Good Space – Responsive Minimal WP Theme

Good Space - Responsive Minimal WP Theme

WP3.4 Compatible

Good Space Good Space is a WordPress theme especially for creative agency. It’s very clean, minimal with modern design. This theme is also has a responsive ability. Moreover, it comes with tons of features. Including our page items that can be managed very easily via our awesome tool, ‘Page Builder’. Admin panel in this theme is a real feature rich. You can also create unlimited sidebar, choosing over 450 fonts or if you want to use your own, we provide a cufon uploader. You can also translate each elements to your language via this admin panel.

Localization Supported (We already prepare .pot file, you just need to translate it to .mo files)

SEOWe reconstructed about how to use title. We use heading tag(H1,H2,H3,…) for title which is good practice for search engine site. Main contents are moved above sidebars(including both sidebar layout), now search engine will easily fine your main contents first. Also, ‘alt’ tag for images is supported. This is also help search engine to analyst your site easily.

Good Space - Responsive Minimal WP Theme

Setting Up as Homepage

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Theme Features

  • .pot file for localization available
  • SEO Optimized
  • Unlimited Color
  • 6 Footer Layouts
  • 4 Blog styles
  • 450+ Fonts Available
  • Drag Drop Page Builder
  • Drag Drop Slider Manager
  • Built-in Translator
  • Built-in Shortcodes
  • Font Uploader
  • Logo Uploader
  • Background Uploader
  • 15 Pre-Defined Background Patterns
  • Thumbnail Options
    • Static Image
    • Slider
    • Video
  • Price Table
  • Social Share for Posts
  • Social Link on Header
  • Video Tutorial for Setting Up as Demo Site

Assets Used Other than these are Envato assets that allowed to be used.

Need Support?

First of all, Thanks so much for purchased our items Good Space - Responsive Minimal WP Theme We’re really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all support will be conducted through this website > . We usually get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Update List

 ==v1.11== 29/06/2015 - update pretty photo (xss)     javascript/jquery.prettyPhoto.js  - Improve stability / Plugin compatible     include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php     include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-oauth.php  - wpml support widget     include/plugin/custom-widget/custom-blog-widget.php  - fix duplicate contact form mail ( on some server )     include/plugin/utility.php  - remove preload in non-responsive     include/include-script.php  - fix vimeo shortcode     include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php  ==v1.10= 18/04/2015 - fixed error on navigation when theme activated.     include/plugin/dropdown-menu.php  ==v1.09= 16/06/2013 - stylesheet/flexslider.css     fix flex nav on mobile  - fix error messages     include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php      - fix the ampersand sign in category name for blog/portfolio item     include/plugin/blog-item.php      include/plugin/page-item.php  - fix twitter     function.php     include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-widget.php     include/plugin/custom-widget/twitteroauth.php  ==v1.08= 20/04/2013 - fix accordion, toggle box in IE8         style.css  - fix comment formatting     include/plugin/comment.php  - add sidebar class / id     include/function-regist.php  - update google font     include/plugin/google-font.php  - add password protect to page builder     page.php  - add pinterest icon     include/goodlayers-option.php     header.php  - update image resize function     include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php      ==v1.07= 14/12/2012 - add class to blog / single information     single.php     include/plugin/blog-item.php  - fix wp 3.5 compatibility     include/include-script.php  ==v1.06= 09/12/2012 - header.php file     add feature image to facebook thumbnail  - update contact widget / contact form mail sending function     include/plugin/utility.php     include/plugin/custom-widget/contact-widget.php  - add do shortcode to column service caption.     include/plugin/page-item.php  - update flex slider      javascript/jquery.flexslider.js     stylesheet/flex-slider.css     style.css     style-custom.php     include/goodlayers-option.php  - add post/page pagination and content filter.     single.php     single-portfolio.php     page.php  - fix the admin font size compatibility with wp 3.5     include/include-script.php  ==v1.05= 08/11/2012 * Fixed Twitter Feed * add the alt text to gallery description * fix the duplicate filter category. * fix author position ',' * adding google plus to social network * search/archive on ie7 * vimeo https * fix another language and special character in tabs item. * add support with qtranslate to page caption and page builder  ++++Modified files from v1.03++++ + page.php + single.php + single-portfolio.php + utility.php + gdl-script.js + include/plugin/page-item.php + shortcode-generator.php + include/plugin/misc.php + search.php + archive.php + header.php + include/goodlayers-option.php + include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php file. + include/plugin/page-item.php file + include/plugin/page-item.php + include/plugin/page-item.php + include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php  ==v1.04= 12/10/2012 * Fixed Twitter Feed ++++Modified files from v1.03++++ + /include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-widget.php  ==v1.03= 06/06/2012 * Added Slider img alt  * Added Filter portfolio color * Fixed Social icon responsive size * Fixed page item 'page' * Fixed single-portfolio tag * Fixed main nav color ++++Modified files from v1.02++++ + goodspace/stylesheet/layout-responsive.css + goodspace/include/plugin/misc.php + goodspace/include/plugin/page-item.php + goodspace/include/goodlayers-option.php + goodspace/style-custom.php + goodspace/single-portfolio.php  ==v1.02= 18/05/2012 * Fixed 'flush rewrite' rules * Fixed page item * Fixed parent menu * Improved blog item view with responsive ++++Modified files from v1.01++++ + goodspace/images/icon/light (replace folder) + goodspace/include/function-regist.php + goodspace/include/portfolio-option.php + goodspace/include/testimonial-option.php + goodspace/include/gallery-option.php + goodspace/include/plugin/utility.php + goodspace/include/plugin/page-item.php + goodspace/stylesheet/layout-responsive.css + goodspace/style.css + goodspace/style-custom.php  ==v1.01= 03/05/2012 * Add light icon * Improve document ++++Modified files from v1.01++++ + goodspace/images/icon/light (replace folder)  ==v1.00== 01/05/2012 * initial released  
Date: June 14, 2015