Josephine – WordPress Theme For Lifestyle Bloggers

Josephine - WordPress Theme For Lifestyle Bloggers

Josephine - WordPress Theme For Lifestyle Bloggers Josephine - WordPress Theme For Lifestyle Bloggers Josephine - WordPress Theme For Lifestyle Bloggers

Josephine is a WordPress theme for lifestyle bloggers, but can be used by bloggers of all types. It is powered by the highly flexible Live Composer page builder plugin which gives you the ability to alter the styling almost without any limitations. Everything from header to the footer can be changed without writing a single line of code.

 Version 1.0.6 - Improvement - Option to enable/disable title/date/category in  "Blog Title" module - Improvement - Comment Form Module - Option to change the textual strings in the options - Improvement - Comments Module - Border, height and padding options for comment reply - Improvement - Comments layout on phones - Improvement - Comment form layout on phones - Fix - Issue with font family of headings on regular ( non-LC ) pages - Fix - Issue with homepage on iPhone - Fix - Instagram images not always loading ( caching implemented )  Version 1.0.5 - New - A module called "Josephine - Tags" is now available. It can be used on the blog post template to display the tags of the currently shown blog post. You can place it after the blog post content module. - Improvement - Option to disable that author information ( below the title ). Option is located in Styling > Meta. - Fix - Issue with margin bottom on last paragraph of blog post content - Fix - Issue with layout of "child" comments on phones - Fix - Issue with styling of list items in blog post content  Version 1.0.4 - Improvement - "Josephine - Blog" module now displays the author info bellow the thumbnail if the big author box is disabled - Improvement - "Josephine - Blog" module now has an option to change the text align - Improvement - New module "Josephine - Post Pagination" for paginated posts. Added to the singe blog pages bellow the content - Fix - Issue with excerpt on "Josephine - Blog" module when used on archive pages - Fix - Issue with date archives displaying all posts instead of the ones for that date - Fix - Issue with video thumbnail not showing unless there's also an image thumbnail supplied - Fix - Issue with font in the sidebar on category pages - Fix - Issue with pagination not displayed on category pages - Fix - Issue with position of the "hamburger" menu on tablets and phones  Version 1.0.3 - Security Fix - For "TGM Plugin Activation"  - Logo Module - A retina version of the logo can now be uploaded - Share Feature - Linkedin added - Blog Alt Module - Option to disable the diagonal effect - Fix - "Undefined variable" in Instagram widget when the user ID wrong  Version 1.0.2  - Main blog posts listing ( not carousel ) can now have a video instead of the featured image. - New widget added. Same as the original author widget but automatically shows the info of the currently shown page/post author.  Version 1.0.1  - Fix issue with categories page - Fix issue with 404 page - Fix issue with instagram widget user ID 
Date: July 18, 2015