Infinity – Responsive Web App Kit

Infinity - Responsive Web App Kit


Infinity is a responsive Bootstrap 3.3.6 Admin Template. It provides you with a vast collection of ready to use code snippets and utilities, many custom pages and a collection of applications and widgets


8 Color Skins Light/Dark Sidebar Themes Multiple Layout Responsive layout Live Skin Customizer Loading progress bar Hundreds of UI Components Dozens of Widgets Hundreds of Utility Classes Font Icons(font-awesome, glyphicons, material design icons) HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap 3.3.6 Framework Sass for CSS preprocessing (compiled CSS included) Grunt Tasks Manager Bower Dependency Management Clean and Friendly Code PSD files included

Pre-build Pages:

Register Login Lockscreen Forgot Password FAQ Inbox Prices Invoice Profile Email View Email Compose Google Maps Vector Maps Image Galleries Search Results (web, images. videos, users) Documentaiton page


MailBox App Calendar App Contacts App Tasks Widget

Chart Plugins:

Flot (bar, pie, line) Echarts (bar, pie, line, map, …) Sparkline jquery-circle-progress

Useful plugins:

animate.css counterup DataTables fullcalendar select2 jquery-knob summernote Editor lightbox2 switchery dropzone bootstrap datepicker bootstrap daterangepicker bootstrap filestyle bootstrap maxlength bootstrap select bootstrap tagsinput bootstrap timepicker bootstrap touchspin bootstrap datetimepicker

Date: May 31, 2016