Modernist – Architecture&Engineer WordPress Theme

Modernist - Architecture&Engineer WordPress Theme

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Modernist - Architecture&Engineer WordPress Theme

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Note : updating to Modernist to 1.3.1 can cause boxes to get hidden so go back to all page’s and enable desired boxes.

Modernist is a beautiful wordpress theme made for people who need a great presentation of their work/company. We tried to bring something different on the market. High quality theme, that can be adapted easily for lot of work fields.

Light Skin: Dedicated for creative fields, architecture, design, photography, inspiration, agencies, freelancers.

Modernist - Architecture&Engineer WordPress Theme

Dark Skin: For architects, engineers, construction fields, building companies etc.

Modernist - Architecture&Engineer WordPress Theme

Theme Features

WordPress 3+ Ready (Including 3.5)
Umbrella ThemeOptions
Responsive Design. For Tablets and Mobile
HTML5 and CSS3
SEO Optimized
6 page templates
8 Shortcodes
2 Custom Post Type’s
Built In Contact Form
Tested and working in All major browsers
Rich Menu
Social Media Friendly
No plugin needed
Used jQuery no conflict mode
22+ PSD files included
Color picker costumization
2 Default skins (dark & light) Modernist - Architecture&Engineer WordPress Theme

Umbrella Theme Options: Very comfortable theme panel, easily to fill it with your content, text, photos, videos. This theme contains a lot of fresh/needed widgets for creative fields. Everything is internal, we haven’t used any special plugins.

Pages/widgets – designed/included: Homepage (last projects, services, blogposts) About (about, career, testmonials, staff) Blog (posts, singlepost, comments). Partners (description bar, logos & text) Projects (works, single work) Services (accordation mode) Contact (contact form, maps, contact info) Shortcodes (tabs, blockquote, toogles, notification bars, headings, lists, buttons).

Footer (contact info, bloroll, twitter feed).


 2.4.2     Minor Bug Fix     header.php     scripts/jquery.jscrollpane.min.js     scripts/jquery.mousewheel.js     scripts/jquery.twitterfeed.js     scripts/script.js     style.css     style/anim.css     style/dark.css     style/global.css     style/jquery.jscrollpane.css     style/responsive.css  2.3    Fixed Blog Image Float and Width     scripts/script.js     single-post.php     style.css  2.2.1 Fixed Next Project Links (Limited to 10)     single-project_post.php     style/dark.css     style/global.css  2.2 Minor Bug Fix     Search Page Included     search.php     style.css     style/dark.css     style/global.css     style/responsive.css  2.1 Fixed Pagination     style.css     style/dark.css     style/global.css     template-blog.php  2.0.3    Minor Bug Fix         scripts/script.js         style.css  2.0.2 Fixed some CSS Issues         scripts/script.js         style.css         style/global.css  2.0.1    Fixed Slider navigation     style.css     scripts/script.js  2.0 Rewriten Responsive for iPad from scratch  1.8.2 Minor Bug Fix  1.6.3 Added feature to chose individual image for each Projects and Posts  1.6 Services on home now will navigate to Services page and open the Service Accordion 1.6 Added Google Map UI on Back-end and Google Map v3 API with marker 1.6 Fixed Minor Bugs  1.4 Added Layout Builder 1.4 Fixed Color Picker Issue on Service's Responsive Accordion  1.3.1 All Boxes are chosable 1.3.1 Color Picker Issue Fixed  1.3 Language Fix 1.3 Drop-down menu fix 1.3 Minor bug fix 1.3 Fixed Responsive on dark skin 1.3 Added Category template 1.3 Added Project Category Template 1.3 Added second level Menu's 1.3 Added kinetik option, you can make the Menu dragable if the content does not fit within 1.3 Fixed the logo position, if it is smaller it get's centered 1.3 Added Youtube and Vimeo support on Project's page 1.3 Linked Services on home page with Services Page  1.2 Fixed WordPress native Widgets 1.2 If menu is wider that it becomes dragable 1.2 Images on projects single page are fixed  1.1 Fixed Accordion for Safari 1.1 Made Accordion smoother 1.1 Mobile Menu Drop Down on Click Event (not Hover). 
Date: June 3, 2015