Kameron – Your Photography Portfolio

Kameron - Your Photography Portfolio

Kameron - Your Photography PortfolioKameron - Your Photography PortfolioKameron - Your Photography Portfolio Kameron - Your Photography Portfolio Kameron - Your Photography Portfolio

We specialize in creating WordPress Portfolio themes exclusively for Photographers. We spend a lot of our time talking and listening to photographers all over the world to better understand what exactly photographers need in a portfolio theme. Kameron is the result of this collaboration. We created this theme with everything you need as a photographer, and nothing you don’t! We don’t believe in 100s of shortcodes and features that no-one is going to use! At the same time, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to personalize your site by giving you the features that you can actually use without any wordpress or programming knowledge. We do our best to create usable interfaces and fresh, exciting designs and Kameron is exactly that!

Kameron - Your Photography Portfolio

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Kameron - Your Photography Portfolio

Full Feature List:

  • WordPress 4.1 support
  • Crazy Fast! The theme is developed with latest HTML and pushState technology, which is fancy wording for Crazy Fast! We really took the time to make the theme fast, and at the same time -,
  • Fully SEO Ready. Even though the theme is AJAXified with pushState and smooth page transitions, it is fully SEO Ready!
  • Responsive
  • Horizontal and Vertical layouts
  • Custom Welcome Screen Slider
  • Lifetime of FREE Updates!
  • Youtube and Vimeo video support in galleries
  • Unique and Very flexible Galleries that allow you to:
    • Set your gallery images to “Contain”, “Cover”, “Scaledown” or “None”
    • Show or hide image thumbnails
    • Optionally add title for each image
    • Optionally add description for each image
    • Social sharing inside gallery
    • Customize gallery and its sidebar color
    • Turn on/off gallery sidebar
    • Optionally set your galleries on auto play
    • Optionally set your gallery to looping
  • Custom pop-up Scroll notification with animated icon
  • Fullscreen background images
  • Option to create unlimited portfolio pages
  • Optimized specially for tablet devices We believe that Tablets are the future for everyone, so we’ve tested with actual devices ( 2nd gen iPad, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5s ) to make sure that it works!
  • Swipe navigation on smartphones and tablets
  • One of the first portfolios that support panoramic images
  • Shortcodes
  • Full Color Control
    • Menu color
    • Page background color
    • Link color
    • Form color
    • Pricing table colors
    • Gallery background color
    • Portfolio thumbnail overlay color and opacity
    • Title and text colors
    • Blockquote color
    • Social icon colors
  • Customizable site navigation
  • Widget area inside the navigation
  • Custom logo upload
  • Portfolio thumbnails with and without titles and descriptions
  • Demo Content Included from all 3 theme demo sites!
  • Service block
  • Text block
  • Image block
  • Social icons
  • Built With HTML5 and CSS3
  • Child theme ready
  • Supports Revolution Slider as your Welcome Screen (not included or demonstrated)
  • Supports Visual Composer (not included or demonstrated)
  • Extensive documentation included
  • Five star support forum and Knowledge base
  • Created by Envato Elite authors

Image Credits

The images used in Kameron demos are not included in the download. We would like to thank these amazing, talanted photograpers for licensing their beautiful photos under the Creative Commons License, thank you, you guys are amazing.

The rest of the images are purchased from Fotolia.com


  == Kameron 1.4.4,  Apr 26, 2015:      - Update: WordPress Security Fix for TGM Plugin Activation  == Kameron-1.4.3     - Update: Responsive improvements to gallery     - Update: Hide sidebar by default on mobile devices     - Updated: Reorganized Scroll Settings in Theme Options     - Update: Add options to customize scrollbar  == Kameron-1.4.2     - Fix: Gallery resizing on mobile devices     - Fix: Comments translation text     - Update: Give child themes translation priority     - Fix: Apostrophes in Gallery descriptions == Kameron-1.4.1     - Fix: Menu links on mobile touch devices == Kameron-1.4.0     - Fix: IE11 Touch Scroll     - Fix: Invalid text domain for i18n     - Update: Fix Sidebar scroll after menu dropdowns have been toggled     - Fix: Prevent layout from breaking when no image is uploaded in portfolio entry     - Update: Improved Portfolio image management UX     - Fix: Blogs with multiple galleries     - Fix: Links in image descriptions     - Fix: Add padding to portfolio descriptions with scrollbars     - Fix: Remove Empty scrollbars     - Fix: portfolio title position in Safari     - Update: Fix Page Builder Layout problems     - Updated: Translation source files  == Kameron-1.3.3     - Fix: Pop-up gallery for Pages     - Update: Improve responsive layout in landscape mode     - Fix: Always auto_close gallery when a different URL is loaded     - Fix: Don't close gallery when dropdown is clicked     - Update: Add action 'stage.close'     - Fix: Page background on Mobile devices     - Update: Imrpoved form error message design     - Fix: Button titles in Posts and Pages     - Update: Remove "Developer Mode" form Theme Options     - Update: Add style for input[type=date]  == Kameron-1.3.2     - Update: Add collapsible menu     - Update: Utilize no-pjax class in the menu     - Update: Social Networks now share the "current" gallery image     - Fix: Portfolio titles are now disabled on mobile when descriptios are disabled.     - Fix: Portfolio entry color customization controls     - Fix: Don't change URL hash when scroll notification is clicked     - Fixed: Add proper WordPress i18n text-domains  == Kameron-1.3.1     - Fixed: Android Portrait orientation fix     - Fixed: Open links new windows when custom controls ( like Ctrl or Command ) or markup ( target="_blank" ) is used     - Updated: Added an unique URL for each gallery image     - Fixed: Portfolio title alignment when there is no description     - Fixed: Posts are loaded properly with Loading Animation  == Kameron-1.3.0     - Fixed: Blockquote colors, font sizes     - Updated: Added Password Protected Galleries!  == Kameron-1.2.5     - Fixed: Header toggle on touch devices == Kameron-1.2.4     - Updated: Added optional Loading animation     - Fixed: Page height calculated properly when using buttons in pages  == Kameron-1.2.3     - Fixed: Responsive Header bugs when customized header width  == Kameron-1.2.2     - Fixed: Homescreen items sized properly on page load     - Fixed: In Fullscreen-Template Custom alignment properties work only when custom alignment is selected     - Fixed: Buttons now appear properly     - Updated: Completely rewritten Header ( sidebar ) and its animations     - Updated: Visually collapse sidebar before loading a gallery     - Fixed: Background color customization  == Kameron-1.2.1     - Fixed: Scrollerbar color is constant accross axis     - Updated: Better gallery sidebar handling     - Updated: Added option to force enable/disable sidebar and thumbnails  == Kameron-1.2.0     - Updated: Added Pop-up galleries for regular WordPress Galleries in Posts     - Added: WP-JS-Hooks     - Updated: Added an option to programmatically disable PJAX via JS     - Updated: Scrolling library is automatically refreshed if content is loading too slowly     - Fixed: Pricing table title alignment     - Updated: Button colors are now customizable     - Updated: More "Enter Site" Options + Responsive Fixes     - Updated: Fotorama Gallery     - Updated: Some performance updates for the Gallery     - Updated: Improved scrolling with Keyboard Arrows!     - Fixed: Stop autoplay on Touch     - Fixed: No more "flashing descriptions"      - Updated: Align Featured Images to Center     - Fixed: Post information controls work in both post lists and single posts     - Updated: Add option to disable post date     - Updated: Open portfolio entries when clicked anywhere in the entry description  == Kameron-1.1.2     - Fixed: Theme Options  == Kameron-1.1.1     - Fixed: Open gallery on click if descriptions disabled and Gallery is enabled  == Kameron-1.1.0     - Added: Optionally add custom selectors to disable PJAX     - Updated: Prevent NGG Gallery breaking the theme     - Updated: Restored Gallery  Mouse Timeout     - Updated: Prettify Titles after navigating ( Decode HTML in Page Titles )     - Updated: Admin Gallery UI and Improved Galleries  == Kameron-1.0.5     - Fixed: Menu is closing properly in the latest FireFox     - Fixed: Top & Bottom Border positioned properly     - Updated: Move Scroll Notification in it's own template ( for Developers )     - Fixed: Image Block Admin UI     - Updated: Remove "Redux Demo Mode"   == Kameron-1.0.4     - Fixed: Scroll notification shouldn't appear in Galleries  == Kameron-1.0.3     - Fixed: Always resize gallery properly     - Fixed: Closing the gallery will go back to defined Portfolio URL if can't find a previous URL in browser history     - Fixed: Gallery sidebar cookies     - Fixed: Galleries now work with Admin Bar turned on     - Fixed: If neither image nor video is added, don't display the slide...  == Kameron-1.0.2     - Updated: Upaded all 3 theme demos     - Fixed: Gallery button alignment     - Fixed: PJAX Disabled for Inputs & Buttons     - Fixed: Menu responsive/regular mode detection  == Kameron-1.0.1     - Updated: Completley JavaScript resizing codebase for perfomance!     - Fixed: Creating only one style tag in the DOM for JavaScript styles == Kameron 1.0.0    - Initial Release  
Date: June 28, 2015