Finesse – Responsive Business HTML Template

Finesse - Responsive Business HTML Template

Finesse is a responsive business and portfolio HTML and PHP template with a clean design and extended functionality that will come in very handy. It includes plenty of style options which will allow for a very easy and flexible customization.

Main Features

HTML and PHP Versions
Finesse comes with two template versions: HTML template version and PHP template version where the user can customize the header, navigation menu, and footer in a single place.

Administration Dashboard
The template includes an Administration Dashboard that allows you to apply the basic configuration for your website.

Responsive Design
Built with modern devices in mind, Finesse is responsive down to mobile phones.

Wide and Boxed Layouts
In a single place, you can customize your entire website’s layout, which can be wide or boxed.

Working Search
Finesse comes with a built-in system for indexing your website. With just one click, you can index your website and everybody can easily search for the information they want.

Working Contact Form with reCAPTCHA System
The template comes with a working contact form and reCAPTCHA for anti-spam protection. The form submission is sent to your email address and you can add any number of fields without any additional configuration.

Newsletter Integration with MailChimp
The newsletter feature allows you to stay in communication with the people who want to keep up with you.

8 Predefined Color Skins
Finesse comes with 8 predefined colors schemes. These color skins are useful especially when you are using the HTML template.

Easy Customization of the Color Scheme
Changing your website color is easy in the HTML template version, too, as the color styles are placed in a separate stylesheet.

FlexSlider Support
Finesse includes support for FlexSlider.

Filterable Portfolio
The portfolio items can be filtered using the Quicksand jQuery plugin. The plugin configuration is very simple and doesn’t involve any JavaScript or CSS customization.

Working Twitter and Flickr Widgets
The Twitter and Flickr widgets that come with Finesse are functional and can be easily customized to retrieve your personal data.

Google Fonts
Any Google font can be used with this template by changing one line of code in the style.css file.

PSD Files Included
Finesse comes with three PSD files: two homepages (wide and boxed) and the sliced elements.

Well Documented
The template includes a complete documentation which explains in detail how to set up and customize your site.

Customer Support
Customer support is available on our customer support forum.

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Customer Testimonials

Not only do I recommend you purchase this theme, I would go as far as saying that it is the best theme I have purchased on theme forest to date! 5 Stars and I can’t wait to see more from this developer in the future.


Thanks ixtendo! So far this thing is SUPER easy to edit, really nicely CLEANLY coded which makes a big difference. I made a completely custom color scheme using the ‘Find and Replace’ tool in Dreamweaver in a matter of about 30 seconds; and the code is so nicely done I was able to figure out how to create my own “Mega menu” with that sort of dropdown on just one of my main tabs I needed it for, and even that only took me a few minutes. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet since I’ve purchased & bought the template but I’ve accomplished alot… really workable code, will buy from you again!


Hey guys. Was walking a regular client of mine through some designs on theme forest tonight, and I showed him this one. We had already looked at two other designs, and there were eight in the bookmark collection I put together for him. He told me, “Sam, stop right there. This is the one I want on my site.” So I got it for him.

Thought I would chime in and let you know. It’s really a beautiful piece.


Hi ixtendo,

this theme was exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m using it for the soon-to-come relaunch of my small business website. This design is so clear and crisp, and it is amazing to see how seamlessly it integrates with current smartphone displays without any extra work. Also the Ajax mail form is very nice, for me it worked almost out-of-the-box.

Keep up the good work, and wish you many purchases, of course!

All the best from Berlin, Germany



ixtendo has awesome customer service. I loved working with this template and when I ran into some questions the ixtendo team was there with quick responses and solutions. Great job!


Hi Ixtendo, as I promised in my last comment, I purchased your great theme a second time for another job I made: Wish you a big load of sales! Cheeerz!


Hello, I’ve tried a few other templates, but found Finesse to be a complete package, with all options anyone could ask for – and it is very easy to understand and customize. I use very few features and customized (changed!) quite a bit – it’s an awesome template. Ixendo – awesome job! Thank you and much success, Christina


Absolutely outstanding template and even better after sales support, like none other here – thanx again guys!!


Just purchased the theme and I am blown away with the quality of it. The help file is great also. Keep up the great work.


Hi ixtendo, … again you are the coding-hero! It works fantastic, thanx again. For my next project i’ll buy another license of your great finesse-theme! by the way, here’s the final project: (if you’re interested…)


Ixtendo support is simply exceptional. Easily the best I have encountered on this site – thanx mate!


Thank you for a great customer support and a great template!

We will have you in mind when we searching for a new template.

Best regards


As a lot of people have mentioned, this is a great template. I have not had any problems building and modifying my PHP site with this great product. I’m spoiled now…the level of documentation and clean, professional coding should be the benchmark!


Versions and Updates

To apply the updates, check out the update folders that come with the downloaded archive.

v2.9 – 1.12.2014

  • Fixed the Fancybox swipe on mobiles
  • New feature: added the possibly to include multiple Google maps in the same page using the class map
  • New feature: added responsiveness for Google map

v2.8 – 27.11.2014

  • Upgraded the jQuery library
  • Upgraded the Fancybox library

v2.7 – 27.02.2014

  • Changed the Twitter API protocol from HTTP to HTTPS

v2.6 – 12.11.2013

  • Removed BOM from files
  • Replaced the rel attributes with data HTML5 attribute (for W3C validation)
  • Removed the webkitAllowFullScreen, mozallowfullscreen and frameborder=”0” attributes from iframes (for W3C validation)

v2.5 – 28.10.2013

  • New feature: added ReCaptcha for the contact form.
  • New feature: added the possibility of setting the relative time for the Twitter Widget through the HTML5 data attributes (useful in case of website translation).
  • Bug fix for the Twitter Feeds widget: when the tweets were very big, the answer sent by Twitter was read partially.
  • Updated the documentation.

v2.4.1 – 10.10.2013

  • Replaced the MailChimp PHP library with its latest version which is using the new API 2.x. The MailChimp API 1.x was deprecated.

v2.4 – 9.10.2013

  • Added HTML5 customization attributes for the following elements: tabs, toggles and accordion.
  • Fixed the indexing mechanism for the languages that contain special characters.

v2.3.0 – 15.06.2013

  • Twitter widget update

Note: For a quick update of your template, in the download package, we included a patch called twitter-patch.

v2.2.7 – 2.05.2013

  • Integrated newsletter with MailChimp
  • Fixed print preview layout overflow issue

v2.2.6 – 25.03.2013

  • Fixed IE10 browser version reporting issue

    To apply this update, in the <head> section of the pages, add the following line of code :

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8, IE=9, IE=10">
  • Fixed an issue in FlexSlider (which occurred on mobile devices only when the slides were wrapped in links)

    To apply this update, overwrite two files: flexslider.css (located in the css folder) and flexslider.js (located in the js folder)

v.2.2.5 – 11.03.2013

  • updated ‘style.css’
  • updated ‘jquery.jcarousel.min.js’

v.2.2.4 – 14.02.2013

  • added the possibility of inserting image icons (with the <img> tag) for the iconboxes

v2.2.3 – 17.01.2013

  • fixed version reporting in IE
  • small modification in style.css (changed the value of a z-index)

v2.2.2 – 14.12.2012

  • updated some jQuery UI CSS class names

v2.2.1 – 14.12.2012

  • updated the custom.js file

v2.2 – 17.11.2012

  • added PHP template version

v2.1 – 14.11.2012

  • fixed drop-down menu issue on Internet Explorer 10

v2.0 – 5.11.2012

  • created a boxed layout
  • improved usability on mobile (IOS 6)

v1.1 – 30.10.2012

  • fixed ddlevelsmenu drop-down behavior on iPad
  • fixed appearance of the info box on iPhone

v1.0 – Initial release


The photos used in this template are made available for commercial use under the Creative Commons license.


Date: June 21, 2015