Fidelity – Premium Photography WordPress Theme

Fidelity - Premium Photography WordPress Theme

Fidelity is the most fastest and future-oriented WordPress theme. It’s primarily for photographers, but it can be used by design agencies, architecture bureaus, etc. It takes a full advantage of the latest CSS3 hardware-accelerated transitions and transforms (of course with fallback to jQuery animations) and provides incredible perfomance on desktops, tablet PCs and smartphones. This theme has completely unique feature like ability to set up narrow or full width page in a few clicks so you can choose the layout to suit your needs. Why it’s oriented mainly for photographers? Because it includes an ability to show EXIF data in the portfolio posts! Nice, yeah? Also it comes with widget areas generator and you can display any widgets you want on multiple pages. There are too many yummy features I want to describe like shortcodes, background slideshow and video, but it could be better to try them by yourself Fidelity - Premium Photography WordPress Theme

Fidelity - Premium Photography WordPress Theme

Demo selector and all images that you see in the preview aren’t included in the download. Demo content includes placeholder images which you need to replace by images you have rights to use.

Fidelity - Premium Photography WordPress Theme Fidelity - Premium Photography WordPress Theme Fidelity - Premium Photography WordPress Theme

Key features:

  • 100% WPML ready
  • Localization support (*.po and *.mo files included)
  • Multisite support
  • Child themes support
  • Unique effects and functionality
  • Responsive and Retina-ready design – from mobile to HD devices
  • Intuitive and user-friendly options framework
  • Unlimited background slideshows
  • Background video with fallback to image
  • Ability to setup narrow/fullwidth page in a few clicks
  • Hardware-accelerated slideshows and gallery with keyboard navigation and swipe support
  • Infinite/paginated Portfolio, Blog and Gallery
  • Slideshow in portfolio and blog posts
  • Fast and lightweight “Overview” slideshow for portfolio page
  • Responsive lightbox plugin for images and videos (supports filtered groups of images)
  • Smart filterable portfolio (inactive/hidden categories if no posts on current page)
  • Light and dark portfolio styles
  • Unique showcase gallery
  • Unlimited widget areas
  • Grid and classic blog layouts
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 + Foundation Topbar
  • Advanced Google Maps settings
  • CSS3 powered + jQuery fallback
  • Accurate and valid cross-browser code
  • Helpful shortcodes (slideshow, carousel, tabs, accordion, latest posts etc.)
  • Optimized for “Contact Form 7” and “Flickr Badges Widget” plugins out of the box
  • …and much more!


 HOW TO UPDATE PLUGINS:  Navigate to "Appearance > Install Plugins" and click "Update" (link is visible when you move cursor over plugin's name).  -----------------------------------------------------  INFO:  [f] - feature added [c] - changed [b] - bug fixed  VERSION CHANGELOG:  -------------- 1.53 (30 April, 2015) --------------  [b] Updated TGM PA (XSS vulnerability fixes)  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated)  [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php  -------------- 1.52 (08 October, 2014) --------------  [b] Finalized "Include/exclude categories" option.  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated)  [edited] fidelity/js/app.js [edited] fidelity/header.php  -------------- 1.51 (22 September, 2014) --------------  [b] Fixed "Include/exclude categories" option.  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated)  [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/templates/portfolio-template.php [edited] fidelity/inc/ajax-posts.php  Plugins:  Fireform Meta Box (v.1.04)  [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/ef-meta-box.php (version) [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/js/taxonomy.js  -------------- 1.5 (20 September, 2014) --------------  [f] Improved previously named "Exclude category posts" option. Now you are able to include and exclude categories. [b] Fixed "Single post parents" options set (please define all these settings again). [c] All portfolio categories now visible initially when "Infinite" mode is on. [c] Updated markup accordingly to Google's "Authorship" markup requirments (where it's possible). [c] Other minor improvements/changes  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated)  [edited] fidelity/js/app.js  [edited] fidelity/js/app.js [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/archive.php [edited] fidelity/search.php [edited] fidelity/footer.php [edited] fidelity/loop.php [edited] fidelity/loop-page.php [edited] fidelity/loop-single.php [edited] fidelity/templates/regular-template.php [edited] fidelity/templates/portfolio-template.php [edited] fidelity/templates/blog-template.php [edited] fidelity/inc/format/video.php [edited] fidelity/inc/ajax-posts.php  [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/messages.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php  Plugins:  Fireform Theme Options (v.1.06)  [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/ef-theme-options.php (version) [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/functions/functions.options.php  Fireform Meta Box (v.1.03)  [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/ef-meta-box.php (version) [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/meta-boxes-options.php [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/js/taxonomy.js  -------------- 1.4 (12 July, 2014) --------------  [f] Added Facebook Open Graph meta [f] Added share buttons (Theme Options > General) [f] Added "To portfolio" link in single posts [f] Now slider in single posts is clickable [c] Added "alt" attribute to images in the background slideshow (from the slide title) [c] qTranslate removed from recommended plugins [c] Updated translation files [b] Fixed lightbox groups in multiple galleries [b] Fixed radio/checkbox styles for Contact Form 7 [b] Fixed minor CSS issues  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated) [edited] fidelity/css/colors.css [edited] fidelity/css/style.css  [added]  fidelity/assets/share-on-fb.jpg  [edited] fidelity/js/app.js  [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php  [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/footer.php  [edited] fidelity/languages/default.po [edited] fidelity/languages/  Plugins:  Fireform Theme Options (v.1.05)  [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/ef-theme-options.php (version updated) [added]  plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/assets/inc [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/admin/functions.php [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/functions/functions.options.php  [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/lang/default.po [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/lang/  Fireform Shortcodes - Fidelity (v.1.03).  [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/ef-shortcodes.php (version updated) [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/shortcodes/css/shortcodes.css  P.S. I highly recommend to run "Force Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin for using proper image size in OG meta  -------------- 1.32 (30 April, 2014) --------------  [b] Fixed child theme stylesheet overriding [b] Fixed minor CSS issues [c] Registered new WPML translatable strings (for Theme Options) [b] Fixed translations in plugins [c] Updated translation files in plugins  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated) [edited] fidelity/css/style.css  [edited] fidelity/loop.php [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/footer.php [edited] fidelity/attachment.php [edited] fidelity/templates/contact-template.php  [edited] fidelity/admin/main/enqueue.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php  [edited] fidelity/js/app.js [edited] fidelity/js/setup.js  [edited] fidelity/languages/default.po [edited] fidelity/languages/  Plugins:  Fireform Shortcodes - Fidelity (v.1.02).  [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/ef-shortcodes.php [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/shortcodes/functions.php  [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/lang/default.po [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/lang/  Fireform Meta Box - Fidelity (v.1.02).  [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/ef-meta-box.php [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/meta-boxes-options.php  [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/lang/default.po [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/lang/  Fireform CPT - Fidelity (v.1.01).  [edited] plugins/ef-cpt-fidelity/post-types.php [edited] plugins/ef-cpt-fidelity/admin/functions.php  [edited] plugins/ef-cpt-fidelity/lang/default.po [edited] plugins/ef-cpt-fidelity/lang/  -------------- 1.31 (27 March, 2014) --------------  [b] Fixed portfolio filter (if portfolio is used as homepage) [b] Fixed potential issue with unclosed tags in excerpt (removed previously allowed <strong> tag) [b] Improved slideshow in single posts [b] Fixed slider shortcode  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated) [edited] fidelity/css/style.css  [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/loop-single.php  [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php  Plugins: Fireform Shortcodes (v.1.01).  [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/ef-shortcodes.php (version updated) [added]  plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/shortcodes/scripts/jquery/imagesloaded.min.js [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/shortcodes/css/shortcodes.css [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/shortcodes/scripts/jquery/carouFredSel/carouFredSel.init.js [edited] plugins/ef-shortcodes-fidelity/shortcodes/functions.php  -------------- 1.3 (06 March, 2014) --------------  [f] Added image credits to portfolio and blog single posts [f] Added video support to portfolio [f] Added new icons to the footer (Send Mail, Forrst, Deviantart) [c] Updated po/mo files [b] Updated markup for better SEO [b] Fixed Contact form 7 radio button styles [b] Added CSS hacks for IE9+ (wrong SVG proportions)  [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated) [edited] fidelity/css/style.css [edited] fidelity/css/colors.css [edited] fidelity/css/options.php  [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/loop.php [edited] fidelity/loop-single.php [edited] fidelity/templates/gallery-template.php [edited] fidelity/templates/portfolio-template.php [edited] fidelity/templates/regular-template.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php  [updated] fidelity/inc/fontello/social/  Plugins: Fireform Theme Options (v.1.04), Fireform Meta Box (v.1.01).  [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/ef-theme-options.php (version updated) [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/functions/functions.options.php [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/admin/functions.php  [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/ef-meta-box.php (version updated) [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/css/style.css [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/meta-boxes-options.php [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/inc/functions.php [edited] plugins/ef-mbox-fidelity/js/layout.js  -------------- 1.2 (01 March, 2014) -------------- [f] Added ability to enable comments in portfolio posts [f] Added new icons to the footer (Flickr, 500px, Dribbble, Digg, RSS) [c] Updated po/mo files [b] Fixed native "Align left", "Align right" and "Align center" options [b] Fixed portfolio layout (while filtering is off) [b] Fixed filtered photo groups  [edited] fidelity/css/style.css [edited] fidelity/style.css (version updated) [edited] fidelity/loop-single.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/main/enqueue.php [edited] fidelity/js/app.js [added] fidelity/inc/fontello/social/  Plugins: Fireform Theme Options (v.1.03). [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/ef-theme-options.php (version updated) [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/functions/functions.options.php [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/admin/functions.php  -------------- 1.12 -------------- [c] Changed video size on wide pages to provide comfortable scrolling [c] Improved native scroll mode on pages have no scroll [b] Fixed Global sidebar option [b] Fixed backend styles  [edited] fidelity/css/style.css [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php [edited] fidelity/inc/format/video.php [edited] fidelity/js/app.js  Plugins: Fireform Theme Options (v.1.02). [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/assets/css/admin-style.css [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/ef-theme-options.php (version changed) [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/front-end/options.php [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/assets/js/efto.js  -------------- 1.11 -------------- [c] Improved native scroll mode [b] Fixed "Fullscreen view" (jQuery fallback)  [edited] fidelity/css/style.css [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php [edited] fidelity/js/app.js [edited] fidelity/js/setup.js [edited] fidelity/js/jquery.nicescroll.min.js  -------------- 1.1 -------------- [f] Added option to disable Nice Scroll [f] Added option to make header "adaptive" on wide pages [b] Fixed minor CSS issues  [edited] fidelity/css/options.php [edited] fidelity/css/style.css [edited] fidelity/css/colors.css [edited] fidelity/loop-single.php [edited] fidelity/header.php [edited] fidelity/admin/functions/functions.php [edited] fidelity/admin/classes/class.conditions.php [edited] fidelity/js/app.js [edited] fidelity/js/setup.js  Plugins: Fireform Theme Options (v.1.01). [edited] plugins/ef-theme-options-fidelity/functions/functions.options.php </strong>
Date: June 22, 2015