iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress PluginiTunes Shortcode – WordPress PluginiTunes Shortcode – WordPress PluginiTunes Shortcode – WordPress PluginiTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

iTunes Shortcode is a WordPress Plugin, which allows you to present always up-to-date information about iTunes Store products (Mac and iOS App Store Apps, iBook Store Ebooks and iTunes Music Store Albums/Songs – more is coming soon) in posts in a simple and elegant way and to earn money in the iTunes Affiliate Program.

Version 1.4 adds a [toplist] shortcode to automatically generate a top free/paid/grossing lists of iOS & OS X apps, ebooks, songs and music albums.

Version 1.4.5 supports apps work on Apple Watch with an iPhone!

Data presentation

The plugin offers three ways to present data:

1. Large box (default)
perfect at the end of app/ebook review:

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

2. Clickable product name with price
great to create a list of apps/ebooks:

3. Clickable product price
always up to date, to be placed anywhere in the text:

You can download this app for $3.99.

All the options you see are the same for an ebooks.

Top lists

iTunes Shortcode can automatically generate a top free/paid/grossing lists of iOS & OS X apps, ebooks, songs and music albums. You can create WordPress static page, put in a simple shortcode and show your visitors always up to date top lists of iTunes products.

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

You can also generate text-only list with clickable product names and prices.

Price drops

Our plugin has also one more great advantage – it shows when the app/ebbok is available at a discounted price! Just take a look:

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

This is possible because the plugin stores data about apps/ebooks and refreshes them in the time interval set by you. It also helps to reduce the number of queries to the Apple servers.

QR codes

QR codes are an awesome method to open quickly any link on your smartphone. Why not use it to conveniently download iOS apps directly on the iPhone, when we read about them on a computer?

Just scan and enjoy – it’s so easy!

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

Screenshots gallery

iTunes Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

Custom CSS

We tried to make our plugin the most universal and independent of the used template. Of course, this is not always possible and sometimes a minor appearance changing may be necessary (like font size, button colors etc.). You can do it in the settings page, adding your own CSS rules.


  • three ways of presenting data
  • automatically generate top free/paid/grossing list of iTunes products
  • iTunes Affiliate Program support (PHG)
  • showing information about price reductions
  • QR codes
  • custom CSS
  • responsive
  • ready for translation (.po files)
  • data caching (reducing the number of connections to iTunes lookup)
  • support for soft-launched apps (when they is available only in selected countries)

Version History

IMPORTANT! Before the update, make a backup of the current plugin version (directory: wp-content/plugins/itunes-shortcode).
After update to 1.4.x version from 1.3.x or older visit the plugin settings page and check you have activate FancyBox.

 Version 1.4.5: - support for apps work on Apple Watch with an iPhone - added small icon of Apple Watch app on the main icon - added new platfrom – Watch - added support for Apple Watch app screenshots - Redux Framework updated to version 3.5.4 
 Version 1.4.4: - updated price drops detects/removes algorithm  - fixed problem with disappearing price drops 
 Version 1.4.3: - fixed notice with missing function argument - improvements for Japanese yen and Russian ruble - custom currency symbol (new option in settings panel) - custom price format (new option in settings panel) - two connection types (to iTunes servers): file_get_contents() or cURL  (new option in settings panel) 
 Version 1.4.2: - important update for iTunes Affiliate Program users 
 Version 1.4.1: - new parameter "price" for [appstore] and [ibookstore] shortcodes – now you can manually add old price for product that already has a reduced price and you add it the first time to your website 
 Version 1.4: - adds [toplist] shortcode - new option in the config panel – product title lenght - small improvements for Chinese, Japanese and similar languages - now all js scripts are loaded on end of a footer 
 Version 1.3: - adds descriptions and screenshots gallery for applications  - adds descriptions for e-books - resolves a problem with fatal error visibles sometimes at bottom of post page 
 Version 1.2: - support for Albums/Songs from iTunes Music Store - shows the list of music album tracks - new option in the config panel – date style (yyyy-mm-dd or dd-mm-yyyy) - security amendment - adds ability to translate 'FREE' text
Version 1.1: - support for iBook Store Ebooks - update notifications – starting from this version you will see an update notification on the WordPress wp-admin, when a new version of the plugin will available - new settings panel based on Redux Framework - resolves a problem with QR code position - changes location of some files (css, js) 

Coming soon

  • shortcode buttons in post editor toolbar
  • genres support for top list (for example: top free games, top paid hwalth apps etc.)
  • support for Videos/Films from iTunes Store

If you have any pre-sale questions or suggestions for additiotal functionality, post a comment.

Apple, iTunes, iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the US and other countries.

Date: June 15, 2015