Educator WP – Learning Management System Theme

Educator WP - Learning Management System Theme


Educator WP is Learning Management System theme for WordPress. It is created for the Educator WP WordPress plugin –

This theme uses minimalistic approach to let your students focus on course content.


  • Responsive.
  • A lot of useful shortcodes.
  • A lot of theme options.
  • Choose between a number of Google Fonts.
  • Theme options are offered through WordPress Customizer (WordPress Core feature).
  • Manage slideshows easily with IB Slideshows plugin.
  • Widget-ready.
  • Students manage their profile through front-end.
  • 3 choices for blog posts and courses archives layouts.
  • Magnific Popup for images.
  • Share posts and courses (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).
  • IB Retina plugin to help you make images look good on retina screens.
  • Offer courses online.
  • Lecturer user role. Lecturers can create and edit their own courses, lessons and quizzes.
  • Student user role.
  • Add quizzes to courses. Quizzes can be graded.
  • Login, register and profile pages.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, cash or check.
  • Ability to add students to courses manually.
  • Students are able to view their quiz results while course is in progress.
  • Well written documentation (constantly updated).
  • Clean and easy to follow code.
  • Use WooSidebars plugin for custom sidebars.
  • Support and updates.
  • Easy to use.

Even more features will come with further updates to the Educator WP theme and plugin.


When upgrading your website to WordPress version 4.2+, please read this important article: Taxonomy Term Splitting in WordPress 4.2

Version 1.5.0

The Educator WP theme 1.5 is compatible WooCommerce plugin. Please read this documentation page to find out more details: Configure Educator Theme for WooCommerce

 - Added compatibility with WooCommerce. - When user clicks on his/her username in the page header, he/she is redirected to account page (WooCommerce's "My Account" if WooCommerce is enabled or default Profile page provided by the theme). - Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Version 1.4.0

 - Added a filter for adding custom share links. - Added more links (social networks) to the "Educator Theme Contact" widget. - You can enable the "Continue reading" link for posts in Appearance > Customize > Advanced. - Added the "Compact" layout choice for the lessons which are displayed on the single course page (Appearance > Customize > Page Layouts > "Lessons on the course page" setting). - Added styles for the WordPress' ".screen-reader-text" CSS class. All elements with this class are hidden. - Other fixes and improvements. 

Version 1.3.2

 - Added support for Educator 1.4.3 - Added more attributes to the [educator_posts] shortcode. - Updated the TGM Plugin Activation Class to the new version (2.4.1) due to the latest WordPress security alerts. - Other improvements and bug fixes. 

Version 1.3.1

 - Added an action hook, which can be used to add custom HTML to the page toolbar (educator_theme_toolbar). - Fixed a primary menu bug, when the submenu appeared without the fade in/out effect. - New: the "Toolbar Text" field in customizer accepts the following HTML tags: <a>, <strong> - Fixed a bug when the fixed primary menu's links did not resize on scroll if the primary menu's name is not "Main Menu". - Added filter hooks to the post and course meta (edutheme_course_meta_include, edutheme_course_meta, edutheme_meta_include, edutheme_meta). - Added page subtitle filter (edutheme_subtitle). - Added the "Lecturer's profile link goes to" setting to Appearance > Customize > Advanced. - Fixed the fixed footer look for mobile devices (the footer becomes fixed if you uncheck the "Enable Footer Widgets" checkbox in Appearance > Customizer > Footer Settings). - Added "Disable the default lightbox" setting to Appearance > Customize > Advanced. - Added a PHP function to output a lecturer's info (edutheme_lecturer_bio( $user_id )). - Added the Pinterest link setting to the page toolbar. - Added the toolbar social links filter (edutheme_social_links). </strong></a>

Version 1.3

Please check the update notes:

 - Added support for Educator 1.4.0 (the plugin). - Modified: The "Payment" and the "Payment thank you" pages were modified in Educator 1.4.0 (the plugin). The theme updates its styles to support the new versions of these pages. - Modified: the auth nav (login and register links in the page header) can be overriden in a child theme (defining the "educator_auth_nav" function with your own HTML output). - Modified: the title is output using the default WordPress title-tag feature ( This feature is a step forward to standardise the usage of the <title> tag across themes. This change is important to make the theme compatible with various plugins in the future. Please check your page titles after this update (the <title> tag). Also, please go to the "Settings > General" screen in the wp admin and make sure that the Site Title and the Tagline are properly set. - Added: the "number" attribute for the educator_courses shortcode (usage: [educator_courses number="15"]) - Added: allow <br /> tag in the footer tag line. - Added: the memberships filter on the courses archives page can be removed using the "edutheme_memberships_filter" filter in a child theme. - Added: educator_posts shortcode (usage: [educator_posts number="6"]). - Fixed: if a course has no lessons, its meta doesn't display the message "0 lessons". - Fixed: WordPress AJAX requests are no longer redirected for the logged in users with the "student" role. 

Version 1.2.2

IMPORTANT: please read this article:

 Please update the theme to the version 1.2.2 and the Educator WP plugin to the version 1.3.3. - Added support for the Educator 1.3.2/1.3.3 (the courses shortcode) - Added "Wide" page template. - Various improvements and bug fixes. 

Version 1.2.1

 - Fixed the dropdowns CSS bug. - Added the login_url and register_url filters. If the custom theme login and registration pages are setup, WordPress redirects the user to these pages for login and registration. - Added the "redirect_to" query var. - Added the Instagram option to the toolbar. - Added the registration success message to the custom registration page. - Deleted the "educator_ib_edu_login_url" function and "ib_educator_login_url" filter from the ib-educator/include/ibeducator.php. - The following functions were deprecated: educator_login_url, educator_registration_url. 

Version 1.2.0

Please read this article:
Updating the Educator WP Theme to Version 1.2.0

 - Fixed slashes bug in the student's profile form. - Fixed the slideshows autoscroll setting. - Fixed the search page title. - Added support for Educator WP 1.3. - Improved the user's(student's) front end pages management (Profile, Student's Courses, Membership, Payments). 

Version 1.1.1

Important: please read the update instructions.

 - Fixed logo height in the fixed menu for large logos. - Fixed google font loading (Open Sans). - Added the option to hide register/login links from the main menu (Appearance > Customize > Header Settings). - Added show_price attribute to the educator_courses shortcode. - Added zoom attribute to the dm3_google_map shortcode from the dm3-shortcodes plugin. - Fixed mobile menu on resize when the page is initially loaded on desktop. - Improved the child theme structure. It doesn’t use @import to include the parent theme’s style.css. This improves performance of the theme. 

Version 1.1.0

 - Added "Max Logo Height" option to Customizer (General section). - Updated styles for Educator WP 1.2.0 
Date: July 25, 2015