Login Security For WordPress – Two-factor Authentication

Login Security For WordPress - Two-factor Authentication

Login Secury For WordPress Two-factor authentication with a password and pin code sent to email or sms.

A better way to increase web security

Online security experts will tell you that user passwords offer almost no protection at all. They are just too easy to crack or steal. That’s why companies and organizations are increasingly adopting mobile two-factor authentication to strengthen passwords and safeguard online information.

Mobile two-factor authentication uses phones to replace the traditional key fobs or software-based tokens that were commonly used for remote authentication. When a person tries to log into an online service, a security pin is sent to his or her mobile phone via voice or SMS message, rather than to the token.


  • Anti looked password
  • Anti keylog
  • Anti automatically detects password
  • Anti hack password


10/10/2016: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release
Date: October 12, 2016