Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

The ultimate ‘Meet the Team’ WordPress plugin

MTS delivers brilliant output in very little time. It helps you collect your team information and showcase it anywhere on your site. Not only does this plugin make it easy collect team information and setup beautiful responsive meet the team showcases, it will also make later re-editing those showcases a simple, quick process.

10 Responsive Presets

Its presets are fully editable using the convenient frontEnd visual template editor included with the plugin. They are ready to use right now (starter dummy data included), inspired by the best showcase implementations online and utilize proper SEO practices and clean code. You can view all the Modern Team Showcase presets here.

Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Powerfully Feature Replete

MTS is built to help you leverage awesome power with click of a few buttons. You will be impressed by its true ‘premium’ feel as it covers from basic to some amazingly advanced features:

  • FontEnd showcase editor
  • FontEnd Password Forms
  • 10 Responsive Presets
  • Automatic Updates
  • In-built Tutorial System
  • Automatic Starter Dummy Data
  • Visual Template Editor
  • Media Queries Input
  • Meta Key Logic System
  • Filter By Any Meta Key
  • Editable LightBox structure
  • Font-Awesome selector

Build Awesome Stuff Right Now

Your WordPress project probably requires a meet the team section and it matters that it look gorgeous. Whether you are pressed for time while creating this section or you’re interested in a turn-key responsive solution, or even if you want to get hands on and invest some time in building amazing custom output, MTS is here to meet your needs.

Prototype Web Designs So Fast

MTS is an amazing prototyping tool, sans pareil. It’s convenient front-end visual template editor gives you tight control over: attributes, classes, media queries, element styles for hover and idle state and code structure, besides meta key based logic. With such easy power of editing templates you can iterate and re-iterate over design, functionality, and feel amazingly faster than native code, so you can deliver much better output in less time.

Meta Key Logic System FTW

You can easily make your member cells’ templates dynamic, changing as per the content they represent using the meta key logic system available with MTS! As an example, try changing the values in the form at the bottom of this page and view the results in the showcase above.

MTS Purpose and Philosophy

While speed is core to the reason for building MTS, its purpose isn’t to just help you create showcases faster. It’s real purpose is to help you vastly improve the quality of your output given the time you have for your project. It is here to help you deliver much more by leveraging its facilities that cut down on a tonne of trivial, mind consuming tasks, and giving you immediate access to advanced facilities. Basically it is like a proficient assistant which setups up your project base so you can switch your focus to higher level, creative tasks already.

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Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Modern Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Date: July 25, 2015