Estatement – Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management


Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement In Detail

Estatement is an extremely flexible theme for managing realestate properties. It gives you powerful options for displaying your properties and communicating with potential buyers. Our full page search and map based search lets users search your catalogue and gives you the power to add any built in or custom property detail as a search field.

Our numerous shortcodes give you the ability to add tabbed sections, property lists, customizable sliders, messages, buttons and more into any post content! The custom widgets allow you to add property lists, contact information and more to any sidebar.

Powerful contact options include customizable auto-responders to prospective buyers. Contact details (and auto-responder text) can be set globally or for each property individually in case you work with multiple agents.

Estatement property listings allow you to build specific property lists, including only houses, semi-detached houses, apartments, and so on.

How It Works

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Map Search

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement includes full page map searching with customizable proximity. Users can enter a location and all properties near there will pop up on the map. The pop up contains essential information about the property, allowing the user to click through to the main property page. The proximity can be set by the user between 25 and 500 miles.

We’re continuously adding features to our maps. You can already customize the markers, the map type, the text in the search area and we’re bringing you more features regularly!

Full Page Search

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Our awesome search page allows not only looks beautiful it is extremely powerful. You are in complete control of how the user can search your properties. Control the fields shown, control the type of field used and add your own custom search parameters. Want to the user to be able to search based on how far a property is from the subway? No problem!

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Live Filter Search

You can specify search fields and search controls (dropdowns, range sliders, checkboxes and more) and use them to filter properties live with an awesome animation. Check this out on our Live Filter Page Demo.

Fixed Size Map/Search (airbnb style)

Instead of having the map/search page take up the whole page you can also add it to the top any page to create an Airbnb style top section users can use to search your realestate and properties.

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Featured Properties

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Property Lists

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Property lists can be added as a custom page template or using shortcodes. Use the page template to create either a central listing of all properties or to narrow down a list to a specific property type or category.

The [propertylist] shortcode can be used to add a list of properties absolutely anywhere you’d like. Choose from three formats, choose the details shown, choose the properties shown, it’s all up to you, 100% customizable realestate lists anywhere you need them!

Showcase Your Properties

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Property pages give you all the bells and whistles you need. Add multiple images for a beautiful mobile ready slider, display all the property details, add custom maps, create tabbed sections, insert shortcodes (like a slider!) into the tabs, and so much more!

Viewers will be able to contact you from each property page. You can select different contact details and auto-responders for each contact page to maximize the efficiency of your listings.

Manage Bookings And Accept Instant Payment

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

As of version 3.0 you can now manage bookings. Each apartment has options for setting the minimum/maximum stay nights, minimum/maximum guests, separate prices for daily/weekly/monthly stays, seasonal pricing, and much more!

Bookings can be managed extremely easily and you can accept PayPal payments right out of the box, just enter your PayPal ID. If you like you can assign a different PayPal ID to each property. Payments are processed securely on PayPal and bookings are only entered into the database once the payments gave been verified.

If you can’t, or don’t want to use PayPal, you can still accept bookings and manage them manually very easily.

Multiple Agent Support

Since version 2.4 Estatement offers advanced multiple agent support. We’ve created an agent user role and any agent (even multiple agents) can be assigned to each property. Agent details can be shown next to properties using widgets.

Agents have their own page which lists their properties and their information and we also have an agent list template available where you can show all your agents in one place

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

dsIDXPress Support

Realestate agents make heavy use of MLS/IDX data and we’ve got you covered there. Estatement supports the popular dsIDXPress plugin which will work out of the box and give you all the tools you need to show MLS listings on your website.

Embed Any Content

You can include content from many sources by just pasting a link to it. Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Smugmug, Photobucket and more!

Just copy paste the link to the item you want to share and the embed link will be generated for you. No more messing about with embeds, iframes and other ugly things like that.


Estatement supports the Live Theme Preview customizer built into WordPress 3.5+ It enables you to make changes to your theme and view the result as you’re modifying the colors. With 42 options (and counting…) to modify you’ll be able to tailor the website to your style.

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Widgets & Shortcodes

Estatement comes chock-full of custom widgets and shortcodes, here’s a quick list:

  • Widgets
    • Custom Contact Widget
    • Twitter Widget
    • Featured Item Widget
    • Properties Widget
    • Custom Latest Posts Widget
    • Agent Contact Widget
    • Property Contact
    • Property Details Widget
    • Map Widget
    • Property Pricing Widget
    • Booking Widget
  • Shortcodes
    • Google Maps
    • Content Columns
    • Tabbed Content
    • Content Accordion
    • Slideshow
    • Property List
    • Highlight
    • Buttons
    • Messages
    • Lines

Post & Page Options

To make sure you can add your properties, posts, pages and content easily we’ve created an intuitive and lightning fast options section on each page.

Apart from giving you granular control over your website it also has full documentation for the section shown, inline documentation for every option, full shortcode documentation and links to the support center, knowledgebase and announcements blog.

Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management

Full Feature List

  • Layer Slider bundled with the theme
  • Advanced property management features
    • Built in details like price, area, room count, location details and more
    • Create any custom details
    • Make any custom detail searchable for the users
    • Customize all search fields
    • Create beautiful slideshows for all your realestate properties
    • Insert maps anywhere
    • Insert tabbed content and content accordions
    • Set your currency and area units
    • Categorize properties and set their type
    • Set up featured properties
    • Use shortcodes to list properties anywhere
    • Choose from different layouts when listing properties
    • So much more!
  • Fully customizable full-page search
    • Customizable full-page background image slideshow
    • All search fields can be specified and customized
    • Make any custom detail a search field, a dropdown or a range slider
  • Live Filter Search
    • Filter properties using range slider, dropdowns and more
    • Awesome animations are used to live filter the results
    • Custom fields can be used and custom controls can be specified
  • Powerful Booking Management Options
    • Minimum/maximum nights
    • Minimum/maximum guests
    • Daily/weekly/monthly pricing
    • Seasonal pricing
    • PayPal support right out of the box
    • Booking Calendar
    • Awesome and user-friendly booking-flow for users

  • Create sliders for any page easily using Royal Slider, Layer Slider or other shortcode capable slider plugins
  • dsIDXPress support (for MLS/IDX data)
  • Basic Multiple Agent Support
    • Assign different contact information to each property
    • Assign different agents (WordPress users) to each property
    • Multiple agents can be assigned to a property
    • The agent user role is available to differentiate agents from regular users
    • Dedicated agent page listing properties of that agent
    • Agent contact widget
  • Agent List page template
  • Fully customizable map search
    • Customizable map type
    • Customizable map markers
    • Property preview inside the map
    • Proximity search with modifiable radius
  • Fully customizable custom fields
    • Add any custom fields to properties
    • Add any custom fields to the search
    • Select different field types for your custom data
    • Customizable formatting for each field (number format, text)
    • Separate prefixes and suffixes for each field
  • Maps and search sections can be added to the top of any page to get an “Airbnb” style search page
  • Frontend and backend is translation ready
  • Unlimited Colors for many elements
  • WordPress Theme Customizer with Live Preview
  • Choose from over 500+ fonts via Google Web Fonts
  • Create custom sidebars and assign them to each post and page individually
  • Custom Shortcodes
    • Google Maps
    • Content Columns
    • Tabbed Content
    • Content Accordion
    • Slideshow
    • Property List
    • Highlight
    • Buttons
    • Messages
    • Lines
    • Sidebar
  • Custom Widgets
    • Custom Contact Widget
    • Agent Contact Widget
    • Property Contact
    • Property Details Widget
    • Twitter Widget
    • Featured Item Widget
    • Latest properties Widget
  • Threaded comments
  • Include a page when there are no search results
  • Add analytics code easily
  • Contact Form 7 Compatible
  • Mailchimp Compatible
  • Commenting can be enabled/disabled for properties
  • Create custom columns for maximum flexibility
  • Custom lightbox galleries
  • Tableless responsive design
  • Coded with SEO in mind
  • All images retina ready
  • Fully customizable header
    • Custom logo
    • Custom contact details
    • Custom menus
  • Customizable background which supports large fixed images
  • Fully customizable footer
  • Widgetized footer
  • Create unlimited sidebars

Supported Popular Plugins

  • WP User Avatar
  • Layer Slider
  • Royal Slider
  • Yoast SEO
  • All WordPress Standard other plugins, we’re expanding this list as we verify Estatement - Powerful Real Estate Management
  • Changelog

    Version 4.3

    • Slideshow without ids now lists all images
    • button target attribute now set correctly
    • Property lists can now list based on a single user
    • Propertylist shortcode has an added author parameter
    • Better tabbed content responsiveness
    • Resolved a WP All Import and filter page conflict
    • Added offset parameter to propertylist shortcode
    • Included user order preserved in agents page
    • Encoded Google font link for validation
    • Fixed a pagination issue with non-latin caracters
    • Fixed an issue with text based dropdown values
    • Added custom CSS field in theme options
    • Added parameters to the postlist shortcode
    • Added Ids to property table and taxonomy tables
    • Reorganized search page options to make them less error-prone

    Version 4.2

    • Fixed a column number bug (mainly for 2 columned propertylists)
    • Marker clicks can now open properties directly
    • Fixed a profile field issue
    • The default blog sidebar is now the correct one.
    • Agent order can be specified on the agents page
    • Advanced search can be shown by default
    • Added default text to the contact field
    • Added the ability to control property excerpt length
    • Fixed image scrolling bug in property slider
    • Added slider to blog page
    • Fixed a default map marker issue
    • Fixed live filter OR type filter issue
    • Added previous and next property links (optional)
    • Removed old custom data from property page
    • Emails now use the blog name and admin email as the “from” info

    Version 4.1

    • Added spain as a top country
    • Removed regular prices from pricing widget if there were none
    • Fixed a width issue in map displays
    • Footer image can now be selected
    • Map Advanced search slides up after search
    • Fixed a bug in the featured images of properties
    • Added login page with forgot password flow
    • Added separate logged in/not logged in menu
    • Added foundation 4 rtl support
    • User profile fields can now be added
    • Modified the no_results_page parameter for propertylists to not break pages if not set
    • Empty field icons do not show up in header
    • Added temporary solution to rtl tabs
    • SEO – Conformed with Google Webmaster Tools Structured data testing
    • SEO – Google plus profiles can now be linked to pages
    • Duplicate proximity buy resolved
    • Map optimizations
    • Added login and registration pages
    • Added links to property images on the map
    • Added taxonomy filter restrictions
    • Agent permalink base can now be changed
    • Added geolocation info for properties in the admin
    • Search can now be disabled again in the map
    • Fixed an issue with search field dropdowns
    • Updated Pot files
    • Added the url_slideshow shortcode
    • Added street view options to map shortcode
    • Initial map location can be specified via coordinates
    • Corrected currency issues for PayPal in bookings
    • Better logo typography
    • Fixed a coordinates issues in the default map shortcode
    • Fixed some irregular paddings
    • Added Montenegro to the country list
    • Removed redundant help link for property custom data
    • Shortcodes are now executed in the title shortcode
    • Added excerpt option into propertylist shortcode
    • The featured ribbon can now be changed in the settings
    • Buddypress integration
    • Fixed a property sorting bug

    Version 4.0

    • Completely revamped maps to be much nicer
    • Fixed a sidebar text color issue
    • Fixed an unlikely import bug for external importers
    • Made sure drafts don’t show up on the map
    • Added the option to disable the agent contact widget links to the agent pages
    • Added background alignment to the theme customizer
    • Fixed button primary color hover
    • Added horizontal and vertical map offset
    • Added author option to properties
    • Added some missing admin strings to translation
    • Added some missing front end string to translation
    • Added horizontal and vertical tiling options to the site background
    • Added support for full width logos
    • Fixed a visual form builder compatibility issue
    • Content can now be added to the property list template
    • Menu positions will now not overwrite any plugins
    • Custom taxonomies can now be used in the property list settings
    • Slightly better automatic zoom controls
    • Added drag re-search to map template
    • Added initial zoom control to map page
    • Image IDs can now be specified for the main slider on the property page
    • Enabled taxonomies in the propertylist shortcode
    • Fixed a taxonomy bug in the advanced map search
    • Enabled image specification in search slider
    • Fixed a map custom field issue
    • Added custom taxonomies to the featured properties module
    • Fixed a search terms issue in the search
    • Fixed a text size bug in lists
    • Fixed a field duplication issue
    • Added a number of parameters to the slideshow shortcode
    • Added decimal and thousand separator options
    • Added the option to select how properties are ordered on list and filter pages
    • The print icon can now be specified
    • Added custom data shortcode
    • Added slider page template
    • Seasonal prices can now be named
    • Fixed a price display issue in the price widget
    • Added the coord property to maps for greater coordinate accuracy
    • HTML can now be added to custom fields
    • Pagination now available in the filter
    • Phone number and email can be shown/hidden on agent pages and contact widgets
    • Added favicon and apple touch icon
    • Agents without properties can be listed
    • Filter title option has been added
    • Hide property from map option has been added
    • Map marker saving issue now fixed
    • Better RTL Support
    • Resolved a marker content error
    • Added a default blog sidebar
    • Modified title in the header for SEO compatibility
    • Fixed an issue with the agent page not displaying properties
    • Fixed a map issue where properties weren’t displayed if a search form was also used
    • Added google plus contact widget icons
    • Social links in contact widget open in new window
    • Added google plus to users
    • WooCommerce buttons now work (excluded from CustomSubmit)
    • Fix for IE8 addEventListener issue
    • Added support for sliders in header
    • Fixed agent page pagination
    • Added Twitter details
    • Added no_results_page parameter to the propertylist shortcode
    • Fixed form label misalignment on mobile devices
    • Added spam protection to the contact form
    • Added the ability to list agents on the agents page based on ID
    • Search pull animation added to half-page search as well
    • Fixed empty property shown on some formats

    Version 3.1.1
    • Quick fix of array format which only works PHP 5.4 and up.

    Version 3.1
    • Fixed an error in the search filter system
    • Fixed an issue where empty values sometimes
    • show up
    • Fixed a bug where only 5 pages were pulled when
    • selecting a search results page
    • Added pagination to agent page
    • Fixed a fringe case curl issue
    • Fixed a live filter issue with spaces
    • Admins can now be excluded from agent lists
    • Responsiveness imporovements in IDX Results
    • Agent list now links out to the single agent
    • pages
    • Added and/or filters to the live filter
    • Got rid of a menu conflict with Contact Form 7
    • 4 properties can now be shown next to each
    • other using the propertylist shortcode
    • Header phone number is now a tel link
    • IE filter issue is now fixed

    Version 3.0
    • Bookable properties are now supported
    • Added Booking widget
    • Added pricing widget
    • Added Booking page template
    • Added paypal gateway to bookings
    • Fixed a custom taxonomy creation bug
    • Official support for WP User Avatar
    • Official support for WordPress SEO by Yoast

    Version 2.7

    • Fixed a full page map centering bug
    • Fixed a full page map slider bug
    • Custom fields and taxonomies are now fully translatable with WPML
    • Added the option to disable search altogether from maps
    • CSS Support for dsIDXPress
    • Added a map widget
    • Fixed a bug affecting range live filters
    • Contact form fields are now trasnslatable
    • Added telephone field to contact form
    • Property IDs can now be specified for the featured module

    Version 2.6

    • Fixed stuck options page bug
    • Dragging now disabled on maps on touch devices
    • Fixed a color bug due to a missing JS file
    • Fixed a footer color bug
    • Values can now be targeted via CSS
    • Button hovercolor now works with gradients
    • Added read more text option to theme customizer
    • Permalink for properties can now be changed
    • Fixed compatibility issue with MyMail plugin
    • Removed search button from live filter
    • Sidebar is now visible on mobile devices under the content. It can also be hidden in the theme customizer
    • Footer sticks to the bottom on smaller pages
    • Fixed Twitter Widget bug

    Version 2.5

    • Live filter template
    • Added mailto and tel links to agent widget
    • Added mailto and tel links to contact widget
    • Proximity options can now be completely customized
    • Contact success message can now be modified in the theme customizer
    • Repositioned the contact message so print button doesn’t overlap
    • Added the ability to add/modify custom taxonomies
    • Completely rewritten custom field and taxonomy display system
    • Better custom field/taxonomy ordering options
    • More powerful propertylist shortcode options
    • Better property details widget ordering options
    • Custom map marker icons for each property
    • Searches can now be directed to property listings
    • Added a couple of missing strings to the translatable strings
    • Rewritten, more modular search
    • Search can now be placed in listings pages
    • Added search widget
    • Added fax field to contact widget
    • Added background attachment property
    • Fixed some foundation 4 tab bugs
    • Property list can now be hidden on agent list template

    Version 2.4

    • Option to show the full content for on the blog page for posts
    • Quotes are now escaped (so can be used) in the map error message
    • New agent selector with multiple agent options
    • Fixed slideout menu hover error on map pages
    • Added multiple agent support to agent contact widget
    • Redesigned agent contact widget
    • Added advanced search to the map
    • Added an agent list template
    • Property subtitle is now customizable
    • Added width and hovercolor parameter to button shortcode
    • Active accordion title is not primary colored
    • Added help section with video to custom fields section

    Version 2.3

    • Property page sidebar now shows up as a selectable option in property settings
    • Made sure empty details don’t show up
    • Fixed a no custom fields error message in the custom fields widget
    • Made CURL the primary way to retrieve data and file_get_contents the fallback
    • Selectable formatting for custom fields
    • Slight adjustment to image widths in slider to fix non 100% image problems
    • Properly aligned property lists with non 3 divisable items
    • Featured item details can now be selected
    • Price field is now built in.
    • Fixed a bug in the property details widget when all fields are set to show
    • Taxonomy archive description slightly modified to look nicer
    • No search results message for maps can be turned off
    • Single property page ribbon can now take custom field data
    • Added basic support for agents

    Version 2.2

    • Widgetized property details and contact form
    • Automatic formating of numbers
    • Option added to condensed location into one field in the sidebar widget
    • Added condensed location into listing pages
    • Added condensed location into the properylist shortcode
    • Footer and Footer bar can now be removed
    • Added ordering capabilities to the propertylist shortcode
    • Sliders in hidden tabs now work
    • Featured item slider is now jQuery based to sidestep some Chrome background animation bugs

    Version 2.1

    • Fixes for greek language output
    • Modified the default suffix for acres to include a space
    • Modified picture quality function to be php 5.2 compatible
    • Renamed some of the default custom fields to prevent data duplication
    • Twitter feed modifications to support non latin characters
    • Made some fields undeletable fields. These can still be renamed but can not be deleted.
    • Excluded location data from the details list, it is now only under location.
    • Added description and title to custom taxonomy archives

    Version 2.0

    • Properties icon bug for retina devices fixed
    • Added editable custom fields
    • Custom fields can be added to thepropertylist shortcode
    • Custom fields can now be selected for listings
    • Removed unit options
    • Added option to add comments to properties
    • Added lightbox galleries

    Version 1.3

    • No results message for the map page can now be specified
    • Map can be set to automatically start at the user’s location
    • New loading animation for loading properties on the map
    • Fixed a bug related to special characters (eg: greek letters )
    • Added .po files for language translations
    • Added non-full page option to map page
    • Added non-full page option to search page

    Version 1.2

    • Added latitude and longitude fields to the properties’ settings
    • Added map type selector to the map page settings
    • Added a default map location option
    • Better map experience on small screens
    • New map marker icon
    • Customizable map marker icon
    • Search is performed on load for the default map location
    • Added some additional inline documentation

    Version 1.1

    • Added full page map search
    • Added the include and columns parameters to the propertylist shortcode
    • Added Google API key settings to the customizer
    Date: July 24, 2015