Interia – Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

Interia - Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

Interia - Responsive WordPress CMS Theme


Interia - Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

Interia is a clean, flexible, feature rich, Interior & Furniture WordPress CMS Theme with more flexible page builder widgets to create UNIQUE page layouts with in seconds, GUARANTEED!

Update Note

Note to buyers: We are keep on updating theme as soon as find the bugs or new features requested by users, so please download updated files from your download section and update your theme by replacing entire theme folder.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance while updating theme or plugins, post a query over here:

We do not suggest you to modify theme core files, instead use child theme or custom CSS option in theme customizr then you won’t be any issues while updating theme

Please check the theme & Plugin change log at the bottom of this page.

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Interia - Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

Interia - Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

Video Tutorials

Please go through these tutorials before asking support query, if still not find solution for your issue then feel free to ask us

1. Theme Activation & Importing XML Demo Content
2. Customizing your theme
3. Adding slider to page (sub header section)
4. Adding Top menu icons using font awesome icons
5. Adding Social Icons above footer using Social Icon Widget. 6. Portfolio Category Menus Settings


Theme Features List

  • Theme Customizer: You can customize complete layout and elements with your own colors on fly with WordPress theme customizer
  • Page builder: Built with light weight SiteOrigin Page builder to create UNIQUE pages with in seconds, check the video
  • Kaya Interia Page Widget: All custom widgets are as plugin so you can use same plugin for other themes too.
  • SEO Optimized:Search engines will easily index any page of your website because of the integrated search engine support.
  • Custom Post Formats: It supports following custom blog post formats: Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, Audio
  • XML Demo content: Import demo content and set your web site to look like as our demo web site in few seconds.
  • Responsive: Interia is fully responsive WordPress theme and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices, highly-responsive WordPress Theme built for today’s websites
  • WPML Ready: Fully compatible with WPML plugin – create multilingual web sites.
  • Clean Code: Created it in HTML5, CCS3 and jQuery and 100% valid.
  • Translation Ready: This item is fully prepared for translation to any language using po & mo files
  • Child Theme Support: This theme support child theme, so create child theme starting from included dummy child theme.
  • Footer: – Choose from 1 to 8 columns in footer, you can set them from theme customizr.
  • Sub Header Section ( Below menu bar)
    • Elastic Slider: Simple and clear looking Slider can be added to any pages
    • BX Slider: Sub Header Slider support for any pages
    • Parallax BG Image: It support for any pages and have an option to add text over it as Title and Description.
    • Google fonts: It support 700+ Google font and do not worry about if any new font added in Google font library, just copy the font name and paste it in the text field in the customizr.
  • Custom Sidebars Generator: Create unlimited custom sidebars and choose them for any post/pages
  • Page builder widgets to create any page as per your needs, use your creativity to build unique layout within minutes
    • Interia -Portfolio: Displays portfolio items as grid style in any pages.
    • Interia -Slider: Use this widget to display the slider items from Kaya slider category.
    • Interia -Draggable Slider: Displays Kaya slider items as graggable slider in any where on the pages
    • Interia -Video BG Promobox : Displays fluid row with video/image a background and overlay the text.
    • Interia -Pricing table: Display Pricing Table
    • Interia -Pricing List Box: Display Price List items as table form.
    • Interia -Recent Blog Posts: Use this widget to display Recent Blog post, Latest News, Recent Events from Blog categories.
    • Interia -Image Box: Displays images with title, description and readmore butto with alignments.
    • Interia -Dropcap : Displays rounded dropcap with icons and text
    • Interia -Teaser box: Displays Teaser content with read more button.
    • Interia -Flickr: Displays Flickr images.
    • Interia -Info Boxes: Displays info boxes like, alett, error and success.
    • Interia -List Items: Use this widget to display list items with custom image bullet icons.
    • Interia -Toggle Tabs: Use this widget to display Toggle, Harizontal & Vertical Tabs and Accordion from Toggle Tabs Accordion Custom Post Types.
    • Interia -Readmore Button: Add readmore button where ever you want on the pages.
    • Interia -Custom Title: Displays Title where ever you want on the pages
    • Interia -Verticle Space: Add verticle height when necessary in between rows
    • Interia -Contact Form:Add contact form to any pages
    • Interia -Testimonial : Display Testimonial Boxes anywhere in the pages
    • Interia -Testimonial Slider: Display Testimonial Slider Boxes anywhere in the pages by fulling the post items from Kaya slider CPT
    • Interia -Team Widget: Display Our Team Blocks in the pages.
    • Interia -Probess bar: Display Progress bars anywhere in the pages, use it skill set etc.
    • Interia -Blog Widget: Create blog page by adding blog posts in the page
    • Interia -Social Media Widget: Display social icons
    • Interia -Address Widget: Display Mailing Address
  • Video support in Portfolio pages as light box.
  • You can also control layout and responsive mode ON/OFF
  • Dynamic thumbnail resizing
  • Custom Background Image Support
  • Well commented code for all pages.
  • HTML document file

Theme Support?

After purchase please ask support question via our support forum

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Note: Please note that the images are shown in the demo are not included in the download file, and the respective author is copy right holder.

Recently updated Real Multipurpose WordPress CMS Theme

Interia - Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

Plugin Update History


v1.6.2 – 27th May – 2015

 - Image Box Widget issue fixed. - Contact Form Widget padding issue fixed. - Social Icons Widget issue fixed. - Icon Box Widget left and right alignments issues fixed. - Property Details Widget issue fixed. 

v1.6.1 – 20th May – 2015

 - Added Image Overlay Text Widget 

v1.6 – 18th March – 2015

 - Improved widget stylings - Improved Button widget - Improved Dropcap widget - Improved Custom Title widget - Improved Listbox widget - Improved info boxes widget - Improved Toggle Tabs widget - Added New Property details widget to add Property Information - Added Responsive for Draggable Slider widget - Improved Images Gallery widget - Added Icon box widget - Added animation for all widgets - updated owl carousel js to latest version of js 

v1.5 – 4th December- 2014

 Added hyper link (click able) to Dropcap icons in "Interia-Dropcap Widget"  

v1.4.9 – 13th November- 2014

 Added hyper link (click able) to image in "Interia-Image Box Widget"  

v1.4.8 – 3rd November- 2014

 - Fixed Bug - Portfolio icons centering issue when disable one icon fixed. 

v1.4.7 – 23rd October- 2014

 -Added New Feature: Added Interia-Gallery widget. 

v1.4.5 – 19th October- 2014

 - Bug Fixed:  Custom link issue fixed for draggable slider. 

v1.4.4 – 26th September- 2014

 - Added New Feature: Added Enable Image Link option to Draggable Slider. 

v1.4.3 – 23rd August- 2014

  Added New Feature: Added hyperlink to the portfolio thumbnails. 

v1.4.2 – 18th July – 2014

 - Fixed bug: Few Mobile and Ipad issues. - Next and previous arrows changed for Kaya slider & Draggble slider widgets. - Added New Feature: Image Light box changed from "fancy box" to "pretty photo". 

v1.4.1 – 7th June- 2014

 - Fixed bug:  Modified Social Media Icons widget to ease of use. 

v1.4 – 4th June- 2014

 - Fixed bug:  Translation issue fixed. 

v1.3 – 30th May- 2014

 - Fixed bug:  Recoded displaying post items from Category slug to category ID, in "Interia-Portfolio (PB)", "Interia-Draggable Slider (PB)", "Interia-Slider(PB)", "Interia-Recent Blog Post(PB)" and "Interia-Toggle Tabs(PB)". - Fixed bug: Dropcap hyper link shifted to Titles. - Add New Feature: Readmore button added for Interia-Image box. - Fixed bug:Promobox readmore button issue fixed - Fixed bug : "Clear" tab in Contact form widget only displays when you add text for tab field. - Fixed bug : Pagination Added for "Interia-Portfolio" and "Interia-Blog Recent Post" Widgets. - Fixed bug : Order attribute added for Kaya Slider and Tab Items CPT. 

Theme Update History

v2.6.7– 30th June – 2015

 - Kaya slider Loop Issue Fixed. 

v2.6.6– 25th June – 2015

 - All Mobile and Ipad responsive issues fixed. - Header Slider changed from Bxslider to Owl-carousel - Added page meta box options To Enable and Disable Header Slider Navigation Buttons 

v2.6.5– 4th June – 2015

 - Responsive Issue Fixed For header Right Section. - Menu alignment Issue Fixed. - Updated TGM plugin activation code - Added default color For Header Parallax Image 

v2.6.4– 17th May – 2015

 - Header Right Section issue fixed. - Footer padding issue fixed. 

v2.6.3– 29th April – 2015

 - Fixed bug, Testimonial slider auto true issue 

v2.6.2– 24th April – 2015

 - Updated TGM plugin activation code 

v2.6.1– 18th April – 2015

 - Fixed bug, not applying google font by default. - Added new option to disable the shop cart icon from menu bar, from theme customizr. 

v2.6– 9th April – 2015

 - Improved theme customizr panels - Menu section shifted into header section - Accent color section shifted to Global Settings - Updated woocommerce outdated files - Added an option in "Theme customizer > Global Section" to hide old portfolio data - Added an option in "Theme Customizer > Global Section" to add mid container top and bottom padding 

v2.5.7– 18th December- 2014

     - Fixed Bug - Responsive slider issue fixed. 

v2.5.6– 1st November – 2014

     - Fixed Bug - Woocommerce Single product image overlaping issue with drop down menu fixed.     - Fixed Bug - Woocommerce related posts pricing issue fixed. 

v2.5.5 – 19th September- 2014

 - Fixed Bug - Custom link issue fixed for Portfolio and main draggable slider 

v2.5.4 – 26th September- 2014

 - Fixed Bug - woocommerce issue fixed. - Fixed Bug - Slider responsive issue fixed. - Translation issues fixed. - Primary navigation issue fixed. 

v2.5.3 –26th August- 2014

  Fine touches has been done to look more appealing. 

v2.5.2 –13rd August- 2014

  Added New Feature: Added hyperlink to the portfolio thubnails. 

v2.5.1 –12th August- 2014

 - Sidebar border issue fixed. 

v2.5 –5th August- 2014

 - Re designed all WooCommrece Pages from scratch. 

v2.4 –28th July – 2014

 - Fixed bug: Blog post slider option. - Fixed bug: Few Mobile and Ipad issues. - Next and previous arrows changed for portfolio single page slider. - Added New Feature: Image Light box changed from "fancy box" to "pretty photo". - Sidebar option removed for Portfolio posts. 

v2.3 – 30th May- 2014

 - Fixed bug: Tab item CPT Category listing fixed. - Fixed bug: Google font now support latin and Cyrillic. - Fixed Bug: Default font as a "Google font" removed and added System font Arial. - Added New Feature: Button color settings added in theme customizer "General Settigs". - Added New Feature: Input Fields Color Settings added in theme customizer "General Settigs". 

v2.0.0 – 25th April- 2014

 - Redesigned from scratch by fixing all the bugs raised by all users, it is designed to date trend in design, coding and features as well. 

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