Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress

Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress

Like this theme? Rate it from the download page & we’ll keep bringing new features & updates! Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPressElevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPressElevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPressElevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPressElevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress

Version 1.3.6 is Now available with even more features! Update Notes Below Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress
Version 1.3.7 – Pending

Elevate: The Intelligent Fullscreen Theme

Elevate is a fullscreen responsive WordPress theme for creatives, photographers, illustrators and designers. You can use it for other projects, of course, but we specifically created this one for folks that want to show off amazing images in a unique way.

Now with Revolution Slider 4 fully integrated! Use the most popular slider plugin ever as the background slider or within a standard post or page. Thanks for everyone that requested this!!! I also just updated Visual Composer, OptionTree, and other backend scripts to the latest available versions. Read the changelog below for more details.

Built on the Mythology Engine, a brand new WP theme system that seeks to cut down the time it takes to launch a custom site exponentially.

Next Generation Responsive

Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress

The Best of the Features

Elevate comes with tons of features and the ability to support loads of different plugins that’ll make it just right for your project… here’s just a taste:

Built on the Mythology Engine

Mythology Engine has been developed with the sole purpose of creating an efficient method of publishing themes with a streamlined development process… Key features include white-label options panels, “in-dashboard” documentation, and a no-nonsense approach to content management & theme options.

Visual Composer 4

Create your own custom layouts using over 30 different content modules ranging from image-sliders to text blocks to videos and maps. Visual Composer is the most popular visual editor available to WordPress and it’s bundled in the theme. Updates are be included for free with each theme-version update.

Revolution Slider 4

The most popular & easy to use “mega slider” plugin to ever exist!!! OK, that’s hyperbole, but it’s honestly pretty great and I’m thrilled to announce that as of version 1.1, you can now include Revolution Slider as both a background slider and within individual posts/pages. That’s all in addition to the “Simple Background Slider” that’s pre-built into the theme. Sweet!

Ajax Live Search

Try typing in the searchbar (in the sidebar or on the “tophat”). The Live Search feature allows users to instantly skim your site for relevant material without every loading another page.

HTML5 Fueled SEO

We re-wrote our entire theme-base from scratch to include the latest, most relevant HTML elements and tags to allow for the best possible search engine results.

Multi-Language Support

The entire theme has been fully internationalized and prepped for your language translation. Just follow the usual translation process and the theme will do the rest.

A Streamlined Workflow

This might be the first theme you encounter that actually advertises LESS features. We’ve pulled out every redundant, confusing, or buggy feature from our old theme framework and boiled down this theme to the least amount of complexity possible. Think of it as a Zen Garden in theme format.

1,000’s of Fonts

Use the integrated Google Fonts library to see instant Live-Previews of how your site looks with any font you want before you hit “Publish”. If Google Fonts aren’t enough, we integrate seamlessly with Typekit, Fonts.com, and other popular services.

Custom CSS & Script Injection

Got something custom that you want to drop in? Simple. Just drop them into our theme control panel and the theme will do the rest of the work for you.

Built with Ordinary People in Mind

Our goal is to deliver a theme that anyone can use & customize, without any need for 24/7 customer support or long-winded documentation manuals. You can import our theme demo content if you want a head start, but the theme has truly been designed to be answer any of your questions as you use it, so don’t fret if you don’t know how to code.

Built with Developers in Mind, too!

Our code is clean, organized, and well commented. Everything has it’s rightful place in this theme, and making advanced customizations to templates, stylesheets, and functions has never been easier.

Beyond Responsive

We were one of the first theme crews to dabble in ‘responsive design’ way back in the day… so we know a thing or two about how to do this properly. Fluid grids are used at larger breakpoints, and fixed widths are used on smaller devices to ensure ideal spacing. The type size shifts on smaller devices to be larger and easier to read, and images and other media are sandboxed to prevent anything from breaking the layout.

REM Typography & Layouts

The problem with Pixels are, they absolutely do-not-scale in Internet Explorer. Furthermore, with the onset of Responsive Web Design, having fonts that scale (in relation to the screen width) has become paramount. Percentages (%) and EM’s are better, but they’re tricky and compound. Still not an answer. A real solution? Use the REM. (Source – Greg Rickaby)

JetPack Infinite Scroll Ready

A pretty handy plugin if you plan on using our integrated blog template (or just using this theme as a standard WP blog, which we encourage!!!). Posts load as you scroll down the page. Fully customizable to perform as you need it to.

JetPack Comments, Carousel, and Extra Widgets

Nearly all of JetPack works well with this theme (the Tiled Galleries are the only exception since those aren’t responsive) – if you want to start using the next level of WordPress functionality, you’ll get it here.

WooCommerce Ready

Yep. WooCommerce is enabled on this theme, which means you can use it to sell stuff like shirts, gift cards, or anything else you can dream up. This theme isn’t focused on custom shop design, but WooCommerce does a TON of amazing stuff out of the box and this theme will work seamlessly with it.

The Theme Control Panels

This theme has been built on the Mythology Engine, a foundation theme from MDNW that has the primary goal of creating the fastest site launch process possible. It does this in a few ways:

Theme Options, Re-envisioned

Less is truly more. We’ve stripped all skinning options from our primary theme control panel in order to create a swift, responsive, uncluttered way to manage the key aspects of the theme. This is what the admin panel looks like:

Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress

We cut out the bloat. The full set of options includes:

  • 3 Header Layouts
  • 10 Default Page Layouts (Visual Composer handles all other layouts ;))
  • Logo & Favicon Uploader
  • Theme Highlight Colors
  • Options Skin Override
  • Breadcrumbs & Pagination Toggles
  • Top Hat Toggles & Content Fields
  • Footer Toggles & Content Fields
  • Post & Page Element Toggles (date, tags, categories, etc.)
  • Social Media Icons
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Javascript

In addition to the Theme Options panel, this theme also integrates a handful of Page & Post options that allow your to override any global rules for that one page or post. These panels will show up on any Page or Post editor, underneath the basic content editor. In the event that they do not appear, make sure that you have enabled them from the top-right “Screen Options” panel. These panels will allow you to override theme-level options on individual pages and posts.

Theme Skinning with Live-Preview

Eliminate the guesswork from customizing the theme. Built on the WP Theme Customizer API with some special tricks blended in, you can change just about every typographic or color across the entire theme… there’s no need to reload the page on the front-end though – the Theme Customizer will show you an instant preview of what your changes look like right there on the same screen.

Here’s what the panel looks like:

Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress

The full library of Google Fonts is included in the Theme Customizer (and yes, live-preview works on the font-faces too). Just open up the customize panel and start playing!

Change Log

Before Any Update! Keep a backup copy of your existing theme version before updating! Updating your theme won’t corrupt any site data or content, but it’s always best to be safe to keep a copy of your previous working version in case you need to roll it back for some unforeseen reason.

Updating Packaged Plugins If you wish to update the plugins that come bundled with the theme, you will need to do so manually (they are included in the Theme Package’s Resources folder, and instructions can be found in the documentation folder). We’d update the plugins automatically for you, but doing so would be a breach of license, so we must ask that you guys do this manually if you want the plugin updates.

  /**************************/     CHANGELOG : ELEVATE  /**************************/  A Humble Request of Buyers - If you appreciate these updates, please help me out by giving the theme a 5-star review. I do my best to kick out frequent updates based on user feedback, and every rating helps to let new buyers know that the theme is being both supported and improved on a regular basis. THANK YOU!!!   If you encounter any issues or have questions, please let me know in the comments area. I'll do my best to get back to you within 1 business day (keep in mind I have newborn twins right now though!) with a solution or a response.  =======  VERSION 1.3.7 -- 06/30/2015 - UPDATED: PrettyPhoto js script to 3.1.6 - prettyPhoto XSS fix - UPDATED: Mythology Core 1.1.5     - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.3 - prettyPhoto XSS fix - ADDED: Fallback for VC Separators on Mobile (media-queries.css 269) - UPDATED: Bs-portrait added to bs-image jump fix for mobile scroll - UPDATED: Post-Grid template for mobile (media-queries.css - 56)  VERSION 1.3.6 -- 06/09/2015 - UPDATED: Visual Composer overlap-patch removed from mythology-key.js (no longer needed with 4.5.2) - UPDATED: Ot-user-styles.php for body_bg_image fallback - FIXED: Mobile scrolling bug(s) (thanks Kike and Fraser)     - FIXED: Lockup of scrolling content on mobile     - FIXED: Bs-image jump on mobile scroll     - UPDATED: Isolating nicescroll() to viewports larger than 1024px     - UPDATED: Plugins.css, media-queries.css, functions.php, and mythology-key.js - ADDED: Feature request - Sidebar Toggle (On/Off) for pages  VERSION 1.3.5 -- 05/25/2015 - ADDED: Custom Background Image Captions - Link option supported - UPDATED: Prettyphoto pp_expand default changed to display:none - FIXED: Visual Composer Post Grid module support (new conditionals set in mythology-key.js and register-scripts.php) - UPDATED: Mythology Core 1.1.4     - UPDATED: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.2  VERSION 1.3.4 -- 5/12/2015 - ADDED - Responsive fallback styling for VC single image - UPDATED - Post-Grid page template, the_content module - FIXED - XSS Vulnerability:     - UPDATED: Mythology Core 1.1.3:          - WPBakery Visual Composer 4.5.1         - Revolution Slider 4.6.93         - OptionTree 2.5.5         - TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.4.1         - Plugin-loader.php sources updated from http to https         - Plugin-loader.php sources updated to use "latest-stable"   VERSION 1.3.3 -- 4/01/2015 - ADDED: Sortable Masonry Conditionals - Helps Support Plugins That Register This Script and Limits Registration to the Post Grid Page Template - ADDED: Post-Grid Page template, the_content module   VERSION 1.3.2 -- 3/19/2015 - ADDED: New scrolling bar end location for default page and blog (window - (header + footer) = content scroll length) - FIXED: Portfolio layout options (ot-user-styles.php for when grid-layout is grid-right/left & structure.css for isolation of hover module) - FIXED: Child-theme (support added in header.php) - ADDED/FIXED: New VC image module width not to exceed container (plugins.css)  VERSION 1.3.1 -- 2/27/2015 - Updated Mythology Core plugins updated:    - OptionTree to Version to 2.5.0 - UPDATED: OptionTree Loader - WPML support - this fixes the ot-meta-boxes.php error WPML users were seeing - FIXED: First slide caption not displayed for bg slider - FIXED: Full-width class - UPDATED: Demo_content.xml file name - ADDED: Child-theme  VERSION 1.3.0 -- 2/05/2015 - UPDATED: Visual Composer 4.4.2 - UPDATED: Resources/Plugins folder updated  VERSION 1.2.9 -- 1/28/2015 - FIXED: Slider controls for Chrome - UPDATED: Mythology Core to 1.1.2      - UPDATED: OptionTree to 2.4.6      - UPDATED: Visual Composer to 4.1.1      - UPDATED: Revolution Slider to 4.6.5 - FIXED: Scrolling on mobile devices - UPDATED: Page.php undefined constants - UPDATED: Element-bg-slider.php undefined variables - UPDATED: Template-post-gridphp undefined variables & constants - UPDATED: Template-blog.php undefined constants  VERSION 1.2.8 -- 7/29/2014 - Fixed the width for page-templates (specifically, the post-grid not filling the width of the page in some option-scenarios). - Patch added to help fix Visual Composer "overlap" logic where rows were overlapping each other. - Added new Page/Post/Theme Option that allows you to manually set the "mobile content top margin" for each page/post or the entire theme. - Updating Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugin versions (you can update these manually using the plugin files provided in the theme download resources folder.)  VERSION 1.2.7 -- 7/18/2014 - Updated Mythology Core to 1.1.0.     - Several general usability and core-organization improvements.     - Core now loads Visual Composer and Revolution Slider to make moving & updating the core easier.     - We've also made some progress towards allowing users to manually update the core (and plugins) on their own rather than having to wait for official theme updates. The core is updated a lot more frequently than individual theme versions, so this is good!     - All plugin versions updated. Existing users can update them manually with the plugin-zip files in the provided Resources folder. - New page layout options. - New slider options.  VERSION 1.2.6 -- 6/12/2014 - Updated Mythology Core to 1.0.7.     - The plugin "updater" feature that we added in last version of the core proved to be unstable on some setups... We'll continue working on this, but for now, just manually update all of the pre-packaged plugins (Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.)  VERSION 1.2.5 -- 6/10/2014 - Updated Mythology Core to 1.0.6. - Updated all packaged theme plugins     - Thanks to the Mythology-Core update, they are now updateable from inside the dashboard!  VERSION 1.2.4 -- 5/20/2014 - Mythology Core updated to 1.0.4     - Includes new plugin versions, new admin skin CSS tweaks, and more. Read the changelog in the /mythology-core/ folder. - New Revolution Slider & Visual Composer versions (requires manual updates for pre-existing users). - Updated version numbers for the other bundled plugins.  VERSION 1.2.3 -- 5/2/2014 - This update is mostly concerning tweaks and adjustments to the 1.2.2 update, but there are a few key hotfixes as well. - The Post-Grid templates have been dramatically re-tooled for mobile/responsive devices.      - You can now reliably, consistently click on each post in the grid (it was funky before thanks to how inconsistently device adhere to HTML5 standards).     - The tradeoff is that you can't click the entire module below 1025px wide. You must click the Title of the post directly.     - I'll likely tool around with this more in the future to extend the clickable area, but this is a huge improvement over how wonky it was before. - Fixed an issue with a random "flicker" with the default background slider when you moved to the first slide.     - This also includes a small tweak to the z-index of the new playhead controls. - The content toggle (X) button now works a lot more reliably on mobile devices.     - Some layouts (notably individual project posts) still require a little more debugging on my part on iOS devices, but we're on the right track now.  VERSION 1.2.2 -- 4/30/2014 - MASSIVE UPDATE - Thanks to everyone who has submitted requests and has waiting patiently for me to finish this update! - Added new default controls for the Simple Slider     - Buttons for Previous, Pause/Play, Next ( < || > ) load by default.     - You can disable these from each simple-slider's page/post options.     - You can skin these from the "/theme-core/theme-assets/images/bs-controls.png" image.         - I don't recommend changing the button sizes - if you do though, be sure to also change the sprite CSS positioning in the theme-plugins.css file.     - Eventually, these new controls will provide the foundation for a couple new navigation options/styles Elevate: A Full Screen Theme for WordPress - Contact Form 7 plugin is now included in the packaged plugins (it's the plugin that we use & recommend for building forms, and it's free). - Added a new full-width page layout option (I'll add some with sidebars in a future update).     - Also renamed the labels on the layout icons to be more consistent with what they do. - Resolved some issues with the responsive-mode     - The sidebar positioning has been moved down a bit to avoid it overlapping the content.     - The footer no longer disappears. It doesn't have the same "fixed" position as the desktop version; instead, it floats to the bottom of the page as you might expect a footer to do.     - Re-introduced the "toggle" button on mobile breakpoints so you can show/hide the content to see the background.     - Added a theme option to turn the theme's "responsiveness" off. This is a beta-feature - use with caution.     - Patched a mobile-menu styling bug where menu levels deeper than 2 (menu > submenu > submenu > ...) were being covered by a black shadow.     - Patched an issue where scrolling down text-heavy pages cropped the page before it ended. - Theme Options: Cross-post navigation is no longer conditional upon the Post Footer. - Added a new option to upload a default background image (instead of having to do this for every page/post). - Re-arranged some theme options (moved scrollbars to "Additional") - Updated the Revolution Slider Demo-ZIP file to the latest version. - Final Note - I will be tinkering with the latest responsive changes on a variety of devices this week. I was able to get to the point where I was really pleased with the results on my iPhone/iPad, but I'll be extending this to some Android devices this week.   VERSION 1.2.1 -- 4/23/2014 - Updated the bundled plugins for Visual Composer & Revolution Slider.  VERSION 1.2.0 -- 4/15/2014  - All of the 1.2.X updates will center around responsive/mobile updates. Because I've got my hands full with newborn twins, I'll be rolling these out a little more slowly than I had originally planned, and I'll break the full set of updates across several versions instead of one huge patch, but rest assured that all of the mobile version upgrades that have been requested are on the way during April!  - Responsive/Mobile : Sidebars no longer disappear on mobile       - Instead, they simply become 100% width columns that tuck underneath the primary content column.  VERSION 1.1.3 -- 3/20/2014 - Theme Options: Added 2 new toggles to enable image/video links to open in lightboxes across the entire theme.     - You can also open any image/video in a lightbox by adding the "lightbox" class to any link. IE: <a href="http://downtheme.com/redirect/otherlinks.php?u=yourimage.jpg" class="lightbox">...</a>. - Updated the Theme Documentation to include Revolution Slider and Integrated Plugin notes.      - http://elevate.mdnw.wpengine.com/home/overview/theme-documentation/ - Updated the Theme Demo XML to include new demo content.  - Added a Revolution Slider import file (it's the zip inside the /Documentation/Theme_Demo_Content/ folder). - Added easy-to-find copies of the integrated plugins to the /Bonus_Resources/Plugins/ folder.     - New theme users shouldn't really need these as the theme activation will auto-install these.     - Existing theme users might want to use these files to manually update their plugins.         - Remember to ALWAYS keep a backup of your previously working plugin/theme files before updating.  VERSION 1.1.2 -- 3/18/2014 - Updating the plugins that the theme force-activates (Revolution Slider, OptionTree, Visual Composer, etc.)     - Revolution Slider 4.3     - Visual Composer 4.0.2 - Patched the YouTube social icon path. - Added a new update instructions documentation PDF to the theme package.  VERSION 1.1.1 -- no dates logged before this version. - Updating the plugins that the theme force-activates (Revolution Slider, OptionTree, Visual Composer, etc.)     - Revolution Slider 4.1.4     - OptionTree 2.3.3     - Visual Composer 4.0.1 - Updating to Mythology Core 1.0.2      - Includes a patch for dropdown menu visibility. - Theme Options: Added a new option to toggle/disable niceScroll and use a default browser behavior for vertical scrolling.   VERSION 1.1.0 - REVOLTUION SLIDER is now supported as a BG slider option!     - A full copy of the plugin is now included with the theme.         - The plugin will activate upon theme activation (but existing users should also be prompted to activate it).         - Existing theme users may need to manually grab the plugin ZIP.         - The plugin ZIP can be found in the "theme-core/theme-plugins" folder.     - Each post/page now has an option to use the RevSlider instead of the default slider.      - This requires that you build a slider and copy/paste the shortcode into the new RevSlider field. - Theme Options: Patched an issue where the Skype icon was showing up for the email option.  VERSION 1.0.2 - Adjusted how the header H1/H2 (site title & tagline) are handled for better SEO performance. - Page Options: Added a handful of new features for the background slider control.      - These aren't "AMAZING", but they definitely extend your control over the slider behavior.     - I plan on adding support for Revolution Slider soon (if it's possible) that will give users that want a TON of control a tool that's built just for that. - Theme Options: Social icons links is now a on_off toggle and works properly. - Theme Options: Revised the intro text for the options panel (not a big deal). - Updated to Mythology Core 1.0.1 (includes support for OptionTree 2.3.1).  VERSION 1.0.1 - Plugins: Added force-activation of Styles & Customizer Package - Page Options: Added Superwide-Left and Superwide-Right (no sidebars). - Theme Options: Added Body BG Theme Option.  VERSION 1.0 - original gangsta  /**************************/      ROADMAP FEATURES /**************************/  ** These are currently features that I'm seriously considering... there is no timeline for their release, and there's always the chance that they just won't happen for one reason or another. That said, if I'm logging it here, it's because I've probably already considered it seriously and I believe that there's a reasonably good chance that it will happen in the near future. **  - WooCommerce activation. For basic shop support (nothing super fancy).  - Support for Revolution Slider as the background slider. (DELIVERED!) - Additional page layout options. (DELIVERED!) - Additional responsive features and improvements for mobile devices. (DELIVERED!)  

This theme is the spiritual successor to our Artboard theme, but is also similar to popular themes such as King Size, Photo Reactive, Flashlight, and Keres!

Date: June 22, 2015