2015