Morph: Customizable Fly-Out WordPress Menu

Morph: Customizable Fly-Out WordPress Menu

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Morph: Customizable Fly-Out WordPress Menu

Morph: Customizable Fly-Out WordPress Menu

Morph is an easy-to-setup fly-out mobile menu for WordPress. While designed primarily as a mobile menu, it works wonderfully on both desktop and touch devices, and can be set to be shown at specified resolutions only, meaning – if you so wish – it can easily be used as a mobile-only or desktop-only menu.

Morph is also extremely easy to customize; by changing colors, enabling/disabling and modifying different elements, you can make sure your mobile menu suits your site. It even supports widgets, making it that much more expandable.

Furthermore, the fly-out menu can be triggered by any element (a custom menu button for example). All you have to do is add a specific class to the element and voila! For cases such as this, Morph’s own menu button can be hidden with a single click.

To get a visual of what’s possible, be sure to have a look at the image above. And certainly don’t miss the live example here to see the menu in action. You can also have another look at Morph on a live site here.

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Morph: Customizable Fly-Out WordPress Menu

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  • Super clean, beautifully animated design
  • Highly customizable
  • Morph uses the built-in WordPress menu builder and customization tools, making the plugin lightweight and allows you to use tools already familiar to you
  • Customize every single color (menu button, backgrounds, menu items, hover states etc.)
  • Primary, multi-level accordion menu
  • Secondary pop-out menu (can be disabled)
  • Integrated search function (can be disabled)
  • Add heading background image or pattern, change image area height
  • Set heading background overlay color and opacity
  • Choose from 2 menu button animations (or disable animation)
  • Menu button has fixed/absolute positioning
  • Show/hide Morph at set resolutions

What’s new?

 UPDATE 1.1 (March 12, 2015) - Menu now supports the FontAwesome icon set (500+ icons available, please check updated documentation for instructions) - Icons can be color customized separately from text-based menu items - Also added an option to prevent FontAwesome from loading (in case your theme already uses this wildly popular icon set or you just don't want to use the icons in your menu) 

Image credit

Massive thanks go out to Igor Artyomenko for allowing the use of his artworks on this as well as other Bonfire Themes items.

Date: July 4, 2015