Map’n’Points. Premium Store Locator for WordPress

Map’n’Points. Premium Store Locator for WordPress

Location of your offices, shops, pick points and any other objects on the Google map submitted in a convenient listing, location of various types of objects in different cities as well.

An easy to install and operate solution with well researched and professional design, which allows you to place an interactive map with objects listing icons on any WordPress website in just a few minutes.

Outstanding design! Usability of the highest level, user friendly and intuitive interface along with all the elements activity. Three types of templates, unlimited number of digital circuits, convenient location categorizing and ability to display information about objects in a list right on the map allow you to integrate plugins into a website with any design!

Map’n’Points. Premium Store Locator for WordPress

This plugin suits both, companies with a relevantly small amount of offices and companies with a big chain of shops, it makes it possible to place locations of various types with an interactive legend, which works as a filter of displayed locations. You also have an option to display several selections of locations on a map, for instance, geographically – countries, cities or districts.

Map’n’Points. Premium Store Locator for WordPress

Evaluate the work of our plugin on the demo page or watch the video.

We were not trying to create a universal navigating mapping application. It is an easy operated Store Locator with premium design. Nothing extra, it just does its job.


  • Excellent design of premium quality.
  • 3 layout options (displaying the list on the left, on the right or under the map).
  • 5 preset color schemes with ability of manually adjustment through control panel.
  • Uploading a photo for a location and its display in the info box.
  • Short and detailed location list formats, enable or disable display of photo, addresses, descriptions and location icons.
  • Convenient control of locations on the map, you can simply place a point on a map or find a location through address.
  • Location information control: name, telephone number, address, opening hours, commentaries on opening hours, website, general description.
  • Unlimited amount of location types.
  • Usage of different icons on a map and on the list to display different location types.
  • Possibility of choosing an icon for any location type from the list of present or uploading icons of your choice.
  • Interactive map legend, which works as a location type filter.
  • An option to organize several sections. (For example, it can be used to separate locations according to countries, cities, districts).
  • A map containing locations of each section has its own URL (makes it easy to share a link).


18 July – 1.1.1

  • Some minor bug fixes

9 June – 1.1.0

  • NEW retina ready markers
  • NEW automatic update notification
  • FIXED issue with images in demo data (fixed only for new installations)
  • FIXED positioning issue (map not correctly inserted into the page in some cases)
  • FIXED incompatibility with some WP themes

Thanks to our first users for the feedback and bug reports!
It is very important to us.

3 June – 1.0.0

  • Initial release

Update Instructions

  1. Delete previous version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin panel
  2. Install new version as explained in the documentation
  3. Save again the plugin design settings to regenerate the CSS file. If you use “custom.css” file – save it before update, it will be cleared during the installation!

All your data and settings will be saved during the update. But just in case, please make a backup.

Date: July 17, 2015