Genesis Church – Premium Responsive WordPress Them

Genesis Church - Premium Responsive WordPress Them

Genesis Church - Premium Responsive WordPress ThemGenesis Church - Premium Responsive WordPress ThemGenesis Church - Premium Responsive WordPress Them

Welcome to Genesis Church – Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Genesis Church is specifically written with religious organizations in mind. We spent a great deal of time making sure that not only is it fully equipped for this purpose, but also for the buyer looking for a very extensive, solid and customizable theme. With so many pages, options and customizations available to you in an easy to use format this theme can really be used for absolutely any business type.

Genesis theme allows you an open playground with endless possibilities. Use color pickers in the custom unbranded admin panel to set colors for links, titles and text plus social icons (both regular and rollover states). We also enable you to set colors for header, menu, content, background and/or choose textures or images and how they repeat – fully customizable to your requirements!

Built on a rock solid option tree admin panel for easy content inputs for sections plus SEO best practices used throughout with valid HTML5 code, proper use of heading tags, and even internal linking to other blog articles and event pages assists in great SEO results.

The front page slider is almost limitless – create your slides just like a post in WordPress. Use short codes for buttons and columns to divide areas up, add images, mp3 files, videos – it’s an open playground for experimentation.

Genesis Church - Premium Responsive WordPress Them

Theme Features

  • Built in admin panel color picker for almost all elements / text / links / icons
  • Built in social share for google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter on blog articles, events etc
  • Set your logos, favicon, header image, page image, menu texture etc all via the admin panel
  • Responsive design for mobile / tablet based devices
  • Our proven, robust, standards compliant WordPress framework
  • HTML5 and CSS3 (heavily commented)
  • Custom post type for Events
  • Custom post type for Sermons
  • Custom post type for Slider
  • Custom post type for Photos / Galleries
  • Set your own countdown for any event / date etc via plugin
  • Home page and gallery sliders are swipe enabled
  • Full suite of pages
    • Homepage with slider
    • Homepage with slider and any content
    • Full width template
    • Right sidebar template
    • Left sidebar template
    • 404 Error page
    • Contact Page
    • Search Page
    • Sitemap Page
    • ‘Event Detail’ Page
    • ‘Event Overview’ Page
    • ‘Sermon Detail’ Page
    • ‘Sermon Overview’ Page
    • Gallery / Photo Pages
    • Contact Page
  • SEO best practice construction
  • Fully localized with mo/po files included
  • XML data import supplied to get you started quickly
  • Social icon integration (up to 10)
  • Post Formats supported include twitter embed / status, gallery, links, video, audio, standard, quote
  • Automated image resizing and galleries with lightbox
  • Lightbox built in for standard WordPress galleries automatically and inline images (if linked)
  • WordPress 3+ menu (4 menu areas altogether)
  • 7 Layered PSD Files
  • Extensive PDF Documentation with screen shots
  • Twitter Feed (add username – done)
  • Contact Form 7 powered forms for easy inclusion anywhere (fully styled)
  • Built in short codes via the editor including buttons/accordions and columns etc
  • Unbranded Option Tree admin panel
  • Sidebar widgets for dribbble, instagram, flickr, Pinterest
  • Support proudly supplied for installation issues / but not for customization (available at cost)


  • Update on 04/27/15 – v2.5.1 Updated style.css to update version #. Updated theme to remove security flaw from option tree. Please replace the entire option tree directory and update the style.css.
  • Update on 02/17/15 – v2.5 Updated searchform.php to correct issue on page load to show the placeholder text until search box is clicked. Updated style.css to update version #.
  • Update on 12/03/14 – v2.4.1 Updated style.css (version # only) and template-eventall.php to correct issue – template was not showing any events at all.
  • Update on 9/18/14 – Version 2.4, Add child theme package, updated the event templates and homepage to sort by event date and then by WordPress publish date. This is to allow for the instance when 2 events have the same date, the WordPress publication date can be changed to allow for a secondary sort since the time field of the events are not sortable. Also updated the event category template to only show the current events only.
  • Update on 7/9/14 – Version 2.3, Several files updated to fix pagination issue with custom post types. archive-event.php, archive-sermon.php, taxonomy-eventcats.php, taxonomy-sermoncats.php, taxonomy-speakers.php, template-event.php, template-eventall.php, template-eventpast.php, template-sermon.php. Please replace the above mentioned files with what you currently have on your server. Also fixed small issue on template-home.php within the sermon loop.
  • Update on 4/28/14 – Version # did not change, please replace functions.php to fix an issue with featured images not displaying on CPT and pages.
  • 4/23/14 – Updated theme to support new WP 3.9 playlist functionality. The audio functionality of the theme for audio post formats and sermons has changed. Please be sure to check your documentation for notes on this change. Also remember if you upgrade to 3.9 that the Cr3ativ Shortcodes plugin will need re-downloaded and updated.
  • 3/5/14 – Updated search.php and searchform.php to return the search query to make the search more secure.
  • 2/12/14 – The only change is a new XML file for the initial install of dummy content.
  • 1/23/14 – Updated the style.css to fix floating headings and text in the slider items and updated XML import to fix missing image.
  • 1/13/14 – Updated the style.css ONLY to fix an issue with the slider (bullets showing) and the rounded corners on the theme specific buttons from the plugin Creativ Shortcodes.
  • 12/19/13 – Updated the file to fix an issue with the tabify script and the lightbox script. New footer-sermon.php and update to single-sermon.php.
  • 12/13/13 – Fully tested in the new WordPress 3.8
  • Update on 12/09/13 – Version # did not change, updated template-sermon.php to fix pagination issue and footer.php to move the js for the slider up.
  • Update on 12/02/13 – This is a full version upgrade in compliance with new Themeforest requirements, all files need to be updated, please read through the documentation for changes.
  • Update on 5/23/13 – Alteration to fix a link issue on the 4th social icon in the footer.php file only (thx to a buyer for reporting!)
  • Update on 5/9/13 – The previous update on 5/7/13 did not include the homepage template. Only file needing updated is template-home.php. Thanks
  • Update on 5/7/13 – Reworked the event functionality and sorting by event date month and year. Also fixed bug with event loop widget to look at the number of posts to display (previously was ignoring this). Total update to files functions.php, simple-widget.php, template-event.php and single-event.php.
  • Update on 4/29/13 – Updated style.css to accommodate the Contact Form 7 update for input type=email.
  • Update on 4/15/13 – Updated WordPress version to 3.5.1, theme passed tested successfully.
  • Update on 4/2/13 – updated footer.php to call the analytics code in correctly.
  • Update on 3/23/13 – updated functions.php to call the script and style sheet that was causing a bug by breaking the categories available on the post screen.
  • Update on 3/6/13 – updated the theme to fix the event-single.php to bring in the event notes (if set) and remove some js that was not needed which was causing the ‘Quick Edit’ to not work on the WordPress backend.
  • Update on 2/26/13 – updated the theme to now include a custom drag and drop widget for the sidebar to bring how ever many events that you specify in the widget. Also fixed an issue with the View All Events link on the homepage. Files updated are template-home.php, functions.php and a new template simple-widget.php
  • Update on 2/19/13 – please click here to see the FAQ page for full details on the update
  • Update on 01/30/13 – Updated single-sermon.php to change how the audio file is drawn into the page. This is the only file that was changed.
  • Update on 01/17/13 – Updated style.css to fix width issue on all screen sizes for audio player time.
  • Update on 01/09/13 – Updated header.php to specify theme location of primary menu.
  • Update on 12/13/12 – Updated WordPress version to 3.5, theme passed tested successfully.
  • Update on 10/03/12 fixed an issue with the home page template so that if you don’t have all the sermons added, or events the layout does not break – ie you can now have none or 1 or the recommended amount as per the theme live preview.
  • Update on 10/02/12 to add a new page template which enables you to have a slider and then the regular page content below it – basically giving you freedom to create your own home page with slider
  • Update on 9/25/12 to fix image upload and content area background set from theme options & updated the documentation – please replace header.php and functions/theme-options.php
Date: July 20, 2015