Layers Plus Addons Bundle For Layerswp

Layers Plus Addons Bundle For Layerswp

Layers Plus Addons Bundle For Layerswp Layers Plus Addons Bundle For Layerswp Layers Plus Addons Bundle For Layerswp
Layers Plus is bundle of 15 widgets and plugins for layers. Layer will help you to make your layers wordpress better.

List of Addons

  • Portfolio Toggle
  • Portfolio Lightbox
  • Service Styles (600+ Icons + Animations)
  • Accordion
  • Separator
  • Circular Progressbars
  • Tabs
  • Pricing Tables (Multi styles)
  • Preloader
  • Team Element
  • Color Kit
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Counter Element
  • Carousel Contetn


Personal Request

If there is any bug or something wrong please contact me first via comments before giving a bad rating or review about this plugin. I will love to fix it for you. I am working hard on this plugin to add more and more features so I need your feedback to improve and make it best layers plugin.

New In Version 1.4
Now 600+ icons available for service and counter widgets. Please make sure every thing work about you install 1.4. A backup 1.3.1 version also available in Please check 1.4 version log below for complete list.

New In Version 1.3
In version 1.3 smooth scrolling jqurey added. And a most wanted missing counter widget is ready. One more important edition is color kit. Now you will have more control on colors of your child theme with layers plus color kit.

Theme Author: Theme authors are allowed to use Layers Plus in their layer child themes with one extended license per item. We will glad to add more features if you need any.

Note: These are layerswp page builder addons and will only work if you are using layers child or parent theme.

  Version 1.4.2 -------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixed : Service Element Icon  Bug Fixed:  Counter Element Icon Bug Fixed: Tabs Styling Color Fix Updated  :  Accordion Widget now with many options  Updated   : Layers Plus slider now support icons and speed options  Version 1.4.1 -------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixed : SSL URL issue with stylesheets Bug Fixed:  Layers Plus Slider Styling [Iphone6 - fix] Bug Fixed: Tabs Content too large Bug Fixed: Portfolio Toggle items alignment  Version 1.4 -------------------------------------------------------- New Added: Content Carousel Element New Added: Service & Counter Icons (Now 600+ icons) New Added: Animation styles for service columns Updated : Service widgets (Added Padding option for inner columns) Updated :  Removed unnecessary tab styles Updated :  All elements now support rich text editor (You must have layerswp 1.2 version)  Version 1.3.1 -------------------------------------------------------- Updated : Preloader Addon (Now you will able to upload custom gif) Updated : Smooth Scroll for single page only. Updated :  Added more options in color kit Bug Fixed: Mobile sidebar not working with preloader  Version 1.3 -------------------------------------------------------- New Added : Smooth Scrolling New Added : Layers Plus color kit New Added : Counters Element Updated     : Portfolio lightbox pretty photo plugin Updated     : Services Widget with new options  Version 1.2 -------------------------------------------------------- New Added : Layers Plus Slider New Added : Call to Action  Version 1.1 -------------------------------------------------------- New Added : Team Element New Added : Preloader New Added : Pricing Tables New Added : Tabs Element  

Date: July 18, 2015