Kauri – responsive theme for WooCommerce

Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce

KAURI is WooCommerce 2.3 +. compatible
Strongly recommended updating to all the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce

Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce

Responsive layout makes it adaptable to various screen sizes, from iPhones, smartphones and tablets to laptop and desktop computers. This theme will look great on any screen. The elegant design of Kauri Theme is customizable with plenty of design options and shortcodes. Choose between 4 skins and customize it with unlimited color options, Google fonts, custom backgrounds and 2 slider styles.

Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce


  • Responsive & fluid design (suitable for tablets and smartphones)
  • HTML5 + CSS 3 Validated
  • products or posts for home page choice: now you can ignore e-commerce part and turn Kauri into all purpose theme
  • plenty of shortcodes with shortcode generator
  • 4 theme skins (complete theme change: colors, fonts etc )
  • overrides for theme skins with specific styles for fonts, colors, headings, backgrounds : unlimited combinations)
  • “Custom sidebars” plugin in download package : for unlimited sidebars support
  • custom background images – tile or full size image
  • 2 slider skins with unlimited variations
  • Facebook and Twitter profiles links in footer
  • Social widget with links:Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Youtube (NEW!)
  • included AJAX contact form (page template)
  • post format templates
  • sidebar on pages on/off (full width page or with sidebar)
  • home page featured products
  • translation ready ( .PO file )
  • logo size control
  • documentation
  • demo content xml file for import
  • backup theme settings
  • WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce versions
  • Compatible with new WordPress 3.6
  • required at least PHP 5.3.0
  • support

Check our complete list of WooCommerce features:here

Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce


  • PHP 5.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Email: [email protected]
Support forum: http://aligator-studio.com/support/


  • v. 2.2.2
    • checked for WooCommerce 2.3 + compatiblity
    • added TGM plugin activation framework
    • removed optional plugins from download package
  • v. 2.2.1
    • fixed variable products not adding to cart
    • fixed – certain shortcodes not working (updated jQuery deprecated functions)
  • v. 2.2
    • removed WP e-Commerce version for great number of bugs and issues – major one : database flood with test users causing server crashes
    • adapted and tested for WooCommerce 2.1 x compatibility
  • v. 2.1.6
    • checked for WP 3.7 compatibility
    • feature added “Page of posts” template 2
    • fix – issue with shortcode nesting
    • fix -ereg_replace replace with preg_replace in all theme options admin instances
    • removed all “is_plugin_active” functions from frontend
    • disabled WooCommerce fronted CSS from WooCommerce settings
    • hidden WP e-commerce to theme file transfer possibility (in Store > Settings )
  • v. 2.1.5
    • fixed – issue with dropdown submenu items not showing (in header “Product Categories”) – WooCommerce v.
    • fixed – issue with image in Featured posts carousel – WooCommerce v.
    • removed WooCommerce admin nag message (“Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support …”) – WooCommerce v.
    • fixed – WP gallery display for archive/taxonomy and single page
  • v. 2.1.4
    • corrected error in code for “Classic” carousel (changes is WP e-Commerce plugin functions)
    • added SP WPEC Variation Image Swap plugin to “optional plugins”package (WP e-Commerce)
    • site background options changes (added CSS3 background-size)
    • added support for SSL enabled sites
    • checked for WordPress 3.5.1 compatibility
    • removed official support for Gold Cart styles (WP e-Commerce version)
  • v. 2.1.3
    • updated documentation and WPSC version demo content import
    • checked for updates compatibility (WordPress 3.5, WooCommerce 1.6.6 and WP e-Commerce changes
    • improved responsive dropdown menu
    • improved latest products and posts image
    • improved featured carousel products and posts image
    • lots of minor css tweaks
  • v. 2.1.2
    • added child theme capability
    • fixed validation errors with dropdown menu (for mobile devices), google fonts css links, and bad rel keywords
    • added 20 more Google fonts
    • fixed variation image zoom (WooCommerce)
  • v. 2.1.1
    • corrected bug in setting theme options body styles corrected.
    • added few new Google fonts
    • removed embedd font from download package
    • improved CSS for Product categories menu in header
    • corrected variable products javascript after WooCommerce 1.6.4 update
    • checked for WooCommerce update
    • updated WPSC Product category widget
    • improved Product categories menu in header
  • v. 2.1
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 1.6.1
    • fixed currency display on featured carousel for mobile devices
  • v. 2.0.3
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 1.5.8
    • corrected issue after WP 3.4 upgrade with WPSC product categories display
    • lots of minor tweaks and issues resolved
  • v. 2.0.2
    • Compatibility with WordPress 3.4
    • Compatibility with WooCommerce
    • lots of minor improvements and some minor issues corrections
  • v. 2.0.1
    • WOO: php: functions.php cleared whitespaces (causing “headers already sent” error)
    • WPSC: css: removed typos and error found by css debuger (thanks Stanley Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce )
    • php: added deregistering wp e-commerce styles in functions.php

    • WOO & WPSC:css: shopping cart widget and product categories in header corrected displaying for small devices (width 320px and less); changed the comments styles in responsive lower resolutions
  • v. 1.2.2
    • added products or posts for home page choice. Now you can ignore e-commerce part and turn Kauri into all purpose theme.
    • disabled WP e-Commerce theme update notice (to prevent overwriting Kauri theme files)
    • fine tuned and corrected css styles, especially product categories and widgets related
    • added shortcodes: pricetable, custom message with icons shortcodes
    • added support for”Gold Cart”styles (premium addon for WP e-Commerce plugin from getshopped.org)
    • added widgets: featured products thumbs, social links
  • v. 1.2.1
    • included new version of WP e-Commerce plugin (v. 3.8.8)
    • added home blocks margin controls
    • added youtube shortcode editor (plugin in theme)
    • added shortcodes generator for insertquote, dropcap, clear float
    • included homepage hardcoded variations (if anyone wants it Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce )
    • corrected minor css issues
  • v. 1.2 – New features (skins, colour controls, new fonts, shortcode generator, new slider, backup, dummy data…)
  • v. 1.01 – Minor changes

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Kauri - responsive theme for WooCommerceKauri - responsive theme for WooCommerceKauri - responsive theme for WooCommerceKauri - responsive theme for WooCommerce

Date: July 10, 2015