Event Guest List WordPress Theme

Event Guest List WordPress Theme

Event Guest List WordPress Theme Event Guest List WordPress Theme

Create Events with WordPress. With our guestlist / event theme for wp you can easily create, promote and sell tickets for your event!

Event Guest List WordPress Theme

No matter if you throw a party, create an event for friends or colleagues – Event Guestlist Theme for WordPress makes it fun and easy to plan and promote your event!

The Facts:

  • Create Events
  • Sell Tickets via Paypal
  • Collect names and Email Adresses for your newsletter
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Included! * it works out of the box!
    (The PayPal feature is disabled in the preview)
  • Connect your page to your mailchimp account!*
  • Free html Email Templates included
    and we even made it work with Mailchimp *edit the event template right in your backend, the mailchimp template right in the mailchimp builder!
  • Gorgeous Fullscreen Background Slider
  • Easily add a stunning contact and blog page
  • 8 Color Styles – easily switch styles in the backend
  • Translation ready with pot file.
  • Based on our next generation framework with more than 10.000 lines of (php) code

The Long Way

It’s as easy as creating a post. Enter a date, the location and some more information and the theme will create an amazingly good looking event page for you. It will include a signup form, you can create a stunning fullscreen background slideshow with a few clicks, and even let your users sign up for your amazing newsletter! You will find no other theme that made these things that simple.

The newsletter can easily be set up. You can collect the email addresses and copy and paste them in 3 different formats into your favorite emailing service, or you can use our easy-as-hell to use mailchimp connection service.

Mailchimp, the even easier way to send your mails.

If you are sick of doing all the work manually, do it the mailchimp way. We integrated a kickass mailchimp integration that does it all for you. You only have to select a mailing list you want to add the users to. Now, if an interested user signs up for the newsletter, he will be directly entered in your mailchimp list! It can’t be any easier!

On top of that, we deliver a gorgeous mail template for mailchimp. You can import it and modify it in the mailchimp template composer. Change the colors by pressing some buttons!

Not only a mailchimp template is included. If your users sign up to a newsletter, they will get a confirmation mail that looks just as amazing as the mailchimp template. The best part: You can edit the email template right in our easy to use theme configuration panel.

PayPal included We included a PayPal gateway, so you can sell your tickets with a few clicks. All you need is a PayPal business account or access to an api code, and you can earn money with your theme. Almost no configuration needed!
We also included the possibility to test the code with a sandbox api account first. (The PayPal feature is disabled in the preview)

Print out your list! There is no use for a guest list event template if you couldn’t print out the templates. Built into the theme configuration panel, you can directly print the guest lists and hand it over to your staff. Easy, clean, compact.

Once the event is over it will show disappear from the website. You can create a gorgeous blog page to show images and share information about your club, bar, event service…

Event Guest List WordPress Theme Event Guest List WordPress Theme

Update 1.6 (February 14th 2012)

New Features:

  • enable a static page: choose between two types, static content in a textarea with html or by selecting a page in the backend
  • added alternative text version to the confirmation mail, text based mailing clients, such japanese phones can now display the mails properly, too.
  • rss feed will now show events
  • ended events will display properly when accessing the direct url

Fixed Bugs:

  • updated mailing library, fixing some issues when trying to connect to gmail and other ssl connection based mailing services.
  • when updating from a prior version, the database was corrupted and thus the users could not sign up anymore. fixed by introducing a new update method
  • fixed bug in update notification script
  • fixed bug, when signing up for newsletter only the email addresses were not accessible
  • smaller fixes, such as typos

more details here in the changelog

Update 1.3

Fixed some errors where the image slider would not be displayed and some smaller bugs. Details on what files changed can be found on this page

Update 1.2

several small bug fixes.

Update 1.1

Integrated Paypal into the system. As over 100 files have changed, we recommend to update the whole package.

Thanks to the following projects for making Event Guestlist for WordPress possible

Images liscensed from Photodone

  • francesco83
  • Pressmaster
  • eastwestimaging

Fonts Used

  • Tittilium get it here
  • Arial (Standard Font)
  • Pacifico get it here
Date: June 12, 2015