Moustachey: A Ghost Blog Theme with Extra Gusto

Moustachey: A Ghost Blog Theme with Extra Gusto

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  • 1.0.6 – 21st May 2015 – Updated for Ghost 0.5.9 Navigation helper. Also added wide insert functionality for images. Please make sure you read the updated documentation.
  • 1.0.5 – 6th January 2015 – Added support for Ghost 0.5.2+ Post Image. We’ve also separated out the loop portion shared between index.hbs, author.hbs and tag.hbs for central control. Updated documentation.
  • 1.0.4 – 27th August 2014 – Added tag.hbs and author.hbs for Ghost 0.5. Updated MeanMenu mobile menu plugin and FitVids responsive video plugin.
  • 1.0.3 – 30th January 2014 – Support for Ghost 0.4 Added. Which means page.hbs template and featured post support. We’ve also added a responsive navigation menu partial, analytics partial and Disqus support. We’ve even separated out the footer as a partial so it is easier to edit (HTML knowledge still required).
  • 1.0.2 – 18th October 2013 – Updated post.hbs to remove incorrect </main> closing tag.
  • 1.0.1 – 17th October 2013 – Very minor tweak to the CSS for the blog title when logo is not activated and an updated Documentation PDF.
  • 1.0.0 – 17th October 2013 – Initial Release

Moustachey: A Ghost Blog Theme with Extra Gusto

Well normally we’d say “look at all the options you can have” and “more fonts than you can shake a stick at”.

Moustachey is a port of our most successful Moustachey WordPress Blog theme for the elegantly simple Ghost platform.

We’ve rebuilt Moustachey for Ghost from the ground up. It’s now built mobile first for speed, we’ve added some little extras for Vimeo/YouTube video support and SoundCloud support plus the ability to set your first image in a post as the main image on the index page.

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Date: July 19, 2015