Exchange Extended Reporting

Exchange Extended Reporting

iThemes exchange extended dashboard reporting add-on. Allows you to comfortable keep track of sales and transactions.

Exchange Extended Reporting


  1. Show charts by Months
  2. Show charts by Years
  3. Show transactions and/or sales on chart
  4. Show by type Paid / Pending / Refunding / Voided
  5. Other chart views – Line / Bar / Radar
  6. Today sales and transactions
  7. This month sales and transactions
  8. This year sales and transactions (by default disabled)
  9. Recent transactions


 v1.1.0 - 04.12.2014 * Added settings * Added total sales by year * Added translations * Added updates notifier * Improved code  v1.0.0 - 26.11.2014 * Initial release 

If you have any suggestions to improve the add-on, or you want to help with the translation plugin into other languages, please email me from the support tab – link
Exchange Extended Reporting

Date: June 21, 2015