Foodly – One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Presenting New Theme For Food Shop Owners

Have you ever seen a theme tested tough by real users? A theme with no lorem ipsum? A theme with authentic imagery specially created for this particular theme?

We have and so have you.

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Five Reasons Foodly Brings In You Gain

It is Foodly. The theme that is more than just a bunch of code and pixels. The theme that keen on your revenue within high conversion rates.

You may ask what this hassle is about. We have an answer. Foodly is a Shopify theme with strong marketing foundation that leads to efficiency in e-commerce business. Here’s a 5-item list that proves — Foodly is out of the ordinary:

  • designed knowing stakeholders’ needs
  • created with specific target audience in mind
  • filled in with authentic content of copy and imagery
  • run through meticulous user testing
  • fit up with explicit help guide that covers marketing & promotion

Such specifics of Foodly development makes it exceptionally relevant for local producers & farmers who shifts their business online. If you’re one of them Foodly theme is a tool you need to succeed selling your grocery on the web.

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Quality Proved By Google Developers Tests

It’s true because we turned design & technologies to serve main business objective in e-commerce — boost of sales. Thus, to guarantee sustainable gain for shop owners, Foodly is based on trust-worthy and robust technologies. It is proved by Google.

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Google test results have granted Foodly with:

  • 100% for Mobile UX
  • 95% for Speed (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Awesome for Being Mobile-Friendly

Quality Proved By Shopify Themes Team

One more opinion, you may rely on, is Shopify itself. Here’s a follow-up of what we were arguing earlier in favor of Foodly design quality:

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

We really like the concepts you have presented here and see that you have a great eye for design.
— Lisa Villeneuve, Shopify Themes Team

The platform that claims to be a right place for your shop acknowledges the look and feel of Foodly theme. Their words are worth to be heard due to Shopify experience and expertise.

Tested Theme By Real People To Ensure High Conversion Rate

We have already mentioned two constituents that matter in terms of fostering vast amount of sales. However, there is one more to take into account. It is real people behind the screens. Foodly theme may be the only one on the market that was run through user testing. And, you know what? People liked it. Here’s what they say.

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

It’s a few of those praise users said about Foodly. Some of them you can see in recorded test sessions below:

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

User testing proved that we accomplished our goals to create easy and user-friendly online store that is super convenient for everyday grocery shopping.

Moreover, there is one more task that stood a front of Foodly theme. It is to be easy and clear not only for end-users but for shop owners too.

You Get A Dedicated Assistant Setting Up Your Store In Foodly Documentation

We know how it can be making first steps in setting up the store, when it’s hard to figure out where to start and what should be next. Knowing all that hassle and frustration, and what is more important, that it can be eliminated, Foodly theme offers you a thorough study that is called ‘Foodly Documentation’. This document is written in human conversational language to be as clear as possible. More clarity in the main document of the theme, more chances Foodly customers will achieve what they need swiftly and joyfully.

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Now you know the foundation of Foodly documentation. However, there is more to expect from it to help you earn money online. Foodly documentation contains a lot of marketing materials and resources that covers your first steps in promotion and right marketing strategy. It means this documentation is more that just average manual. It is your guide to high conversion rates and revenue.

Don’t miss a chance to make money with Foodly. In that exact moment when you are thinking someone may be setting up his new Shopify store. Purchase Foodly and succeed with your new organic shop!

Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

Date: May 9, 2016