Keyword Landing Page Generator

Keyword Landing Page Generator

The Most Effective Sales Plugin For WordPress!

Do You Want Unique Landing Pages For Each Visitor, Based On Their Search?

But you don’t want to create 1,000 different landing pages?

The Keyword Landing Page Generator is here to make it happen!

How does the Magic work?


  1. Create one landing page
  2. Choose different keywords to trigger it
  3. Define what text will change for each trigger
  4. Go!

How can this be used to increase sales?

In many, many ways!

  • Create targeted Adwords landing pages, for each keyword
  • Create SEO-friendly pages for each term you want to optimize for

The best part? Just 1 click and it’s live!

Still not sure what it does?

Look at this example….

Imagine, you are selling widgets and you want people who search for “fastest widget”, “cheapest widget”, and “best widget” to go to the page—along with 100 other adjectives.

But lets say you don’t want to create 100 different pages.

Now, with Keyword Landing Page Generator you can create:

And each of those will be a unique, SEO-friendly and Adwords-friendly landing page, based on the same template you define—except with slightly different language: the fastest page with a headline about how fast it is, the most-affordable page with a headline about how cheap it is, and best-widget with a headline about how high-quality it is.

Why does this work so well?

Easy: if someone is searching for something, they want to see a page that is exactly on what they search for.

If you search for “blue widget” and you see a page about “widgets that are fast” – you are less likely to buy than if you search for “blue widget” and you see a page about… “blue widgets”!

The Keyword Landing Page Generator lets you create all these pages, in just a few clicks!

Personalized Support

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Date: December 22, 2015