Gazette Magazine – WordPress Community Theme

Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme

Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community ThemeGazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme
Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community ThemeGazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme

* Support forum is coming really soon. We’ll be supporting Gazette Magazine through item comments or e-mail meanwhile! Thanks for your understanding!

Gazette Magazine

Discover the ultimate all-in-one magazine template with a massive amount of features, lightweight, highly optimised and SEO-Ready. It’s suitable for: business websites, magazines, news, games, portals, online communities and many other nieches. Please take a more in-depth look at the features list:

Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme


Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme

Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme

Gazette Magazine - WordPress Community Theme

* Please note that you can take an in-depth look at the theme’s administration panel here.

Full features list

  • Extremely customizable design

    Within the theme’s backend you may customize the appearance (colors, typography) of every elemnt in your website. White and Dark skins included for all these too!

  • Fully responsive layout

    Gazette Magazine looks great on any device and screen size. We have ensured that all elements scale down in a beautiful manner so the end user experience simply feels great!

  • Boxed / Wide layout

    Looking for a boxed layout style? Since v1.4 we’ve got you covered!

  • Highly optimized

    Gazette only loads the items that are going to be displayed on the screen, preloading everything else while the user focuses on the current screen.

  • Review system

    A fully fledged, highly customizable, easy-to-use review system comes packed with the Gazette theme.

  • Designed for BuddyPress & bbPress

    If you plan using any of these amazing social plugins (BuddyPress, bbPress), Gazette integrates just fine with them.

  • Category Colors

    You may assign a diferrent color for any category so users can easily distinguish the topics.

  • Shortcodes

    Gazette comes packed with over 40 shortcodes designed to be used with the theme itself as well as a shortcode generator so you don’t have to write a piece of code yourself at all. Besides all this, it comes bundled with the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin so you can write content in any style you think of!

  • Unlimited Custom Sidebars

    Generic sidebars for the entire layout are now long gone. With Gazette you can create and assign a diferrent sidebar to any post / page / gallery type if you wish to.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, intelligent, white-label Administration Panel

    We’ve made it easy and intuitive to use for everyone. It comes packed with an extensive amount of options and they are well described so you can get a better understanding of what each option does. The Admin Panel comes with no branding so your clients don’t know that you’re actually using a theme for their website!

  • Custom Widgets

    Gazette comes packed with 8 custom widgets to extend it’s functionality.

  • Translation Ready

    .po files have been included for the theme so it can be translated in any language.

  • Full RTL support

    All Gazette’s elements have been worked to display just right if using a RTL (right-to-left) language.

  • Adjustable layout

    To make the layout even more interesting, you can adjust the site’s width, the content vs sidebar proportions, the padding of various elements, etc.

  • SEO Ready

    Gazette was crafted with SEO in mind. Using Gazette you’ll have a SEO ready website with no effort and no additional plugins!

  • MegaMenus

    Extend the functionality of native WordPress’ menus with megamenus! Impress your customers!

  • Video Articles & Multimedia support

    Being a magazine, it’s so easy to use a featured youtube / vimeo video for your articles instead of featured images.

  • Lightweight, powerful framework

    Gazette Magazine runs on a very powerful, bug-free, battle-tested framework so we ensure our customers that all our features simply work out of the box!

  • Blazing support & free updates for life.

    If you consider purchasing Gazette Magazine, keep in mind that whenever you need help, we’re here for it! We pledge to keep our theme constatly updated and bug-free. Customer satisfaction is our priority.


 22 Nov 2014 ------------- Version 1.8 | ------------- - BugFix: Fixed a bug where unapproved comments were visible to everyone - BugFix: Slider Custom Images are now working properly - BugFix: Excerpts are now displaying the dropcapped letter when using SU shortcakes. - Improvement: Added VKontakte to Post Sociables - New option for slabText on Headings  25 Oct 2014 ------------- Version 1.7 | ------------- - BugFix: “Comments” is now translatable - BugFix: Fixed a bug where date was linking to a wrong link when using the “ago” date-format - BugFix: Properly centered preloader - BugFix: Responsive design fixes - Improvement: Improved navigation menu - Improvement: Improved content list bullets and links - Improvement: Improved sliders and customisation options - Improvement: Added carousel customisation options under Layout -> Content NEW FEATURE: Integrated Google Rich Snippets  7 Oct 2014 ------------- Version 1.6 | ------------- - BugFix: Fixed a bug where blog pages were displaying a duplicated image. - BugFix: Fixed a bug that was showing post meta for pages. - BugFix: Child theme php files recognition. - BugFix: BuddyPress pages no longer display comments. - Improvement: - Code optimisation & better images support. - Improvement: - Images without swipebox, on hover, now link to the permalink. ADMIN: - BugFix - Fixed the missing value slider for header spacing. NEW FEATURE: - Disable / Enable social share buttons, choose which you want to display. NEW FEATURE: - Header ad in navigation bar support. NEW FEATURE: - Added a new option that lets you choose a different time format display under Layout -> Content. NEW FEATURE: - Added a new option for default sidebar position display under Layout -> Sidebar.  2 Oct 2014 ------------- Version 1.5 | ------------- - BugFix: Fixed all translation phrases, including the "months ago" on the slider. - BugFix: Fixed a bug where widgets were displaying a black background in boxed version. - BugFix: Clicking the slider title will now take you to the post's page instead of going to the next slide. - BugFix: Fixed a bug where meta categories were displaying wrong on video posts page. - BugFix: Fixed a bug where left sidebar posts were displayed wrong. - BugFix: Fixed a bug where the navigation bar was going behind the WPAdminBar. - Improvement: -  Better page preloading effects. - Improvement: - Completely rewritten imaging system with 400% increased performances compared to older versions. ADMIN: - UI fixes and enhances NEW FEATURE: - Images on hover now have 2 buttons, link or zoom. The zoom option can be disabled by disabling the Swipebox jQuery plugin. NEW FEATURE: - Added a Vertical Carousel option. NEW FEATURE: - Added a new option that lets you create a logo like ours (with subtitle). NEW FEATURE: - Improved gazette-child theme for easier customizations, better compatibility. NEW FEATURE: - Added a new slider.   Updated plugin files and their versions, updated language files and major code optimizations!  22 Sep 2014 ------------- Version 1.4 | ------------- - BugFix: Fixed a bug where buddypress pages were not being displayed after the 1.3.1 update. - BugFix: Fixed a bug where clicking a title with a video image was taking you straight to the video’s page instead of linking to the post. - BugFix: Fixed a bug that was displaying the slider on the categories pages when using default permalinks - BugFix: Fixed a bug where deactivating the entire review system would output an error. - Improvement: -  BuddyPress functionality - support for BuddyPress 2.1+ ADMIN: - UI fixes and enhances NEW FEATURE: - Added wide / boxed layout options. NEW FEATURE: - Added a Posts Show Order option that lets you customize the way you display the posts (title w/ meta first then image, or the way around). NEW FEATURE: - Added a new option that lets you disable the related posts. NEW FEATURE: - Added gazette-child theme for easier customizations, better compatibility. NEW FEATURE: - A broken image will now show a placeholder instead.  12 Sep 2014 ------------- Version 1.3 | ------------- - BugFix: Social share buttons now share the actual post instead of the website. - BugFix: Social Count plus plugin now shows white text as it should, instead of dark. - BugFix: Mobile Menu, on mobiles, now prevents default actions to occur. - BugFix: Fixed a bug where deactivating the entire review system would output an error. ADMIN: - UI fixes for WordPress 4.0. NEW FEATURE: - Facebook OpenGraph Implementation throghout the theme. NEW FEATURE: - Optimized source code for faster performances. NEW FEATURE: - Updated all plugins to their latest version.  3 Sep 2014 ------------- Version 1.2 | ------------- - Fixed "crashing" RoyalSlider. - Fixed "White screen of death" issues!! - Images are now upscaled if their size is too small to fit in the design. - Fixed a bug where tags were displaying wrong on pages with breadcrumbs. - Fixed a bug that was causing layout gaps. ADMIN: - Sociables boxes are now expandable. ADMIN: - UI Bug fixes. DEMO CONTENT: - Added a new guide for step by step installation / cloning the live preview. NEW FEATURE: - Light footer! In order to keep a clean layout, we've added an option that lets you use a light (white or light colors) footer. NEW FEATURE: - Added a new guide on how to translate the theme. NEW FEATURE: - Use your own page preloader instead of the default one!  26 Aug 2014 ------------- Version 1.1 | ------------- - Revamped Admin Panel Design, - Buddypress design glitches fixed, - Minor bugfixes, - Post Navigation module removed if there are no next or previous posts, - Single post image preview only shows the requested image instead of pulling them all, - Swipebox now properly displays images titles.  22 Aug 2014 ------------- Version 1.0 | ------------- - Initial release

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