EZI theme

EZI theme

EZI theme EZI theme

EZI theme

This is a modern template which uses a lot of jQuery to create great user experience. This theme comes in 4 colors(red, green, blue and black).

Theme Features:

  • comes in 4 colors(red, blue, black and green(new))
  • jQuery dropdown/hidden search bar
  • jQuery lightbox
  • jQuery fade effect
  • jQuery multiple sliders
  • jQuery cycle plugin
  • working contact form
  • contact form confirmation page
  • contact form error page
  • live validation of the contact form
  • coded for good SEO results
  • easy to customise
  • valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • layerd PSD file
  • supported by all brouwsers
  • very basic theme

This theme contains 2 PSD file’s one that contains the theme (all 4 colors, layered) and one that contains the logo (all 4 colors, layered)

Font that is used is Square 721 Bold Extended BT you can download this @ http://www.jabroo.com/search.php?textsearch=square%20721

Date: June 4, 2015