Luzzuri – Drupal Hotel site

Luzzuri - Drupal Hotel site

Luzzuri is a beautiful Drupal 7 theme with Boostrap. Included with specific content types for easily management of content it provides a simple and intuitive way of building the perfect site for your hotel, hostel or accommodation. it has all sass files included so that changing color ir as simple as changing one variable. Several colours are already included with the theme.

A booking form is provided using webform, making it easy to include extra elements in this form and adapt to your own needs. include specific messages, pages or email templates whenever someone submits a new enquire to your hotel.

Everything is built in for a fully functional site. With content types for rooms, sliders, custom landing pages and about pages, shortcodes and several elements from the bootstrap framework that make it easy to adapt to your own ideas.

Its built using bootstrap, it also provides a subtheme so that upgrades are easy to do and all your customizations are separate from the main theme.

Full documentation on how to set everything up is provided, including video tutorials on how to use the built in installation profile, install on an existing site, or just upload the database dump file.

Easy to create landing pages using bootstrap layouts, full documentation included. Also include banner images / slideshows on any page of the site with a specific content type created for that. Everything you need for a perfect landing page.

Includes all sass files, using the SAMCSS standard for good architecture and folder management of sass files.

The theme uses all the best practices of Drupal using features for configuration management, subthemes, preprocess functions and templates, views, and much more.

Included is also a extensive list of shortcodes including elements of the boostrap platform such as wells, dropcaps, buttons, alerts, messages etc.

Key aspects :

  • Fully customizable
  • Booking form
  • Rooms pages and viewt
  • Blog
  • Easy to create Landing pages

Shortcodes included in the theme :

  1. tooltiptop
  2. popovertop
  3. well
  4. glyphicons
  5. jumbotron
  6. blockquote
  7. blockquote_reverse
  8. abbreviation
  9. gridrow
  10. helpers
  11. inlinecode
  12. fontawesomeicon
  13. highlighticon
  14. quote
  15. img
  16. highlight
  17. button
  18. dropcap
  19. link
  20. random
  21. embed_content
  22. video
Date: September 9, 2015