Montreal – Responsive Creative Drupal Theme

Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme

Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme


Montreal is a unique, modern, interactive and creative Drupal 7 theme perfect for creative single portfolios or creative agencies. It offers fullscreen slideshow, parallax homepage scrolling 6 different portfolio versions 3 different portfolio single items, awesome blog layout, a fully working project planner a contact form and much more…

Original design by Hasan Ali

HTML Version by Hasan Ali
WordPress Version by TommusRhodus

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Note: Version 1.1 and above now requires the dev version of the jQuery Update module.

Customer Testimonials:

I purchased the Montreal theme recently and was thoroughly impressed with the design and how clean and well commented the code was. The only thing I have enjoyed more that the new theme has been the dedication and support that the Refaktor team puts into their products and customers. Their dedicated support forum is invaluable and the discussions between community members have been creatively mind expanding.

I’ve learned lots, and the communication between the team and their customers is the best online support experience I’ve had yet. Its been a pleasure. Thanks Refaktor! -rapturedesignco

I purchased the Montreal theme, and I’ve already posted my positive comments about the theme itself, but I wanted to comment on the service received from Refaktor. This is a unique company that seems to focus on the success of it’s customers. After all, a theme is only as good as it looks on a site that runs that theme, right?

Being new to the Drupal platform, I read some of Refaktor’s reviews which all commented on the great customer service. So my decision go with Refaktor was not only based on my love the theme, but also support if I needed it. (just look at some of the reviews of other authors where the communication was terrible!! That can stop your website in its tracks!). So here’s what I experienced……

Before the sale: I received prompt replies about installation and compatibility issues. After the sale: I’m pretty savvy, but still a newbie with Drupal. All questions prompted quick in depth answers that actually solved my problem. General themes communication is good and themes seem to be improved and updated often. Best of all, tech inquiries are answered professionally and in a way that didn’t make me feel like a total moron! Sometimes, they even saved me by helping me with things they weren’t responsible for (non-theme related questions)!! THAT’S what I meant when I stated they focus on a site’s success with their theme!

Anyway, just wanted to give props to a great author who offers great service. -richfan

Great theme and great support! -markdaniel


Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme

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Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme

Montreal’s theme settings give you complete control over the theme. Set your SEO options, set up your front page, even add your own custom CSS!


Montreal - Responsive Creative Drupal Theme


  • Tested with the latest version of Drupal 7.3x
  • Full Drupal install with demo content included
  • HTML Version included – a $15 value!
  • Example sub-theme and documentation included.
  • Unique, modern and responsive design
  • Interactive and touch friendly elements
  • 6 different portfolio templates
  • Fullscreen slideshow
  • Parallax scrolling effect on homepage
  • Advanced theme settings
  • Various page and blog templates
  • Prettyphoto lightbox
  • Flexslider
  • Working Twitter and Google Maps plugins
  • Excellent Documentation with code examples
  • And much more!

Need help? No problem!

Support questions can be posted in our dedicated support forum. Posts are typically responded to within 24 hours Monday through Friday with very limited weekend support. Once you’ve registered be sure to read our forum rules before posting. If you have item pre-sale questions please post a comment on that item and we will answer your question there.

Demo Image Credits

Update Log

 1.1.3 (11/04/13)   *Updated Drupal core in full install to 7.23.   *Improvements to page, node and taxonomy template files.   *Fixed some broken image paths.   *Portfolio improvements.   *Additional improvements for translation.   *Comments display comment create date instead of node date.    *Fixed missing call to Drupal links in node--article.tpl.   *Fixed issue with third level navigation.  1.1.2 (06/27/13)   *Stylesheets called in .info file instead of preprocess function to fix issue with caching.   *Twitter region disabled by default due to JS conflict caused by empty settings.    *Minor style tweaks.  1.1.1 (06/13/13)   *Fixed issue with duplicate stylesheet calls.   *Removed heading tag theme settings.   *Removed some obsolete setting defaults in .info file.   *Improved how the slideshow images respond to different screen sizes.   *Updated Twitter widget, theme settings and docs for Twitter API 1.1 compatibility.    *Fixed pagination style bug.   *Defined $theme_root global for use in sub-themes.  1.1 (05/16/13)   *Updated Drupal Core to 7.22.   *Removed theme jQuery library in favor of using jQuery Update module (better module compatibility).   *Removed unecessary Layout and Footer theme settings in favor of using block visibility settings.   *Added translation function wrappers around all theme-generated text.   *Sub-theme no longer requires parent theme CSS and JS files to function.   *Fixed theme setting defaults in .info file causing issues with WAMP installs.   *Minor CSS tweaks.   *Updated documentation to reflect changes.  1.0.4 (03/25/13)   *Updated Drupal Core to 7.21.   *Updated Google Font embeds to support extended latin characters (where applicable).   *Firefox-specifc CSS fix for "Portfolio Drag" template.   *Style tweak for 404 template.  1.0.3 (02/25/13)   *Fix for minor stripe portfolio bug caused by previous update.  1.0.2 (02/21/13)   *Updated Drupal Core in full install to 7.20.   *Added HTML files to download file.   *Added example sub-theme (Quebec) and sub-theme documentation.   *Removed block--recent-projects.tpl (not needed).   *Edited block.tpl to fix missing block/view edit tools when logged in.   *Additional style/bug fixes and IE improvements.  1.0.1 (02/06/13)   *Single portfolio item slider now handled by one image field (legacy support for previous method remains).   *Fixed Undefined Index error in page--node--portfolio-basic.tpl   *Removed call to missing JS file.   *Minor responsive CSS tweaks.   *Updated documentation to clarify some areas.   1.0 (02/03/13)   *Initial release. 
Date: July 17, 2015