FocalPhoto is a theme that can be used as a photography portfolio. The site is completly coded an it’s very easy to add extra images and categories to the site. Included with the theme is my Image resizer script that will take care of generating thumbnails and crop the images on the fly.

B. Features

  • Sliced version of the website
  • PSD included
  • Dark and light version
  • Completly coded version of the template included
  • Image resizer script included for resizing images on the fly
  • Ajax navigation
  • Custom coded jQuery slideshow
  • Graceful degradate when javascript is disabled
  • Very easy to configure
  • Documentation file + videos
  • Max 10 pictures per gallery

Some exmaple videos

Different styles and pages

There is a dark an a light version of this template included. Here you can view the light version of the template.

I also added some styles for extra pages: