Media Consult – Business WordPress Theme

Media Consult - Business WordPress Theme

Media Consult - Business WordPress Theme Media Consult - Business WordPress Theme

Even if presented as a consultancy theme, Media Consult WordPress theme can be used for a wide variety of business & portfolio sites or just a personal blog.


  • 8 different skins
  • 6 layout templates
  • Powerful backend option panels: 35 admin options for content management, site design and layout.
  • flexible homepage where you can enable or disable the sidebar
  • 2 types of portfolios pages and 1 news page with custom post types: for easy management and organization.
  • unlimited portfolios and services
  • Simple, clean and beautiful blog layout.
  • Comments: nested four levels deep. Support for comments pagination and avatars.
  • 5 custom widgets: GW Blog Categories, GW Brochure, GW News(shows latest news posts), GW Blog(shows latest blog posts), GW Flickr
  • 404 error page
  • WP 3.0 Menus: with dropdown capability up to 3 levels enhanced with superfish
  • Shortcodes: more than 25 shortcodes available for content management and lots of custom styled elements
  • 2 different portfolio sections
  • Working jQuery contact form
  • Custom styled lightbox: for single image, or video using prettyPhoto.
  • Easy and intuitive setup
  • Translation ready(.po and .mo files included)
  • @Font face
  • PSD files: all psd layouts are included with easy skin switch via layer comps.
  • Detailed documentation.


Version 3.6- January 6th, 2015
 Updated the theme options panel to the latest version. Updated superfish menu plugin to the latest version. Removed Technorati social media button for article sharing and added google plus and linkedin sharing buttons instead. Fixed an issue where the contact form wasn't always sending messages. Fixed an bug where the pagination links for blog were not being displayed on newer versions of WordPress(4.0, 4.1). Added theme support for title tag in concordance with WordPress 4.1 standardization of document title. 
Version 3.5.1 – April 17th, 2014
 Included the demo xml file. 
Version 3.5 – April 7th, 2014
 Updated the theme options panel to the latest version. The theme is now fully compatible with WPML. Updated the translation dictionary. Restored the blog, news and portfolios to work with templates instead of category listings. The theme is now fully compatible with WooSidebars plugin. Updated the documentation to reflect the latest changes. 
Version 3.4 – July 11th, 2013
 Fixed a bug where instead of portfolio page title, the portfolio page slug was displayed in both portfolio sections. Fixed all php notices that were appearing when custom widgets were added to the sidebar with wp_debug set to true. Fixed a translation domain related string that was not included in .po / .mo files and regenerated the dictionary. Removed wp-pagenavi plugin from the theme. Now you have to manually install wp-pagenavi plugin from wordpress repository to have numbered pagination links. Updated the theme options panel to the latest version. Updated superfish jquery plugin to the latest version. Updated all the theme functions so that they can be re-written inside a child theme. Added a starting child theme for easy theme customization. Updated the documentation with information about how to use the newly added child theme. 
Version 3.3 – June 22nd, 2013
 Updated superfish menu to the latest version. Moved the js scripts inclusion from header to footer to assure better plugin compatibility and faster content loading. The flexslider is now called only when it's used. Removed scripts.php from lib/custom/ that contained the external files(js, css) calls. Now these files are called from functions.php Changed the way style.css is included by respecting the themeforest standards. Now the portfolio sections list the posts by category slugs, not category names. Listing portfolio posts by category names was causing issues with categories that contained special characters such as e acute etc. Fixed the error notices that were displayed when wp_debug was set to true. 
Version 3.2 – April 15th, 2013
 The theme is now fully responsive. Fixed a couple of css glitches for sidebar widgets. Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 3.0 where the contact form wasn't sending the email to the designated email address. Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 3.0 where the custom css box functionality wasn't working at all. 
Version 3.1 – March 25th, 2013
 Fixed a bug where the localization text domain wasn't loaded properly Fixed a bug where the tracking code wasn't working 
Version 3.0 – March 11th 2013
 updated theme options panel to the latest version replaced cufon with @font-face properly enqueued all external css / js files in theme’s header.php cleaned and reworked all the theme's css styles - about 40% of css code from style.css was removed overall the theme now has 20-30% less code without losing any functionality blog, news, portfolios and slider section have been all re-worked and their setup greatly simplified removed timthumb for image resize in portfolios, blog, news and slider posts, now the theme uses the built in post thumbnails via WordPress Media Uploader improved the widgets functionality restyled the flickr widget updated theme’s translatable dictionary(.po and .mo files) reworked, improved and updated the whole theme documentation 
Version 2.2 – May 23rd 2012
 changed the way the homepage works - instead of creating a post that populates the homepage content, now you just have to create a homepage template reworked and improved the news section css and overall structure now the theme supports unlimited sidebars for any page / post / category via custom sidebars plugin fixed a couple of text domain problems and regenerated the language dictionary 
Version 2.1 – June 2011
 fixed an invalid non existent reference to a cufon js file fixed a couple of notices that were displaying in the theme's admin if debug mode was turned on fixed an issue with the height of the menu dropdown items fixed a couple of css issues 
Version 2.0 – April 2011
 reworked core, using the options framework by DEVIN added localization support portfolios and news page now use wordpress 3.0 custom posts added a new portfolio template now you can have unlimited portfolios and services pages drastically increased the number of shortcodes: from less than 10, now there are more than 35 to use added flickr widget replaced the slimbox plugin with prettyPhoto, in order add video support for lightbox servives page is no longer a page template, it's a static page created via shortcodes included the option to add a different slide entry, with full width image and text above the image changed the old jquery dropdown on main menu with superfish added the ability to remove the sidebar on homepage via options panel fixed lots of css bugs, cleaned and updated the css code 
Version 1.3 update
 added 2 new shortcodes: read more button for slider and bullet lists added custom menu area for footer too. Now you have 2 custom menu areas, both for header and footer changed the way the javascript is included in the theme in order to improve compatibility with plugins - the file that does this is scripts.php found in lib folder slider posts can now link to a page chosen by the user, not just to the post detail general_styles.css and index.css don't exist anymore, now all the main styles are in style.css found in the theme's root widgets and sidebar code is now in widgets.php found in lib folder reworked the toggle content css styles fixed a couple of css glitches and added more styles updated the cufon file Liberation_Sans_400.font.js to contain all glyphs         
Version 1.2 update
 assured compatibility with wordpress 3.0 now you must use the new menu manager that comes with wordpress 3.0 added fullwidth page template - now you can create and populate pages that don’t have sidebar added toggle content functionality added shortcodes for left align and image in text, right align an image in text and toggle content added shortcodes for left align and image in text, right align an image in text and toggle content fixed a handful of css bugs 
Version 1.1 update:
                       fixed a major bug where the sidebar for homepage was working only if the slider was populated with a unique category. 2 new options are available: now you can add seo meta keywords and seo meta description directly from General Options panel the javascript for homepage slider has been compressed so it will load faster added jquery no conflict to make sure the javascript code that comes with this theme does not interfere with other plugins. after sending a message via contact form, when the succes box is displayed, the contact form is no longer shown fixed a bug where the sidebar for 404 page was not displayed properly. fixed a bug where the tables were not displayed properly when the cell information was displayed on more than 1 row fixed a typo in the admin custom panel General Options 

Media Consult - Business WordPress Theme

Date: June 8, 2015