Flawless – Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme

Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme

Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme   Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme

Flawless is the most incredible multi purpose wordpress theme. We created the whole new framework and put everything we could think of in this theme. We also re created page builder by putting many awesome features such as parallax/color section, better column/row arrangement, more useful pagebuilder items, visual editor in page builder, etc. Moreover, page builder has been totally re designed to minimal, modern style. It’s never been easier to use.

Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme
See Page Builder In Action!
How to set up like demo site from scratch

Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme

Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme

Overall Features

Page Builder
GoodLayers Importer – With just few steps, you can turn your site to be like demo site. We have a step by step video to teach you.
Extra Built-in Menu – WPML language flag, MailChimp subscription form(By Easy MailChimp Forms plugin), wp login form and WooCommerce shopping cart are integrated on the top left bar section. Just activate the plugin to run it!
Page Builder Setting Shortcut Button – With only one click, you can have page builder setting like Homepage 1-7, About Us 1, About Us 2, Service, Contact Us 1, Contact Us 2.
Parallax/Color Section – You can have parallax background in your desired section. You can also set parallax speed or have it fixed as well.
Landing Page Template – options to disable header, footer or both of it.
Unlimited Color – You can turn your site to anything you need with color options. You can change almost every color elements.
Awesome Shortcodes – We integrated a lot of useful shortcodes which will surely empower your website.
Customizable skin for each parallax/color section – When using parallax section, you might need to change font color or link color in it. You are allowed to create custom skin via admin panel and assign to parallax section easily.
Sidebar size customizable – You can set the width of sidebar easily via admin panel. We have 5 options for you. 16%, 25%, 33%, 41%, 50%. And 25%, 33% for both sidebar layout.
Scalable Container – You can set any width in pixel to your site.
3 Header Styles
Floating Navigation (Only Desktop)
Boxed/Full Width Layout
WooCommerce Friendly – We turn many woocommerce’s elements in to minimal, modern design.
Mega Menu – With our built-in mega menu, you don’t need to buy plugin for it anymore.
Fully Responsive – Suit with any devices.
Post Format
Google Font
Unlimited Sidebar
Font Uploader
Theme Customizer
Retina Ready
Layer Slider
Font Awesome
Optimized Code & SEO
Shortcode Generator
3 Portfolio Styles
3 Blog Styles

Premium Support

Not only well-document that you get after purchasing our theme but you will also be able to access our support forum. Support part is the most important thing for us. We always try our best to serve customers and make sure they are happy with our product. Apart from theme’s quality, this is why so many customers come back for us Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme http://support.goodlayers.com


Most images being used in preview site are purchased from photodune.net Thanks to http://premiumpixels.com for Macbook Pro(PSD) and Apple Cinema Display(PSD) Thanks to http://dribbble.com/flarup and http://dribbble.com/Synopsis for beautiful illustrations. Images in preview site are not included in theme package!

Need support?

First of all, Thanks so much for purchased our items Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme We’re really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all support will be conducted through this website > http://support.goodlayers.com . We usually get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Changelog & Updated Files

  ==1.18== 25/05/2015 font awesome version     - include/gdlr-admin-option.php     - include/gdlr-include-script.php     - include/function/gdlr-blog-item.php     - style.css     - 404.php     - include/gdlr-function-regist.php     - include/function/gdlr-media.php     - include/gdlr-navigation-menu.php     - include/function/gdlr-utility.php     - include/function/gdlr-page-item.php     - include/widget/popular-widget.php      - search.php     - plugins/wpml.php     - single/thumbnail.php     - single/thumbnail-image.php  update layerslider  xxs     - include/plugin/gdlr-plugin-activation.php     - include/plugin/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php  ==1.17== 26/08/2014 - fix gallery shortcode     - gdlr-shortcode plugin     - framework/function/gdlr-editbox.js  - saving post option draft         - framework/javascript/gdlr-page-option.js  - minor bug ( wp3.9 )     - framework/function/gdlr-customizer.php     - framework/function/gdlr-sidebar-generator.php  - portfolio thumbnail size     gdlr-portfolio plugin  - update layerslider  ==1.16== 21/04/2014  - improve functionality     framework/gdlr-framework.php     framework/function/gdlr-tax-meta.php     framework/javascript/gdlr-tax-meta.js     framework/stylesheet/gdlr-tax-meta.css  - fix the sidebar preview     framework/javascirpt/gdlr-page-options.js  - fix parent menu link     javascript/gdlr-script.js  - add option to select the header social icon type     include/gdlr-social-icon.php  - search not found message     search.php     style.css  - fix comment when there're no url field     javascript/gdlr-script.js  - fix duplicate blog     include/function/gdlr-blog-item.php  - fix minor bug     gdlr-utility.php  - wp3.9 compatible     shortcode plugin     framework/javascript/gdlr-edit-box.js  ==1.15== 13/02/2014 - fix importing demo site     plugin/goodlayer-importer.php     include/plugin/plugins/goodlayer-importer.zip - improved header design     plugin/superfish/css/superfish.css     include/function/gdlr-admin-option.php - structure improvment     framework/javascript/gdlr-admin-panel-html.js      framework/function/gdlr-admin-panel-html.php - fix slider caption in responsive style      stylesheet-style-responsive.css - Layer slider update V5.02     include/plugin/plugins/LayerSlider.zip - new slider design     (pick from layer slider demo content inside ‘Layer slider stuff’ folder)      ==1.14== 09/02/2014 - fix single post      single/thumbnail.php  ==1.13== 07/02/2014 - fix title bg     include/gdlr-admin-option.php  ==1.12== 05/02/2014 - improve pagebuilder load time         framework/function/gdlr-page-builder.php     framework/function/gdlr-page-options.php  - fix saving issues on old posts     framework/gdlr-page-builder.php     framework/gdlr-page-option.php   - change blog structure ( appearance stays the same )      single folder     include/plugin/gdlr-blog-item.php  - improve font loading performance     include/function/gdlr-font-loader.php     include/gdlr-admin-option.php     include/function/gdlr-function-regist.php - change admin default font     include/function/gdlr-admin-default.txt - improve font weight     style.css     stylesheet/gdlr-woocommerce.css  ==1.11== 23/01/2014 - fix problem when video is in same page as layerslider - fix the firefox on android problem     javascript/gdlr-script.js  - pagebuilder tab reorder     framework/javascript/gdlr-edit-box-tab.js  - improve plugin compatibility     header-title.php     single/content-page.php  - change the mobile carousel column     plugin/flexslider/jquery.flexslider.js  - fix row control on pagebuilder     framework/javascript/gdlr-page-builder.js  - fix pagination on front page     include/function/gdlr-blog-item.php  - change background video to high resolution     include/function/gdlr-page-builder.php  PLUGIN  - fix pagination on front page     gdlr-portfolio-item.php  ==1.10== 14/01/2014 - fix the updating plugin message     include/plugin/gdlr-plugin-activation.php - fix footer input box text name - fix testimonial content color     include/gdlr-admin-option.php     framework/javascript/gdlr-customizer.js - add top bar option     header.php     include/gdlr-admin-option.php - fix minor bugs and some warning message     footer.php     header-title.php     framework/function/gdlr-font-loader.php     include/gdlr-page-builder-option.php     gdlr-portfolio-option.php - run smooth height on testimonial / personnel when it's in 1 column     javascript/gdlr-script.js     plugins/flexslider/jquery.flexslider.js - fix the google social icon and share option     include/gdlr-social-icon.php - fix large icon when editing post / page     framework/stylesheet/gdlr-edit-box.css - add background video option     style.css     javascript/gdlr-script.js     include/function/gdlr-page-builder.php     include/gdlr-page-builder-option.php     include/gdlr-include-script.php     plugins/mbyt-player folder  ==1.01== 09/01/2014 THEME - hide sub menu when loading css     plugins/superfish/css/superfish.css - strip shortcode out if plugin is not activated     include/function/gdlr-utility.php - fix header background in page     header-title.php - add default post, port, search & archive, 404 title background option     include/gdlr-admin-option.php - add the ability to turn off responsive mode     include/gdlr-include-script.php     header.php - fix -1 num excerpt in portfolio plugin     archive.php - include search function to custom fields     include/gdlr-page-builder-option.php - fix ie8 style - fix the searchbox in firefox     javascript/gdlr-script.js - fix sidebar selector in ie11     framework/stylesheet/gdlr-admin-panel-html.css - add header option color     style.css - add google analytics and favicon option     include/gdlr-admin-option.php     include/function/gdlr-function-regist.php  PLUGIN - fix -1 num excerpt in portfolio plugin - remove portfolio hover when there're no thumbnail assigned     gdlr-portfolio-item.php   ==v1.00== 06/01/2014 * initial released 
Date: June 29, 2015