GreyController – A Clean Web 2.0 Admin Panel

GreyController - A Clean Web 2.0 Admin Panel

I find designing an admin panel much different than a front-end of the site. You have to have a place for options, forms, and things that you don’t use a lot on a front-end of a website. GreyController gives you plenty of space to place each element. With two sidebars you’ll never run out of room for extra options. Collapsible boxes allow the user to edit what they want to see at that moment.


  • XHTML strict & CSS (without CSS3) valid
  • Use of CSS3 for eye candy
  • Dynamically changes with the user’s resolution
  • Separate login page.
  • jQuery expandable boxes
  • Option to have one or two sidebars by only adding a class to a div.
Date: July 14, 2015