HelloPins is a powerful WordPress plugin allowing you to create astounding presentations on your website. Product presentations, fashion look books, infographics and schemes, custom static maps – everything becomes easier to show and explain with HelloPins.

Check the live demo for working example, list of features and screenshots!

HelloPins HelloPins HelloPins HelloPins HelloPins


 1.2.6 - Added Functionality to change PinBoard specific Pin graphics as a metabox - Fixed tooltip positioning in some cases - Other minor bugs 1.1.6 - Fixed possible problems with asynchronous saving in backend. - Added option to change the 'View more' link text - Some other minor bug fixes - Removed Namespace related code and added compatibility for PHP 5.2.17+ instead of 5.3+ 1.0.4 - minor css compatibility fix - AJAX path error fix 1.0.0 - Initial public release 
Date: June 21, 2015