Lucid Press – Agency / Business WP Theme

Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme

Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP ThemeLucid Press - Agency / Business WP ThemeLucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme

Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP ThemeLucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme

Key Features

  • WordPress 3.8 Compatible
  • Responsive Valid HTML5 and CSS3, Cross browser compatible
  • SEO optimized and built-in SEO solution
  • Translation Ready
  • Woo-commerce Integration
  • Incredibly powerful admin panel
  • Unlimited colors for almost all elements
  • Over 60 shortcodes, along with a powerful Page Composer
  • Custom slideshow, portfolio and clientbox post types
  • Unlimited homepage layouts.
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom CSS, custom JS, Google Analytics and Google Map Integration
  • Pricing Tables
  • AJAX enabled contact form as widget and shortcode
  • Multi-column portfolio with optional random height grids.
  • WPML Compatible
  • 14 lucidpress widgets.
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    • Social Networks
    • Sub Navigation
    • Testimonial
    • Twitter Feeds
    • Advertisement
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    • Google Map
  • Demo Content Added

Important Notice for current customers.

Dear all, we are sorry if our latest update took so long and some get really mad about it. We are really sorry about it! We supposed to release this version months ago, however absence of my colleague to do the rest of the work postponed it to a very distant date. We were preparing to introduce a new Lucidpress to you guys in order to keep up with the latest trends and technologies that we have included into the theme. We have removed some features and replaced them with the best available. We have removed the old fashioned shortcode generator and replaced it with awesome visual composer. There are many more to mention but in the tight time we can only explain things that you should first take note before updating.

– Old column short codes are still in use in theme and if you do not use page composer you can still use them as before. but if you are going to take advantage of Page Composer you must create the layout using Page Composer and using the visual modules drag and drop short codes into VC columns.

– There are some short codes properties must be replaced with a new name to prevent conflicts. Image Shortcode (width replaced with image_width), divider (width replaced with divider_width). Again these values will work if you don’t want to use page composer.

– Blog Page removed and you will only need to create a blog page using shortcode. So you can have unlimited blog page without limitation with having each loop different style and options. so the corresponding options for blog is removed from Masterkey settings

– Homepage top & Bottom options is removed and you just need to add one single page and add your shortcodes into it and then set it as home page as explained in Documentation :

– Homepage Carousel feature for homepage converted to a shortcode and you can just drag and drop into the homepage and set its parent row fullwidth option as enabled. So you can have it in any page with any settings. its options also has been removed from Masterkey settings.

– Cufon font library completely has been removed. please use Google Font instead.

– LayerSldier is removed from theme folder and you should be installing it the same as other plugins, on how to install and its usage can be found in Documentation. Its included in theme main folder. Please note that we have shipped the latest version of LayerSlider and its UI is little bit different.

– Built-in Textures has been removed from predefined patterns and textures and if you were using them in theme before this update you just need to find the folder and upload the images to your server and use them as a custom background image. We have done all these to reduce theme zipped folder size from 18MB to 2.7MB

– Fontface folder is removed from theme folder and if you need to use them, you will just need to unzip and drop it into theme then zip and upload into server. options will be working automatically.

– Anything Slider is deprecated and we will be removing it in our next version, try to use our new swipe enabled EdgeSlider or LayerSlider. We do this to keep up with new technologies and scripts that works fine in all browsers.

If you guys have any questions or issues I will try my best to fix all your issues in time to prevent your migration to be painful.

Update List

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 30–6-2015 - v4.2.5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- + BugFix. prettyPhoto XSS fix : Please update Visual Composer for a security fix + BugFix. Pricing table > when used it as backward compatible way (instead of pricing table post type)  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 10–5-2015 - v4.2.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- + BugFix. T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM fatal error for some users which caused by TGM Activation Plugin.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 25–4-2015 - v4.2.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + New Feature. Visual Composer updated to most recent version + BugFix. Various bug fixings  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 20–4-2015 - v4.2.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + New Feature. WordPress V4.2 Compatible  + New Feature. Woocommerce V2.3.8 Compatible + New Feature. Cropping library updated to most recent version + SecurityFix. TGM-Plugin-Activation updated to V2.4.1  > Security release to improve escaping for URLs and attributes. + Removed. Nice scroll feature removed as its deprecated and has bad scroll performance + BugFix. Lightbox wrong position + BugFix. Flexslider is not working, metabox options added. please use Edge Slider instead as Flexslider post type is depreciated + BugFix. Adding Widgets into Woocommerce Shop Widget Area also add widgets into single product pages too + BugFix. Pricing Table header and buttons are not showing correctly  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 28–11-2014 - v4.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + Visual Composer updated to most recent version (read upgrade note inside main zip file) + Layer Slider updated to most recent version + One Click import feature (read documentation > importing demo content) + Anything slider removed from theme (previously declared as deprecated), use Edge Slider instead + Huge php memory improvement + Some links were not ssl friendly + Various bug fixings  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7-0.7-2014 - v4.1.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + Cufon footer error + Woocommerce layout problem in shop page + some other minor bug fixings  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 17-05-2014 - v4.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + WP3.9 compatibility + IE11 Edge slider and testimonial slideshow issues + Some Bug fixings  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 28-03-2014 - v4.0.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  +BugFix. Google map widget bug : this is critical bug and may cause your whole page scripts stop running if you have used gmap widget in sidebar or footer widgets.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 25-03-2014 - v4.0.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + BugFix : Fontfaces were not rendering + BugFix : Archive loop were not rendering correctly  + BugFix : Main Navigation sub nav location were not working correctly on sticky header + BugFix : in some cases the page title were getting hided behind header due to incorrect value passed for page margin. + BugFix : few minor bug fixings in header.php, footer.php and dynamic-styles.php  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 04-03-2014 - v4.0.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + Enhancement : compatibility with woocommerce v2.1 + Enhancement : Updated dummy content + BugFix : script error related to swiper that was causing some scripts to fail. + BugFix : Edge Slider order & order by options were not working + BugFix : Chosen script conflict with woocommerce  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 26-02-2014 - Update v4.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------  + New Feature : New Page Builder + New Feature : New TinyMCE shortcode generator + New Feature : Artbees Edge Slider + New Feature : Employee and Testimonial post types + New Feature : New fluid system along with increasing main grid widths in masterkey settings + New Feature : Page Section shortcode video and parallax enabled + New Feature : Clients, testimonials and slideshows and carousel script replaced by swipe script. its fast, fluid and not buggy anymore + New Feature : Font Icons + New Feature : Icon Boxes + New Feature : Brand new backend framework with new design + New Feature : Newspaper blog loop column can be from 1-4 columns + New Feature : All Blog & Portfolio loops can have classic, with load more, load on page scroll in pagination section. + New Feature : Now blog loops are shortcode and you don’t have to stick with one blog page.  + New Feature : Image Slideshows and gallery short codes can be build with only one media uploader. + New Feature : Huge speed improvements and clean code in fronted. + New Feature : Woocmmerce v2.1 compatible + New Feature : Image cropping library changed to a new and fast script. + New Feature : Sticky header improved + New Feature : Many options and features for some shortcodes + BugFix : skin.php removed and none of users will face issues in some servers. + BugFix : Many reported bug fixings  Please note that this update is a big overhaul and if you notice any bugs please kindly report us and we will fix them as soon as we can.  10-09-2013  update 3.4  + WP3.6 compatible. + Layerslider updated to latest version. + Blog loop load more issue fixed. + All JS plugin libraries updated to latest version. + Many bug fixes and improvements.   ---------------------------------------------------------  29-3-2013  update 3.3  + Layerslider updated to latest version (4.5.5) + SEO metabox title removed. + Blog Loops read more link added (you should enable it from masterkey > blog > general settings) + enable scroll wheel and zoom control options added to google maps + Minor bug fixes  ---------------------------------------------------------  23-3-2012  update 3.1  - Minor bug fixes   ---------------------------------------------------------  18-3-2012  update 3.0  - Added. Woocommerce integration - Fixed. SEO option on single post - Fixed. Header fix on top issues on chrome - Upgrades through WordPress theme installation - Layerslider updated to version 4.0 - Minor bug fixes   ---------------------------------------------------------  30-1-2013  Update 2.6.4  - Fixed. Compatibility fix for WP 3.5.1  - Fixed. Pricing Tables responsive issues  - Fixed. WPML Known Issues  ---------------------------------------------------------  12-1-2013  Update 2.6.3  - Added. Parallax Backgrounds Feature to give a 3D effect on page scroll  - Added. Smooth page scroll - Boxed Layout Shadows Outer Options  ---------------------------------------------------------  9-1-2013  Update 2.6.2   - Some dynamic issues such as Footer Slogar Bar were having issues in firefox  - Portfolio Newspaper Style Video Post Type Issue  - Color Picker updated to new version, now the color field can be empty.  - New icons and placements for custom admin sidebar menus  - Some other Minor Bug fixes  ---------------------------------------------------------  26-12-2012  update 2.6.1  Added. Layer Slider Lucidpress sample slider added (you just need to click on "add sample sliders" on the header of the page > Layerslider)  ---------------------------------------------------------  23-12-2012  update 2.6  Fixed. WordPress 3.5 issue with upload image option. Fixed. known layer slider issues. Added. option to disable google maps hue, saturation, contrast and lightness(for those who want natural maps colorings). Fixed. Minor Bug fixes.  ---------------------------------------------------------  13-12-2012  update 2.5  Fixed. Compatible with WordPress 3.5 Updated. To Layer slider 3.5 with all new admin panel and new features. Fixed. few minor bugs  ---------------------------------------------------------  2-12-2012  update 2.4  Fixed. Masterkey Save options issue due to post limit exhaust. Fixed. Portfolio Loop images issue when retina feature is enabled.  ---------------------------------------------------------  20-11-2012  update  2.3  Changed. Backend completely redesigned and recoded to meet  higher standards, speed enhancements and UX. Masterkey settings,  Metaboxes and short code generator are sections that comepeltely changed. Added. Import Option, Export option. Added. demos master key import files added. Fixed. Portfolio Loading issue Fixed. Blog short code pagination issue. Fixed. Portfolio newspaper responsive issues. Added. option to disable/enable header tagline Changed. due to server issues Timthumb removed from theme and more  better and native to wordpress method added. now all images are being  cropped and stored under wordpress uploads folder Added. Option added to make all theme images retina  compatible (this only applicable to images that are being cropped) Added. option to chose whether crop image while resizing or leave  the original image.  Note : in v2.3 update we have completely changed backend, so please  backup the option values of your body, page, header, footer  backgrounds before updating to this version. so then you can  set with the brand new admin panel. the rest of all options wont be lost.  ---------------------------------------------------------  17-09-2012  update  2.0 (Major Update)  Added. Callout Box shortcode Added. option to disable / enable comments from single post Added. Full control over Page Introduce section background and shadows Added. Layer slider to homepage and to any page Added. WPML support Added. Boxed layout Added. now you can have body background when boxed layout enabled Added. new style for main navigation Added. Blog short code orderBy and Order parameters Fixed. now slideshow count option in masterkey settings works only for homepage and has nothing to do with slideshow which added to pages/posts Added. Twitter Widget Style 2 Added. Footer Columns updated to 15 variations Added. now you can disable / enable client slider in pages/posts Added. an option to add border to footer and change its thickness and colour Added. Google maps enhanced to make all most google API features available such as hue, colour, saturation,.. Added. Multisite support for skinning purposes, now your dynamic skin.css will be different in all sites. changed. homepage jCarousel plugin changed with a better solution to fix responsive and other reported issues. Fixed. jCarousel multi category on portfolio posts has been fixed. Added. Dynamic Grey scale images feature added to portfolio posts. (you will need to enable latest toggle while adding portfolio shortcode) Added. Header Tagline beside header social networks Added. option to change portfolio posts slug to anything you like(default is portfolio) Added. option to link slideshow shortcode slides  Fixed. Creative introduction wapping issue on smaller devices  ---------------------------------------------------------  6-8-2012  Version 1.3  Added. Slideshow Shortcode add Link to slides Added. Fixed Header option Added. Fancy heading style 3 shortcode Fixed. Portfolio detail link colors were not taking global links color Fixed. Creative Introduction wrapping in responsive design Fixed. IE8 Small bugs fixed Added. Safe fonts list being avaliable in non-safe fonts lints  ---------------------------------------------------------  16-7-2012  update  1.2  Fixed. Masterkey settings fixed to work with IE9 Fixed. Select Menu option added to responsive design Fixed. Compatibility with Cart66 plugin Added. Give full control on google maps options Added. Gallery Shortcode  ---------------------------------------------------------  4-7-2012  update 1.0   Added. option to disable responsive design Added. Youtube videos for blog post types Fixed. Slider imgaes milky color fixed  ---------------------------------------------------------  26-6-2012  update 1.09  Added. Flexslider Full width and caption Added. options for portfolio single post social share and date Added. Archive and Search custom layout style Added. slideshow backgrounds improved to 40 textures and patterns Fixed. Meta tags added to let facebook grab the right featured image Added. Slideshow more button option to enable/disable Fixed. if there is no posts remove load more button Added. target property on icon link shortcode Added. Slideshow preloading background color option Added. Blog page slideshow and creative introduction added Added. Option to disable footer slogan bar Added. Notification check for any possible permission issues may exist on the server. Added. Slideshow metabox for portfolio items Fixed. Archive loop newspaper style fixed And many more bug fixes..  ---------------------------------------------------------  15-6-2012  update 1.08  Fixed Compatible with WordPress 3.4 Fixed Archive Category issues Fixed Widget Posts Category issue  ---------------------------------------------------------  13-6-2012  update 1.07  Added. Option to make header fixed Added. Option to disable slider arrows and pagination Fixed. Slideshow full width hyperlink Fixed. Responsive Navigation current menu selected  Fixed. Main navigation current menu small issue Fixed. Blog Page creative introduction issue Enhanced. Contact form styles enhanced Fixed. Homepage Carousel title issue on resposnive Fixed. Portfolio newspaper style bug fix for chrome  ---------------------------------------------------------  8-6-2012  Update 1.06 Added. Slideshow With caption. Added. Slideshow Full Animations Added. Google Maps for Page Header (see demo contacts) Added. Contact form Widget Skining option Added. State over Current Menu item for main navigtion Added. Skin Options for creative introduce Fixed. known Slideshow issues  ---------------------------------------------------------  5-6-2012  update 1.05 Fixed. some issues with Archive loop Fixed. some issues with Search loop Added. Flexslider Added. some options to Slideshow Added. Creartive Introduction for Homepage Added. Custom slideshow type for pages and posts  ---------------------------------------------------------  4-6-2012  update 1.04 Added. Portfolio newspaper style Enhanced. Image shortcode enhanced Added. Skill Meter Added Added. Portfolio Single Meta Added Fixed. Carousel some small issues Added. Demo Content Added  ---------------------------------------------------------  2-6-2012  Version 1.03 Added. Homepage carousel slider Portfolio posts source Added. Orderby, order and offset options to homepage carousel slider  Added. option to choose manually the random height value for each portfolio item. Added. Slideshow full controll over background : predefined textures, background color and Caption color  Enhanced. some Reponsive issues removed Enhanced. Lightbox changed to fit the design Added. Video dupport for portfolio lightbox. Fixed. some language issues. Fixed. Slideshow auto play issue  ---------------------------------------------------------  1-6-2012  Version 1.02 Added. Slideshow for any page/post with custom slides Added. Slideshow Full layout scalablility on responsive Added. Slideshow Controls navigation, arrow orientation styles Added. Option for slideshow navigation and border bottom color.  Added. Responsive Videos Enhanced. Responsive Layout Fixed. Archive and Search loops minor issues Added. Responsive Video Shortcodes Enhanced. Custom list icons enhanced Added. Video Post type (youtube and vimeo) Added. Document post type  ---------------------------------------------------------  30-5-2012  Version 1.01 Added. Header Social Networks Added. Blog shortcode read more button size option Fixed. Client Box Bug fix for chrome Improved. Responsive layout for mobile devices 

Credits (Photos – Videos – Icons)

Thanks to these awesome artists who let us use their precious pieces as example Lucid Press - Agency / Business WP Theme
Note: Any media – Photo, video, icon,… – used in preview are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects.

Credits (Plugins)

Date: May 28, 2015